Incredible Deal: 90k Iberia Avios for $350!


Update 7/3/18: There are reports all over the internet of people’s bonus Iberia Avios posting from this promotion. If you bought a bunch of cheap Iberia flights to earn 90k Avios, check your account now! 

Iberia is running an insane promotional offer right now that ends today, so act fast if you want to take advantage! My apologies for getting this news up late. I’m going to keep this as short as possible and link to other posts with further details so you guys have as much as time after reading to find and book the 10 cheapest Iberia flights you can find.

Through June 24, you will earn 9,000 bonus Iberia Avios points for every ticket you book on, with a cap of 90,000 Avios per member. The points come with a shorter expiration date than standard Avios, as you must redeem them by December 1, 2018.

While I don’t see an exact published end time to this promo–the terms say through June 24–the end of the day in Spain is a safe assumption. That means 11:59 pm GMT+2, or 5:59 pm ET. Reader Zoe commented below that she spoke with an Iberia rep who told her the promotion lasts through the day in your local time zone, so perhaps we have more time than originally thought. 

Here are the important restrictions/details/terms to follow to ensure you get the bonus points: 

  • Tickets on Iberia, Iberia Express, and Air Nostrum all count.
  • You must enter your Iberia Plus account number into each booking to qualify for bonus points. Sign up here if you don’t already have an account. If you are just opening an Iberia account for the purpose of taking advantage of the promotion, read this Frequent Miler post about double checking for your Iberia Plus number on confirmed reservations.
  • Each booking will earn 9,000 bonus points. Maximum bonus points per Iberia Plus member is 90,000.
  • One-way tickets count, in any class to any destination, so to minimize cost for the maximum amount of Avios you should book ten separate one-way economy flights.
  • You should receive your bonus points within 10 days of ticket purchase
  • You do not have to actually fly the tickets you purchase to receive bonus points, but do not request a refund. Requesting a refund will result in bonus points being deducted from your account.
  • Avios earned through this promotion must be redeemed by December 1, 2018, or they will disappear from your account due to expiration.
  • Apparently as long as you book directly on the flights qualify for the promotion, but just to be safe I would book through this actual promo link. Reader Zoe commented below that an Iberia rep told her you must book through the promo link to qualify, and I have also read this in the comments of other blogs, so definitely book through the promo link as opposed to just
  • Aside from inputting your Iberia Plus number and booking through the promo link, no registration is required. 

Cheap Routes

So far, the cheapest tickets I’m seeing are between Madrid and Seville for $35.

Use Google Flights to easily scan prices one-ways with the calendar.

Here are Iberia’s direct flights from Madrid. I would check domestic flights first.

You can also use Google Flight’s map function, with Madrid as the origin, that will show you different places to surrounding cities on a specific date.

Examples of Good Redemptions

Iberia Avios are great for redemption on Off-Peak Iberia Business Class awards to Madrid from the US (34k one way from Chicago, New York, or Boston to Madrid, 42.5k one way from Miami), and domestic awards on American American Airlines (instead of pricing per segment like BA Avios awards, Iberia partner awards are priced by the cumulative distance, so connections don’t necessarily jack up the price).

Iberia Business Class on the A330, Sao Paulo to Madrid (no fuel surcharges departing Brazil, and only 42.5k Avios)
Iberia Business Class on the A330

Can I Transfer These Iberia Avios to BA Avios?


More Posts From Other Bloggers With Further Details, FAQ, etc.

Bottom Line

Earn up to 90,000 bonus Iberia Avios for booking ten separate flights on Iberia before 11:59 pm in your local time zone. Just make sure to input your Iberia Plus account number and book through the promo link.

The internet is calling this the [miles] deal of the year. If you have a use for Iberia Avios (Business class to Europe, domestic trips on American Airlines, etc.), I would jump on finding cheap flights immediately. Let your fellow MileValue readers know in the comments if you find a route with cheap tickets.

If you scrolled to down here to the bottom line without reading the top of this post, please note the update I added: I feel that it’s important to add a warning because, despite Iberia having confirmed on Twitter that they are going to honor this promotion, my gut tells me this could be too good to be true. Iberia could get serious buyers remorse when they realize how much money they are going to lose with this promo. Weigh your decision carefully, and only invest as much in purchasing segments for bonus points as you’re willing to lose. Also consider the rush for award space that’s going to happen (supposedly around 10 days from now) when the bonus points post, and the probable difficulty of booking the award space you want.  

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  1. I spoke to Iberia (1-800-772-4642) at 10 pm PST yesterday, after a 30 minute hold. I was told that the promotion expires on your local time. She said you definitely need to book through the 9000 Avios promo link. I hadn’t done so, so she helped me cancel all my flights, which were within the 24 hour cancellation period, so that I could rebook it.

    • I talked to Iberia representative at 8 pm EST and been told that promotion expiration was on Madrid time (5.59 pm EST). Gave all my 10 reservations to the agent and he said 6 of them (placed between 6.05 pm and 6.34 pm EST) ware not eligible for the promo. Decided to cancel them within 24 hour free cancellation window and been told there is no penalty fee but €30 Service fee per reservation applies. He said if the reservation would be charge in US $$ there would be no Service fee. I used the same link for all my 10 reservation but for some reason the charge switched from $$ to Euro, had no idea this matters so I ignored it. If they charge the service fees I will try to despite it with the credit card but this will not be easy. Iberia don’t send cancellation emails. All 6 cancelled reservation are gone from my account.

  2. I just logged into my account and booked 10 different one ways this weekend. Are you now telling me there was a special link that should have been used. I never read that in any other posts.

    • Bryon, hopefully it won’t matter… the majority of other posts say that it doesn’t, but I read a few comments of people that had spoken to Iberia who were told that you do need to book through the promo link which is why I warned readers too. I would call Iberia Plus and check… you should still be within the 24 hour window in which you can cancel for free if need be.

  3. It’s now possible for these promotional points to be transferred to your British Airways Executive Club Account. However, Iberia confirmed yesterday that “any Avios not redeemed in the Iberia Plus account by 1st December 1 will be deducted, potentially resulting in a negative balance.”


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