Anatomy of an Award: My First (Hopefully) Post-COVID Trip to Hawaii

My last trip was February 2020. My wife and I returned home from an awesome week-long stay at Scrub Island Resort in the British Virgin Islands not knowing that it would be our last trip for a long time. We had tons of trips all over the world planned for 2020 that we would slowly begin cancelling one-by-one: 3 weeks in South Africa, a trip to Chile and Argentina, a few trips to Europe, and tons of domestic trips as well.

Like many of you, we’ve been pretty cooped up for the last year or so.

Anatomy of an Award: LA to Hawaii to DC for 15k Turkish Miles (Citi Points)

A note from Sarah Page: In case you don't catch the byline, this was written by MileValue founder Scott Grimmer. We're happy to feature a post by our old friend and coworker! Thanks for your time and valuable insight, Scott.

Anatomy of a Last Minute Award: Charleston to Newark (United $75 Trick Still Alive!)

We typically go over international premium cabin redemptions in our Anatomy of an Award posts. They're great inspiration and good teaching tools for when you're planning big trips.

While I'm sure we'd all love to be flying around the world in a flat bed all the time, that's not the reality most live in.

Anatomy of an Award: Buenos Aires to São Paulo for 9k Points

A few months ago I booked Iberia Business Class from São Paulo to Madrid with 42,500 Avios because of the great mileage price tag and the lack of fuel surcharges departing from Brazil where fuel surcharges are illegal. This left a hole in my itinerary between Buenos Aires and São Paulo.

Here’s an index to give my whole travel experience from Argentina to Spain some cohesion.

Anatomy of an Award: Buenos Aires Rio on Aerolíneas Argentinas & Gol

In February, my parents flew down to South America to join me for a trip in Rio de Janiero, followed by a week spent in Buenos Aires, the location I call home for at least half the year.

I booked them in United Business between Charleston, SC and Rio de Janiero using United miles, and LATAM Business between Buenos Aires and Miami using American Airlines miles.

Anatomy of an Award: Buenos Aires to Miami in LATAM Business

I recently booked an award for my parents that departed from their home--Charleston, South Carolina--to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We used a combination of their United miles and their Ultimate Rewards, transferred to United MileagePlus, to book the award in United Business Class.

Anatomy of an Award: Last Minute $767 Hawaii Ticket for 17,500 Miles

I just booked myself a one way award from Honolulu, Hawaii to Charlottesville, Virginia for 17,500 Singapore miles and $6.

Anatomy of an Award: Buenos Aires to Honolulu for 25,000 Miles Singapore Miles (Sweet Spot)

Last month, I booked an award from Buenos Aires to Honolulu for 25,000 Singapore miles and about $100 in taxes. The booking illustrates a few topics:

Sweet spots and how to find them
Awards you should book speculatively
Booking awards with foreign programs

The Problem
I have to get to Hawaii for my brother's wedding in February. The main problem is that I don't know where I'll be in February to book the ticket to Hawaii.

Anatomy of an Award: Booking United BusinessFirst with Singapore Miles

This is the third post in a series about how I used Singapore miles to book United BusinessFirst between San Francisco and Buenos Aires, as well as a review of the product and travel experience. 

Trip Report Part I: United Clubs in San Francisco and Houston
Trip Report Part II: United BusinessFirst Houston to Buenos Aires
Anatomy of an Award: Booking United BusinessFirst with Singapore Miles (this post)
Changing a Singapore Award (future post)

I had a one week window during which I wanted to fly Business Class from San Francisco, back home to Buenos Aires.
Checking Award Space of

Anatomy of an Award: Using Secret United Award Space, Saving $75

Last week I booked myself an award from Chicago to Buenos Aires in United economy for 30,000 United miles + $5.60. This award was very simple, but it illustrated three interesting concepts:

When will last second award space open up?
United's secret extra award space.
The trick to save $75 on last second United award bookings.

Last Second Award Space
I had been searching award space for months from Chicago to Buenos Aires, and there was never any on the inflexible date I wanted to fly.