1. Am I correctly understanding that, not only are the two banks communicating with each other to prevent double-dipping on sign-up bonuses, but there also seems to be more crossover than usual between preventing a potential cardholder from getting sign-up bonuses on both personal and business versions of the cards?

    For example, I already have the personal Chase Marriott and SPG AmEx cards, both of which I got about 11 months ago (and plan on cancelling before the annual fee in October). Therefore (if I am understanding the post correctly), it seems like I’m ineligible for a bonus on the AmEx SPG Business Credit Card because I got a welcome bonus on the Chase Marriott Rewards card less than 24 months ago.

    • To answer your first question: Yes, you are understanding correctly.

      In regards to your eligibility for the bonus on the Amex SPG Business Card, your assumption is also correct. You are currently ineligible for a bonus on the Amex SPG Biz card. You’ll need to wait 24 months after you earned the bonus on your Chase Marriott card… then you’ll be eligible for the SPG Biz bonus (assuming you follow all other eligibility stipulations).


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