The Amazing Race: Frankfurt First Class Terminal


This is my third post of many which reflect my ongoing winter trip! The trip report started here and links to all the posts.

I was hoping that when we landed, we wouldn’t be assigned a gate. The reason behind this was that if you arrive at a non-gate position, you are entitled to a private car transfer to the arrivals hall.

When we landed, I noticed that we turned away from the terminal and parked at a non-gate position. Score!

Our Private Van Transfer Service with an ANA 787 in the background!

Our 747

After getting off the plane, we were ushered to the First Class Van that was to take us to the arrivals hall. It’s important to note that this van will not take you directly to the First Class Terminal. The driver was nice enough to take my parents along with us in the van even though they were in Business Class.

Before leaving, I noticed that we parked next to an ANA 787 and a Lufthansa A340. Driving on the tarmac is such an amazing feeling because you realize how big these planes really are! The drive to the arrivals hall took about ten minutes and afterwards, we were taken to the immigration line. After clearing immigration, I followed the drill of just exiting and staying to the left. Eventually, we reached the holy grail of terminals.

At The First Class Terminal

Because I arrived with Lufthansa and was also departing in Lufthansa First, I was entitled to use the First Class Terminal. If you arrive in LH F and are departing on LH Business, I believe you can also use the Terminal as well.

TIP: The Lufthansa First Class Terminal/Lounge let’s you bring in one guest as long as they are traveling on the same flight as you. This was important because my parents were in business while my sister and I were in First.

I had originally been booked on an ANA 777-300ER First Class but my friend Amol from Points to Point B convinced me to switch to the Lufthansa A380 First Class.

After reaching the entrance to the FCT, we were greeted by our own personal assistant. She was an awesome assistant and made sure we were always taken care of. After entering the FCT, we went through what was probably the nicest security ever. The security agents actually smiled! Once we were cleared, our assistant showed us around and offered to set us up for showers. This was the highlight of my trip because all I wanted out of this was the Rubber Ducky! Note that there are only 2 shower rooms that offer the rubber duck. You have to ask for one with the bathtub.

The Lufthansa Holiday Duck

After showering, I headed to the restaurant. The FCT has it’s own restaurant with a full-fledged menu! It’s also all complimentary. We arrived when they were serving breakfast and left when they started serving lunch so we got 2 meals in. The food ranged from fresh eggs to a selection of cold meats. We all elected to sit in our private area and eat instead of eating in the restaurant. While eating, I noticed a sign that stated that the FCT had wireless chargers for phones. I went to our assistant and she took my boarding pass in exchange for a round wireless charging plug. I then looked around and found a place that said “Wireless charge point” right next to the massage chairs. It worked pretty well until the white plug got so hot that it burned me!

The First Class Terminal Restaurant
The Menu
A Few Options…
The Interior of The FCT
The Shower Room

After doing everything possible in the FCT, we just sat around and caught up on emails and work. At around 12:40, our assistant came and told us it was time for boarding. When we went downstairs, there was combination of Vans, Porsche’s, and Mercedes. I was put into a Mercedes S-Class while my parents got the Van.

My Ride to The A380

Private Walkway to the A380

The drive from the FCT to the plane took all of 2 minutes. The A380 as I’m told never receives an off gate location. We took our bags from the car and proceeded to follow the agent to the elevator up to the plane. She walked us all the way to our seat on the A380 and put us in the hands of the most professional crew on the trip.

Awesome Crew!

Stay tuned for more posts!

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  1. Awesome! Glad you enjoyed it … the main reason I told you to go for Lufthansa A380 over ANA 777-300ER was for the First Class Terminal. You would have only gotten in to the First Class Lounges on your former itinerary, and if it’s your first time, the terminal is oh so worth it!
    If you are departing in First on a partner (like ANA), you get Senator Lounge access.
    If you arrive in Lufthansa First (like you did from Boston) and depart on a partner in First (like ANA), you get First Class Lounge access but not the terminal.
    In order to access the actual Terminal, you need to depart on a Lufthansa group carrier (including Swiss) and have a same-day Lufthansa/Swiss First ticket (it’s okay if you arrive in First Class and connect to Lufthansa business, and okay if you are departing in Lufthansa/Swiss business but connect to a same-day First Class flight out of Munich/Zurich/etc). Phew, that’s a complicated access rule :p

  2. That was a great story. I recently talked with United have you seen the special for going over to PRC on the Dreamliner? 669.00 upgradable coach from LAX.

  3. I disagree with Anol, the FCL is 90% as good as the FCT. The FCT check-in experience is neat and it increases your chance at a car ride, though the business class seats on the NH 77W are clearly superior and you get a bit of menu & movie variety by taking a different carrier. I’ve also found NH F on FRA-NRT to be a tougher ticket than an LH A380 F

    Regardless, it sounds like you are content with your decision, though you can’t really screw that one up

    Note that rather than waiting for a tub room, you can just ask the attendant for a ducky and they will deliver. The buffet in the lounges are excellent, so make sure you take a peek and perhaps grab an appetizer before ordering off the menu.

    • True, but I’d say that for a first-timer, the FCT is worth it just for those small extra. Also, I wasn’t aware of his family in business, which I’ll agree isn’t as comfortable on LH, but at least they all got access. I had a relative fly NH F earlier this year NRT-LAX and they liked Lufthansa better.

  4. @Erich,
    I had this same issue because I wanted to go in the suite on the ANA 777-300ER but I also wanted access to the FCT just for the fun of it. I decided to go for the FCT route because my parents were also coming and I wanted them to see it as well. As for the rubber ducky, I did ask for a couple of them after my shower but I wanted a bubble bath lol so I asked for one with the bathtub!

    Either way, i’m not kicking myself for not choosing ANA F because i’ve incorporated that into my next spring trip to Asia!

  5. I just had a similar experience with Thai FC and LH A380 FC flying BKK-NRT-FRA on 12/25. The ground service at bkk from the concierge checkin,fastrack security,spa,pad Thai,personal service,shower,buggy ride to gate, was awesome. The FCT experience at FRA was outstanding as well. They make excellent mixed drinks there too! Don’t forget to watch the view of plane in flight from camera #3, from the tail.

  6. I have seen a lot of people saying that the first class terminal is a “little” hard to find. (There are even Youtube videos showing you the path way.)

    Is it right to assume that that would be true only if you are not traveling Lufthansa on inbound (or outbound)? I have a choice between United and Lufthansa to fly into Frankfurt, and then continue on to my journey (with Lufthansa First).

    I want to try United First, but I would prefer not to go through the hassle of changing terminals. Please advise.


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