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JetBlue is offering cheap roundtrip economy flights right now between the east and west coast of the United States. Available travel dates span from November of this year through February of 2018.


  1. What city pairs are available?
  2. When are the cheap fares?
  3. Mileage Earning
  4. Baggage Allowance
  5. Best Credit Card to Buy the Ticket

Available City Pairs

You’ll find the cheap JetBlue fares between…

  • Fort Lauderdale and Los Angeles ($134)
  • New York City and Long Beach ($192)
  • Fort Lauderdale and Las Vegas ($75)

When are the cheap fares?

The easiest place to find these fares is on Google Flights. Depending on the city, available travel dates span from mid November through February. Dan’s Deals has many example travel dates listed that they have found:

I brought up the following using Google Flights Flexible dates tool to show prices of differing lengths of trips from the end of November into December.

You can’t purchase tickets directly on Google Flights, but after finding the fare you’ll be given a link to follow for purchase on jetblue.com.

Redeeming TrueBlue Points

What’s awesome about JetBlue sales is that they’re not just good for buying cheap cash flights–they’re great for redeeming JetBlue points as JetBlue’s award prices are roughly revenue-based.

Here’s a roundtrip flight between Fort Lauderdale and Los Angeles for only 8,000 TrueBlue points! That is crazy when you consider flying roundtrip across the country on any of the legacy carriers would cost 24,000 miles, in what I think are seriously inferior products compared to JetBlue who has comfy seats, cheerful flight attendants, great snacks, good inflight entertainment, and most importantly free inflight wifi that actually works. They are my favorite domestic airline (and no, JetBlue did not pay me to say that).

TrueBlue points are worth roughly 1.3 cents each (remember, they are tied to the cash price of the ticket). So if you have them, check the cash price and the points price on your desired travel date to see which is a better deal.

Mileage Earning

If you choose to pay cash for the tickets, you’ll earn at least six TrueBlue points per dollar spent as long as you buy the ticket on jetblue.com. So for the $134 fare between Fort Lauderdale and Los Angeles, for example, you’d earn 804 points. If buy a Blue Plus or higher ticket (to include a checked bag, etc) you’ll earn even more.

Baggage Allowance

You get a free personal item and free carry on with these cheap fares. The cost of a checked bag will vary if you buy one price tier up from a Blue fare (Blue Plus fare). If you don’t pay for a checked bag ahead of time, it will cost $25 (that’s typically a little more than buying a Blue Plus fare ahead of time.

Best Way to Buy the Ticket

If you have JetBlue Plus Card, definitely buy your ticket with it. You’ll earn at least 12 TrueBlue points per dollar spent (6x from buying on jetblue.com, 6x from the credit card) and you’ll get a free checked bag. The JetBlue Plus Card recently increased it’s sign up bonus to 40,000 TrueBlue points for spending $1,000 on the card within three months of opening it. If you live in a city served by JetBlue and fly the airline often, the card is a no brainer to open and keep open (you’ll get 5k bonus points after every account anniversary and the free checked bag benefit will save you tons as the cheapest TrueBlue fares don’t include a checked bag).

If you don’t have the JetBlue Plus card, what card you should buy this ticket with will depend on your priorities.

  • If you want it to be free, put it on whatever card you have travel statement credits for, like the Sapphire Reserve or Citi Prestige–or open a Barclaycard Arrival Plus. The card comes with 40,000 Arrival miles after spending $3,000 on the card in the first 90 days. Arrival miles can be redeemed for 1 cent each toward any travel expense (even travel expenses used to meet your minimum spending requirement for the bonus), so the bonus alone will more than cover this flight (and still leave you about $490 in travel statement credits).
  • If you’re more concerned with travel insurance, check out our series on the travel protection benefits of popular rewards cards.
  • If you’re more concerned with earning rewards and you don’t have a JetBlue Plus card? Check out the Best Credit Card to Buy Airfare.

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