Award Booking Service

MileValue offers an Award Booking Service. We use your miles to book you an award that you can’t book on your own for as little as $150 per person.

We’ve redeemed tens of millions of miles on hundreds of awards and had advice featured in the New York Times. Our clients love us too. Scroll down for testimonials.


1. Fill out the form below.

This will provide us with the information we need to begin searching. Press the Send button at the conclusion of the form.

2. Pay the $50 search fee.

There is a yellow PayPal button labeled Buy Now, below the form, where you can process the payment. All you need is a credit card, a PayPal account is not required. This fee is to cover the effort of the search, which is often time intensive.

3. We set mutually agreeable conditions tailored to your specific award search.

Expect our email once we have your upfront payment and completed form.

4. Kick back and relax; we’ll send you award options to choose from!

If we fail to meet the agreed upon conditions set in the previous step, you owe nothing more!

5. We book the award for you.

Unless you’d like to book it yourself, in which case we’d put it on hold for you if possible.

6. You pay us by credit card.

Only after we find the award space that meets your goals. The first passenger costs $150, and each additional passenger costs $125. Complicated award bookings, which we typically define as having three or more destinations, are more expensive as they take us more time:

  • $100 search fee
  • $225 for one passenger successful search
  • $200 per additional passenger

The PayPal button for paying for closed bookings is at the bottom of the page.

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FULL NAMES as shown on government IDs, BIRTH DATES, and GENDERS of all passengers (necessary to reserve tickets or flights)

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Your Desired Award including Cities, Dates, and Cabin Class

What flexibility do you have with your cities, dates, and cabins? We will start with your desired cities, dates, and cabins and only use your flexibility if necessary. **You greatly increase your chances by being flexible with dates, airlines, cabins, arrival airports, etc. The more options we have, the more likely we can book you a great trip**

Current mileage balances. Please break down by each person's accounts.

Have you or a third party performed this award search? What was the result?

Search Fee

The personal data collected in this form will not be distributed to any other person or organization, nor utilized for any purpose other than finding and booking your desired award.

What Clients Are Saying

I am writing this review of MileValue after using their service to book a trip to South America.  I found them to be really great to work with and they really went the extra mile to get my trip booked. I initially started trying to book the trip myself and discovered that there were so many options that I soon got discouraged and looked for a booking agent to help out. I found MileValue and they took over. I worked with Sarah and she was amazing to work with. She was very responsive, laid out my options and helped me make the best choices for my travel. I ended up with exactly what I wanted, business class for the out of country long legs and great flights in the US. Sarah really worked to get the best deals and helped me with the best deal on airline points. She also answered many questions and was super patient. I highly recommend MileValue!

Thanks Sarah!  You are great!

–Martin Martelle

Scott, I just wanted to thank you for helping me book my award ticket. I searched on my own for a good 8 hours and my search results did not come close to what you came up with. Very happy with the quick responses to my questions and overall communication through out this process. Thanks for helping me book my mom a trip of a lifetime!


It is well worth the price to bypass the learning curve for scoring primo award tickets. Normally I might have wondered about the competence of the service but I had been following the [MileValue] blog for some time (along with other award bloggers) and that made me comfortable… The biggest pleasure from the service is that I can make a simple request and find out if what I want is possible. It is a tremendous relief not to have to juggle many bits of information and perform tedious searches, most of which I don’t understand well… I value the service of MileValue Booking Service highly and expect to use them again.

–R. C.

As a regular reader of many [frequent flyer] blogs, [MileValue’s award bookers] are in a better position to make the most effective use of our points, than I am.


Before I used the service, which I discovered in the NYTimes article, my only concern was in how timely a fashion they would get me a ticket and, if unable to do so, [if it] would be too late for me to do it on my own.  As you probably know the airlines do not make it at all easy to get frequent flier seats. It’s absolutely maddening! I tried for days on end with no luck so I was thoroughly amazed that he was able to get me seats… I am absolutely delighted that [my award booker] was able to do what I could not!

–B. P.

MileValue Award Booking Service was easy to use. They are friendly and reply in a timely manner. Before attempting to book my flight, they described the process we would be following as well as an initial concern about my desired itinerary. Despite the concern, they were able to find flights matching my itinerary, which I would not have been able to do on my own without spending more time and effort than I was willing to spend – not to mention much frustration. MileValue Award Booking Service did the hard work for me.

–D. L.

What surprised me was [my award booker’s] depth of knowledge, and the speed and ease of working with him to achieve my goals… I would recommend the service to others, as I was very satisfied with the results.

–J. S.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How far ahead of time can I request help with an award booking Awards are only bookable 11 months in advance. Please do not fill out the form if your preferred dates are more than 11 months out.
  2. Am I required to pay if you don’t find the award I want? No. You are required to pay if the mutually agreeable parameters for payment in the first email are met. That means if we find an award that meets your requirements, you must pay even if you change your mind and decide not to book. But if we do not find an award that meets the terms we sit in the beginning of our communication, then you do not have to pay the closing fee.
  3. What’s with the $50 search fee? The only obligatory payment is $50 to pay for the effort of responding and the search. Sometimes there just isn’t award space, so this $50 covers the award bookers’ time in case their search isn’t fruitful. We are confident, however, that if your request is reasonable and you are a flexible traveler, we will find something that suits!
  4. When and how do I pay the $50 to get this process going? By clicking Buy Now below the request form (the yellow button).
  5. When and how do I pay for a successful award search? You pay when we are done working on your award, either via the drop-down menu below this FAQ or a custom invoice sent through PayPal. You can pay with just a credit card, no PayPal account is required. You cannot pay with a cash or check.
  6. I didn’t get a response after filling out the form. First, check your spam folder. If it’s not there, you may not have properly submitted the form. If you did properly submit it, you should have received an immediate confirmation email. 

We strive to answer requests very quickly. In rare cases, one slips through the cracks. If you haven’t heard from us in 48 hours, reply to the confirmation email you got.

Payment Form for Completed Customers (Do Not Pre-pay Please)