At MileValue, we help you spend a fraction of the money you normally would on flying. We make travel nearly free. There are two ends of a spectrum to focus on when it comes to maximizing travel rewards:

  • Earning miles
  • Spending miles

Earn airline miles (and credit card points transferable to miles) wisely and cheaply.

Earning miles from flying is the expensive and slow way to accrue them.

Opening travel-oriented credit cards with large sign-up bonus offers will build your balances fast, and spending on them strategically in the long term will also help you earn rewards faster.

The goal is to maximize return on your spending, which may mean opening up numerous credit cards for the sake of earning sign-up bonuses, or it may mean just opening a credit card or two that highly reward long term spending in specific categories. The most likely scenario is that your strategy will involve both of those tactics. Either way, we’ll teach you how to do it in a sustainable manner that won’t do any longterm damage your credit score.

Spend miles and points efficiently.

You can choose to spend your credit card points for a fixed value on travel, or you can transfer your credit card points to a variety of airline mileage programs. Transferring to airline mileage programs may mean spending less points than the alternative–in particular if you’re looking at international and/or premium cabin flights. But you have to understand how to find the varying programs’ mileage prices, flight availability (which is a different pool of seats than the ones purchased with cash), and the rules of how those programs work.

Or maybe you have a credit card that earns outright airline miles. Maybe you have various types of miles and don’t know which ones to spend.

Either way, knowledge of airline mileage (also known as frequent flyer) programs is key to squeezing maximum value out of your rewards. Spending too many of or the wrong type of point or mile for a flight can result in a large opportunity cost. In other words, why would you spend 30,000 of your points on a flight that costs $300 when you could easily turn around spend the same amount of points on a flight worth $600?

MileValue has three complementary components that will help you navigate the world of miles and points, so you can travel as much and as freely as possible.

  1. A Blog
  2. A Credit Card Consultation Service
  3. An Award Booking Service

1. The Blog

We try to regularly share concise, actionable, and inspirational blog content that will teach and drive you to teach yourself the skills needed to earn and spend travel rewards wisely. It will take time and effort, but what you get in return is oodles of money saved and the ability to help your loved ones do the same. Sharing and spreading the gift of travel is something special… we know because it keeps us working to improve MileValue every day.

Want help getting started? Or want to save yourself the time and stress of redeeming those hard earned miles and points? We’re here to let you outsource the work to experts. That’s where our services come in. 

2. The Credit Card Consultation Service

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned vet, knowing which travel credit card offer to take advantage of can prove a complicated task. Beginner’s don’t know where to start; they’re not sure which type of miles or points will best suit their travel style and goals. Seasoned vets who’ve already opened/closed a number of cards are confused as to which they are still eligible for. Schedule a phone call or communicate with us via email for personalized advice on how to navigate the travel credit card maze.

3. The Award Booking Service

So you’ve got stacks of airline miles and/or credit card points. Now how do you book flights–dubbed award flights in this industry–with your miles? Booking a flight with miles is not the same as paying for a flight with cash. Our team of skilled miles experts know how to find the seats you can’t, use less of your miles than you would to book those seats, and will save you hours of your valuable time.


The point, no pun intended, is that at MileValue we believe you should be getting the most value out of your miles as possible. And we’re here to help make that happen, one way or another!