About Us

MileValue thinks systematically about the value of your miles and how to maximize that value. We teach you how to earn miles and points faster, and how to spend less of them so they take you further.


Sarah Page Maxwell

Sarah Page became a miles nerd after moving to Buenos Aires and beginning a transient lifestyle that would be otherwise too expensive without miles. Now she shares what she learns with others to help them accomplish the goal of traveling for less, via blog content, and MileValue’s Award Booking and Credit Card Consultation Services. Raised in North Carolina, Sarah Page grew up on everything covered in plenty of hot sauce, but now finds herself with a serious lack thereof at the bottom of South America. Thankfully with miles she can fly back periodically to refill her suitcase with all the good stuff. When she’s not poring over MileValue or traveling, you can find her hunting down good food/cooking it, dancing at a concert, practicing yoga, and snuggling with her Boston Terrier, Omar.

Kevin Bathke: Award Booker from Little Rock, Arkansas

Kevin and his wife, Katia, live to travel. And one could also easily argue travel to live, as they have leveraged credit card points, airline miles, and cheap(er) cash fares across 40-some countries to date: from Kazakhstan to Curaçao, Argentina to Georgia (not that Georgia, The Republic of Georgia!) where they aim to launch in-depth customized tours in the near future. You can also join them on Instagram, @K2republic.

Daniel Gus: Award Booker from Portland, Oregon

Daniel has been helping others travel worldwide for over a decade. With his wife and three kids in tow, he has travelled to a number of countries and continents, virtually all on points and miles. Daniel loves to interact with new people, especially over travel. He spends most of his time with friends & family talking faith and theology, playing outdoors, and scheming for his next big trip.