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If you are new to frequent flyer miles and you have none, but you’ve heard that they are the best way to travel for pennies for all your travel needs, this is the place for you.

This is a blog about using frequent flier miles and other methods to travel for free or extremely cheap, often in first class.

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Pretty cool, huh? The main way to earn miles is through credit card sign ups. I offer free consultations about what credit cards you should get to make your travel goals and travel fantasies a reality. Get your free consultation now.

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Maybe you’ve read a few blog posts or stumbled around FlyerTalk. You want to get it, but you’re not sure how to start. You’re in an enviable position. You are about to learn how to fly practically free all around the world, often in flying beds at the front of the plane.

You should read my beginners’ series, Free First Class Next Month.

The main way to earn miles is through credit card sign ups. I offer free consultations about what credit cards you should get to make your travel goals and travel fantasies a reality. Get your free consultation now.

Check out the MileValue YouTube Page for tutorials on using your miles.

And here are a list of some of my best posts:

Free Oneways on United Awards

Free Oneways on United Awards is my most viewed post of all time. As far as I know, it’s the first post to explain how to add a free oneway to any international award (or award to Hawaii) that uses United miles.

The United-award free oneway is especially awesome because it can be enjoyed even by people who are based at tiny regional airports, and it can go more places than an American Airlines free oneway.

The Five Cardinal Rules of American Airlines Awards

The Five Cardinal Rules… is a must read if you want to take advantage of the well-known but poorly-understood free oneway available on American Airlines awards. In it, you’ll see a link to my first post about free oneways on AA awards that you might also want to click.

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And to know which currencies to focus on collecting, you’ll want to read my one-of-a-kind valuation series on the following currencies:

In general, no matter your skill level, you should check back daily to keep growing your skills and to be part of a community of people who all want you to fly for free.

104 Responses to Start Here

  1. I would like to get to South Africa on Business for 2 in November, could be a week or so before or after, to stay there maybe 3 weeks with a stopover on the way, say in Europe. I have enough AA, Delta and United miles.

    I am having a tough time as I don’t want to go through South America (South Africa requires a Yellow Fever vaccination if traveling from there. Not keen on going through Egypt or Qatar on United either.

    Can you suggest a route? There are plenty of Economy seats, but all SAA Business Class are always taken (reserved for the lower echelons of their Government, while First Class is for the higher ups). Delta and AA claim 150,000 for a Business Class round trip, United is 120,000. Obviously I would prefer United as it is cheaper but also as I value AA miles higher (20,000 one-way to Europe off peak, lots of availability, etc.) When I called Delta they said they could do it for 400,000 each!! I am about to call the others but with my personal “restrictions” and for my own learning I would prefer to get them online.

    Can you give me any suggestions?

  2. I am almost there: I have found SFO-CLT-MIA-LIS-ACC-JNB in early November, Business Class. But the return is not allowing me to book JNB-ACC-LIS with a stopover for a few days and then LIS-EWR-SFO on Nov 29 – I suspect because there is too long a delay in Lisbon as I should be allowed one stopover. I would arrive in LIS at 4:10 am and want to leave at 12:30 pm, 8 hours later. Is that what is not allowing me to book it? Could I book it if I call United and pay the fee?

  3. Sorry, I got that wrong! I meant SFO-MIA-LIS with a stopover for a few days, then LIS-JNB, all Businees Class. But the return is the problem: JNB-LIS (via ACC) is fine but it arrives in LIS at 04:10 am and then leaves at 12:30 pm to SFO. Is the problem because of the 8 hours in Lisbon?

    • No, at int’l airports, the layover can be up to 24 hours before changing from a layover to a “stopover.” That means the eight hours in Lisbon is not a problem. Right now the award is: SFO-LIS (stopover), LIS-JNB, JNB-SFO? That is a valid award, and if is giving errors, you should just call and pay the $25.

  4. Is there a way to sign up for credit cards to help you out…love ur blog man!

    • Hopefully there will be soon, although the content of the site will not radically change, and I’ll still have the best content anywhere on redeeming miles. In addition, I’ll have the best content anywhere on credit cards, valuing each sign up offer in dollars, so it’s easy to compare between several cards.

  5. OK, I thought I understood the logic on United, but it doesn’t seem to work for me:

    Nov 04 SFO-ZRH on UA & Swiss
    Nov 07 ZRH-JNB on Swiss
    Nov 28 JNB-SFO on Swiss & UA

    Each segment works by itself but when I try yo put it into a multiple-destination trip it can’t do it.

    I thought it would work as long as I have only 1 partner (Swiss in this case).

  6. And I should be able to tack on a one-way to OGG afterwards .. right?
    I think I’ll call United.
    Thanks for your site – it is a GREAT resource.

  7. Nov 04 SFO-ZRH on UA & Swiss
    Nov 07 ZRH-JNB on Swiss
    Nov 28 JNB-SFO on Swiss & UA

    This ^^ is valid. And for none of what we’re talking about does it matter whether you fly United, a partner, or a combination.

    However if you do that itinerary, you cannot tack on a free oneway. A roundtrip award gets 2 openjaws and 1 stopover. You need 1 openjaw and 1 stopover to tack on a free oneway. So if you use your only stopover in Zurich, you cannot tack on a free oneway.

  8. I am a bit slow, but then this should work:

    11/04/12: SFO-GVA UA (open jaw)
    11/08/12: ZRH-JNB SWISS
    11/26/12: JNB-ZRH SWISS (stopover)
    11/27/12: ZRH-SFO SWISS (return)
    04/17/13: SFO-OGG UA (one way add-on)

    But online I can’t even get back to SFO with any combination of dates, stopovers, etc. let alone the one way add-on.

    If I do that list in economy with one-way searches only I can do each leg non-stop on those airlines. I just can’t combine them.

    • This is not a legal routing for a single award. You have two stopovers (GVA/ZRH) and SFO on the return, and you only get one. And you have a mid-award open jaw, flying into GVA then out of ZRH, which you could do at the destination, but not mid-award. The return stopover in ZRH is legal as long is it is less than 24 hours because United considers international layovers of less than 24 hours not to be stopovers.

      Here’s how you could correct this:
      11/4 SFO-GVA-ZRH-JNB
      11/26 JNB-ZRH
      11/27 ZRH-SFO (less than 24 hours in ZRH)
      4/15 SFO-OGG

      To preserve a free oneway, you can’t have a stopover on the main award. If you want a stopover in GVA, you need to jettison the free oneway (and you need to fly out of GVA after the stopover, you can’t fly into GVA and out of ZRH at that point.)

  9. Oh, well, thanks again. It seems it isn’t really possible to get a great deal on a trip to JNB. I think I’ll just take the return ticket with a stopover somewhere.

    But I was able to duplicate your free one-way on another route.

  10. British Airways office is closed right now.

    If I find an award on with my Alaska account (SEA to SMF) will I be able to get that on BA? Or do they allow only some seats on a flight even though Alaska has very day available?

  11. Turns out that even though award seats are available on Alaskan Air, BA will not necessarily let you have them with Avios. Irritation.

  12. Just found your site and love it. Trying use my United miles to fly inter island.
    How to do and is it a good use of miles. Leo

    • I don’t think it’s a great use of miles. What’s the cash price of the ticket you want? Have you looked at using Delta or Hawaiian miles if you have them?

  13. Thanks for the mileage value calculator.

  14. Wow, I just found your site recently and it is an incredible resource! I especially appreciate the perspective of an LA based traveller, which I hope to be… once I get travelling.

    Keep up the great work, and safe travels.

  15. rosemary johnston

    looking for united club access. now that i can’t use am ex to gain entry, i was looking for another way to use the lounges. saw a continental pass for sale cheap, can i still use continental in united lounges.
    site looks great – i will bookmark and look around

  16. great value on information!

  17. Hi dude ;)

    Absolutely cool blog, I just have one thing to say! I wish i lived in America!!!

    However being stuck in the UK, I have made use of the Avios BA card from Lloyds and I cannot really find any other ways of getting points from the credit cards…

    I know you do not have that issues, but would you happen to know any support for us “poor” people living in the UK?

    Kind Regards

    • I hope Europe catches up to the USA with respect to miles in the next few years. Right now you do not have the great options we do. I would not recommending earning too many Avios since you’ll be shocked at the surcharges on longhaul redemptions. Earn some Avios for their valuable uses and get a cashback card for the rest of your purchases.

      • Hi there,
        I am in a similar situation as Mads Singers- when I first arrived in the UK I signed up for the BA card as it was the only one that offered rewards. Now I have 2 free companion vouchers (each based on £10k spend, so a bit better than the Chase Visa $30k spend I think), 154k in Avios, but unsure of where the best place to go is to use this voucher, if at all. Can you provide any assistance?

        • If you can stomach paying $2k and 150k Avios for two first class tickets, then you can get good value to most places you might want to go.

  18. Just started reading your blog about a month ago and love the insight and unique content you bring! I think MMS cited you on something re: US Airways and that’s how I found your site. My question to you- I’m looking at a US Airways award flight and either spending 90K in Bus (which is currently available) or 120K in F (will check back in Jul or Aug 2013 for availability):
    9/15/13: SFO-LAX-FRA on LH(stopover)
    9/25/13: FRA-MUC-NRT on LH(destination)
    9/30/13: NRT-LAX-SFO on NH

    I know it’s a RTW itinerary. But from some of the comments on past posts and your replies, a possibility they’ll ticket me? If not, any suggestions? Thanks for your insight!

  19. Hello,

    I am a friend of Scott Grimmer sister and she referred me. I sent an earlier message but no reply. I was hoping for assistance booking a trip.

    May I hear from someone soon? 808-373-3725


  20. I have spent many hours searching for Delta mile runs from atl that are one to two days in length and that are about 5 cpm. My goal is 25,000 miles by April. I believe that I have used every tool out there, but the lowest fares I am finding are about 8 cpm. Any advice?

  21. Hey, just a quick suggestion to add the “Master Threads” to this page. Would be a good reference I think… Start Here –> Master Threads –> Tons of info!

  22. Sterling Williamson

    Awaiting your reply to my request last Saturday


  23. I have read several of your posts and I find myself in a tizzy. Open jaw, free legs, etc. I have traveled using points before but never trips like you have described. I’m trying to figure out what would be my best bet. I have 110k AA miles, 45k Chase UR, 45K Amex MR. I know it’s a tall order but I am hoping to plan a round-the-world trip. I figured if I planned the long hauls with points (flying business) I could pick up cheap flights like jetstar, ryanair, and airasia. Any advise?

    • Use the AA miles for two longhauls, UR for one and MR to Avios for short hops. You might be interested in my award booking service –>

  24. Wife and I want to fly business class from seattle to Amsterdam any day in Sept and return from Paris or London 12 to 14 days later, using Alaska air miles, can you help with these miles?

  25. Had 180,000. air miles with Delta. Booked RT to Venice 07/26 &
    Return 08/10 from Barcelona. Air mile chart shows 65,000. For
    High season. Delta would only issue using 130,000 miles, double..
    Objected by email and direct with agent to no avail. Said this was
    Outrageous but did no good. Any other recourse?

    • Delta has three tiers of miles prices: low, medium, and high. The low price roundtrip in economy is 60k miles. The high is 130k. You must have booked flights that Delta was only offering at the high price.

      The real bummer is that roundtrip in business class (flat beds) is only 100k miles on partners. I’m glad you’ve found, so you won’t get suckered in at the high price again. Please subscribe by email in the top left, and use the award booking service in the future to maximize your miles.


  26. Need assistance as 1st time user for certain sectors to assess costs & availability

  27. I want to travel direct form LAX on 9/19 to Paris France, “stay over/ Lay over ” for three nights , with an evertual distination in Rome, Italy . Fly back to LAX out of Milan Italy to LAX direct on October 5th .
    I have approximately 260,000 Starwood / American Express points and want to use them to fly Business class.

  28. Sorry, I forgot to indicate that I ahve flexibilithy in the dsys (plus or minus ) two days so long as the total number out of the country is appriximately the same..

  29. i thought i did ?

    Am I missing something ?

  30. Sterling Williamson

    I’m planning on a trip to Chang Mai, Thailand, leaving from ORF in early October with “open jaw” for several days in Bangkok, returning about 4 months later. I have both Delta and US Air miles and would like to fly 1st or business. Will have nailed the dates in about two weeks.

  31. Just received the following e-mail from US Airways – Dividend Miles
    “As a thank you for being one of our most loyal customers, we’ve got an exclusive offer just for you. Through July 31, 2013, when you buy or gift miles, you’ll get a 100% bonus – up to 50,000 miles.”
    Sounds like a good deal – No?

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  33. Thanks for all the information. Just wondering, is it possible for both husband and wife to open separate accounts on the same card (like the Barclay’s) and each get the points?

  34. I applied on June 30 for the Barclays Miles&More Lufthansa card that carries the 50,000 Miles Bonus. I had to call for reconsideration on July 15th and got approved. My husband is the secondary on this card but got his own card with separate numbers. Scott, are you saying we both would get the 50,000 Mile Bonus? I did not think so.
    When I called Barclays yesterday to change the due date on the card and asked to confirm the 50,000 Mile Bonus, the agent informed me that the Bonus on this card was 30,000 miles. I disputed this since I applied on June 30 when the Bonus offer was still 50,000 Miles and the agent opened an dispute/inquiry with Barclays as to the correct Bonus. I hope the 50,000 Bonus Miles will be granted since $5000 spending in 3 months is pretty stiff for 30K. Any advice?

    • Are you sure the agent didn’t say: “The bonus is 20k miles after first purchase plus 30k more miles after spending $5k in three months.” That’s what the bonus was before June 30, and the bonus has never been 30k as far as I know. Always either 50k (as above) or 20k.

  35. I haven’t decided which card(s) to apply for. I was just wondering in general whether spouses can have separate accounts on the same card and qualify for the bonuses and so forth, and if you need to do anything in particular to enable that. Thanks.

    • Yes, you and your spouse can both get the bonus on every card listed on this site. You need to apply separately for the cards in your own names to get the bonuses.

  36. Scott, the agent said 30K which surprised me as well. I will wait a while and then call back to see what his dispute/inquiry came up with. Furthermore, he said the time to rack up $5K is 90 days. Most other cards give you 103 days. This is a little tougher since we are in Europe for the next 3 months with little chance to buy gift cards, etc. but I will try hard to make the spending requirement. The 50K bonus sounds awfully good.

  37. Hi Scott,
    Regarding the post about buying the US Airways miles, I have about 25 days left to make my $3000 in purchases on my new AA Mastercard. So buying the US Airways miles might be a good move, because then I am that much closer to qualifying for the 40,000 miles on the AA card. What do you think?

  38. I have 180,000 AMEX membership miles and my husband suddenly has Christmas week off. What’s the best bang for our mileage “buck”? We are thinking warm weather or Europe. We also have 50k Delta and 80k USAirways miles. (I really like your site.)

  39. My fiancé and I are going to Hawaii for our honeymoon next August. I would to learn how to save money in travel and expenses.

    • Generally: keep reading this blog
      Specifically: fill out the free credit card consultation form (

  40. Scott, we are booked with UN miles in economy class from MUC to CPT on LH non-stop flight 574 on Nov. 5. I am trying to upgrade us with miles to Business or First class. I have called UN every other day to see if something opened up for an upgrade. Nothing so far. The UN agent looked at the reserved seating of this flight and told me that there are 3 to 4 seats left in business and frist class, but nothing for frequent flyer awards. What are the chances that something will open up? When does LH release unsold seats to Award seats?

  41. Scott, thank you and thank you for the link which was very informative. You sound more optimistic than I am. I checked for next Tuesday and every Tuesday thereafter in October. LH only flies one non-stop flight a week from MUC to CPT. First award seats listed start Nov. 17, but no non-stop flights available. I will keep on trying.

  42. Hi Scott,
    Your website intrigue me. It’s just that I have this trip to Europe that I’ve been postponing because in my currency europe is really expensive. Is it possible to follow this mileage awards program eventhough I live somewhere in Southeast Asia? Truly need your advice.

  43. Hi Scott,
    Just wondering if anybody else has noticed the phantom Air Berlin award availability on the AA website. In just about every instance I’ve checked it shows several itineraries but when you click on one of them, it says “The flight you selected is no longer available. Please modify your request.” If you check MIA to VEN, you literally get pages of choices but none with Air Berlin work. I’m trying to find to seats from either CHA, TYS, ATL to VEN late next July using AA miles and I tried the BA website but it always says nothing available unless I add a stopover in London and I don’t want to pay fuel surcharges anyway. Any suggestions as to a route or one world website to find real award availability?

    • Thanks for bringing this to my attention. should show real availability, but you’ll have to search segment-by-segment because it is bad at finding connections. is a bit better. There are posts on the site about how to search both.

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  45. Hey man nice job on all this info. Question: I understand you can sign up for and get 12 cards in a year and a ton of miles but the catch is that most of the cards require you to spend 1000-5000 dollars in the first three months. Lets go w the middle 3000 times 12 cards thats 36,000 dollars you have to spend in three months. I don’t know about u but for most people that is not possible. How do you address this little issue? Also I have 38,000 delta miles right now and i want to go to puerto vallarta next month but delta is coming up w 55,000 miles no saver seats. I have now read you post about how much delta miles suck lol. Any clues on how to scam this flight i need w these miles for the 35,000 that it should be? All I can think of is call and bitch. Sorry for 2 questions in one post hope it wasn’t to much. Thanks again cheers slim

  46. U have to spend it in the first three months that is what I meant. If I get all 12 cards today I have 3 months to spend that much. Thanks for the links and the tips man I am going to join your blog and possibly do that consult. You know what sucks is I already have all my bills on credit card that will allow it and I spend w credit card too, but I have rental properties and mortgages that would add up like crazy and the banks wont allow me to pay mortgages on a credit card. They say its to risky to pay debt w debt. Do you know any loophole to that? Only problem w consult right now is just I have maxed my us air miles and the 38,000 delta miles are all I have otherwise.

    I also own a small biz. I see you site under construction but do you recommend one of those the most? Is the 100,000 AA deal w 2 cards still available. Thanks for getting back to me so quick. Nice site man you guys have a ton of info i love it

  47. want to go to BORA BORA this coming fall /2014 using my american airlines millage live in Atlanta
    is this possible?

    • It’s possible to go to Tahiti and get a paid flight to Bora Bora. Use my award booking service –>

  48. My husband and I would like to use our United miles before they are devalued and hope to travel business class to Paris over the Labor Day weekend. He has 225,000 United miles and I have 44,881. Is there a way to transfer 25,000 of my miles to his account that won’t cost $405? I see that there are seats available 8/27 and 9/1. Thanks.

  49. The tickets are standard and 125,000 each so he is 25,000 miles short.

    • It’s 125k each way at the “Standard” price, so you don’t currently have enough miles for even one roundtrip. Fill out the form and maybe we can find you two Saver tickets roundtrip for 200k total.

  50. libuse pavlata

    I have 25000Southwest bonus points and my husband has 50000 bonus points. Can we get three round trip tickets fron Chicago to Fort Lauderdale?

  51. The credit cards require purchases of $2,000 within 90 days. Is it possible to buy something for $2,001 and then return it and still get the benefits?

  52. Marianne Fowler

    Hi Scott,
    Glad I found you!! I have been following you and reading many of your articles. You are a wealth of information! I currently have about 23,000 plus my son has 13,000 miles on SW, but no immediate future plans for them. I have a trip planned but also have SW credit that needs to be used by 5/24. So I need to use it first, I assume. Any ideas what I can do with the points? or just not sweat over it?

    I am also ready to switch to a new cc soon, and would like your help. Also I have miles on several different airlines, so would like to get your help. I had major spinal surgery last June, and lost the use of my right hand and arm, and have chronic pain in fingers bilaterally-makes typing, etc difficult. So I will list them later and write to you again.

    Any quick thoughts on SW points? Thanks for your time and expertise. enjoy your day! Marianne

    • Wait until you want to fly somewhere Southwest flies and use them then. You will pay 70 points for every dollar that the ticket costs. Please fill out the Credit Card Consultation Form at

  53. Marianne Fowler

    ps also need a car rental in Kansas City…suggestions for best deals please?

  54. I Will do so shortly. I am going through a divorce and we share an amex. Thanks for your time and answering me. Be well

  55. Ty

  56. Aloha, tough to find gift cards to load on my bluebid here on Kauai, got a question for you. I went to a site called ( i could order on line a personalized visa gift card up to 500.00 using my credit card to purchase. with fees and shipping it would be about 506.00 what I can tell is if i could load them to bluebird, evolve or some other debit card load. any experience with this? Manly I am trying to pay down several credit card deals wth in 90 days.

    • Scott Grimmer

      No experience. Why not experiment with one? If it can’t load to Bluebird then you can just spend it down, and if it can, you can buy more.

  57. I am going to give it a shot and will let u know, mahalo

  58. Hi Scott,
    So, I have to travel at least twice a year to Israel. I live in Panama City, Panama. Easy right? One flight to any city in Europe (say Amsterdam) and then get to Israel? Well there’s a catch… I’m Colombian. It’s tricky for us (Colombian’s) to travel because we have many restrictions around the world. Gladly my destination is not one of them. I can’t travel trough Europe or South Africa or Asia… just USA. I need a visa every time I enter or re-enter a country… (talk about expensive) and each Visa can get up to $100 per entery; that is Panama – Spain (1 entery), Spain – Israel then back to Spain (1 entery). It’s at least $200 in Visas only and not guaranteed they give you one. So my route these past years has been Panama City, Panama – Atlanta, USA – NYC, USA – Tel Aviv, Israel. It’s around $1,500 to $2,000 on Economy Delta and for trip I receive around 13,000 miles… It’s been good, but could you think of any other way to get there fast and cheap?


  59. Scott: Please tell me if this is possible before I bother proceeding with your assistance. I have two seats in economy from LAX-HKG booked in mid June which were obtained with AA miles. Want to upgrade to Business on same flights, but only have 15K AA Miles. I do have 86K US Airways miles which should be enough, but don’t know if that’s do-able even though US Airways in now OneWorld. Please advise if this is do-able or I should forget asking your help on this one …. THANKS !!

  60. HI Scott,

    I signed up for a Starwoods account last September and was under the impression that it was for 50K for a 3K spend and they are saying that my program was for 30K. Is there a way to find this link on your past entries as most likely, I went through your tips.
    Thanks, Kelly

    • Scott Grimmer

      It was 30k for $5k. That was the big deal. Click the SPG tag to see all entries. Note that I’ve retroactively changed some to say 25k for $5k since that’s the current offer.

  61. I am trying to maximize a flight award – I need to book a SAN-MBJ rt trip for my husband on Aug 21-26. If we use Delta – are there any cities that we could tack on at the end to maybe make it an open jaw?

    Looks like it would require 55,000 DL miles. Also have Chase Ultimate reward miles, Starwood miles, United miles, some USAir miles.

    • Scott Grimmer

      Stopover in SAN on the return and add a one way any where you want to go. Not all one ways will price out at the same 55k, but some, especially possibly on the west coast, will.

  62. Pritam L Aneja (Mr)

    Hi,I (a senior citizen) would like to travel from Melbourne(Australia)to New Delhi (10days), Germany(4 weeks),New York(8-10 days), Los Angeles(5days) then back to Melbourne on a BUSINESS CLASS round the world ticket, some time between May and July 2015. I am an Australian pensioner. Can you help me? I could easily afford $3000 or even a bit more. I would be v thankful to you for your advice. I will be waiting for your email. Pl be my consultant.
    Thanking you PL Aneja

    • I don’t deal with paid tickets. Since you are not an American, I can’t suggest any credit cards to acquire miles. Best of luck!

  63. I’m asking for help to combine my US Airways divided miles and Marriott rewards points for travel to Brazil. Also help with an expedited Visa.Travel dates are from 11/15-22/2014. Round trip for 1. I’d like only 1 stop over leaving from los Angeles,Onterio,San Diego, or Orange county. Can you help me ASAP ?

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