Activate Your 5% Cash Back Categories from Discover Now

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The Discover it® card offers 1% cash back on all purchases and 5% back on rotating categories every quarter.

While most non-MileValuers love the Discover it® card for its simplicity (no annual fee, no overlimit fee, no foreign transaction fee, 0% balance transfer fee for 18 months, 0% APR for six months), there is also value in the card for people who understand rewards programs.

Who should and who should not consider the Discover it®? Why are savvy, experienced miles collectors getting the Discover it®?

Beyond the 5% cash back rotating categories, which can net you $300 per year in cash back, Rookie Alli got this card last year to get access to the ShopDiscover portal.

Like other loyalty programs, Discover has set up its own portal. If you start at the portal, click on the store where you want to shop, and then buy things as usual, you get even more cash back. The Discover cash back portal offers bonuses of 5-20% cash back, and many of the payouts far exceed other portals.

For instance Walmart is 6% cash back through the portal (5% portal bonus + 1% back on all spending). That’s by far the best portal option with the next best options only 2.4% back or 1 Ultimate Reward per dollar according to EV Reward.

Kmart is 11% back through the Discover portal!

The Discover it® also includes your FICO score on your monthly statement. When Barclaycard also added free FICO scores to its accounts two months ago, it was an awesome new benefit.

This card has no sign up bonus! It’s not a card you are getting for a quick pay day or for rewards that would help with international travel.

If you want premium international travel, you should focus on earning airline miles or points that convert to airline miles.

The Discover it® card is of value to people who are seeking simplicity from their rewards and cards or for people who have been in the game a while, use portals well, and want access to the Discover portal.

Application Link: Discover it®


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4 Responses to Activate Your 5% Cash Back Categories from Discover Now

  1. Also, there is a $150 bonus after $750 spend application link. Stating there’s no sign-up bonus is misleading.

  2. You can get $150 bonus or 14 month APR of 0%, just make sure you sign up for the right bonus.

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