50 Free Award Wallet Upgrade Codes


Enjoy one of these 50 free upgrade codes to six months of Award Wallet Plus. Award Wallet is the free way I track my 35 miles and points balances and store my login information for those programs.

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Click “Continue Reading” to see the codes. You may need to try a few before you find one that is unused.

Invite-55486-BEQTM – use coupon
Invite-55486-PAOHU – use coupon
Invite-55486-VQLKX – use coupon
Invite-55486-CPKYP – use coupon
Invite-55486-SCUHY – use coupon
Invite-55486-YVOHK – use coupon
Invite-55486-XKGQZ – use coupon
Invite-55486-ERWVI – use coupon
Invite-55486-GMFDW – use coupon
Invite-55486-CDNCA – use coupon
Invite-55486-NWDAP – use coupon
Invite-55486-CCWIY – use coupon
Invite-55486-VIHXP – use coupon
Invite-55486-LTUFD – use coupon
Invite-55486-XGFSZ – use coupon
Invite-55486-HNLXD – use coupon
Invite-55486-SQNVU – use coupon
Invite-55486-HUYFS – use coupon
Invite-55486-GMBOJ – use coupon
Invite-55486-FXBGM – use coupon
Invite-55486-TRWYW – use coupon
Invite-55486-SAIXT – use coupon
Invite-55486-QHEQO – use coupon
Invite-55486-QFXXI – use coupon
Invite-55486-FCGOW – use coupon
Invite-55486-UYEHC – use coupon
Invite-55486-FKAWO – use coupon
Invite-55486-PCTJA – use coupon
Invite-55486-VRFFD – use coupon
Invite-55486-FUNTL – use coupon
Invite-55486-SIAIQ – use coupon
Invite-55486-TJQEZ – use coupon
Invite-55486-BDUYS – use coupon
Invite-55486-HVDQP – use coupon
Invite-55486-KIWOY – use coupon
Invite-55486-MCJML – use coupon
Invite-55486-ITQQQ – use coupon
Invite-55486-LBKQJ – use coupon
Invite-55486-ZTGDK – use coupon
Invite-55486-YODET – use coupon
Invite-55486-ARVES – use coupon
Invite-55486-LMETA – use coupon
Invite-55486-YHUSM – use coupon
Invite-55486-MKNRO – use coupon
Invite-55486-ZWFVA – use coupon
Invite-55486-JUNEB – use coupon
Invite-55486-XTUGZ – use coupon
Invite-55486-MNJTB – use coupon
Invite-55486-KHQHG – use coupon
Invite-55486-SSHOS – use coupon
Invite-55486-FGANE – use coupon
Invite-55486-ZHGWO – use coupon
Invite-55486-FGBIJ – use coupon
Invite-55486-FGXKK – use coupon
Invite-55486-LLHFE – use coupon
Invite-55486-FLSGZ – use coupon
Invite-55486-PGSHC – use coupon
Invite-55486-FQERV – use coupon
Invite-55486-ZSJUP – use coupon
Invite-55486-QCVAW – use coupon
Invite-55486-QEVAS – use coupon
Invite-55486-EIAGO – use coupon

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  1. How does one find out when you post these? Seems like the codes were all posted and used up way before the e-mail went out. Why even bother sending the link to the codes in an e-mail if they were all gone the night before? Wasted 10 minutes clicking on each one. There must be a friendlier way to give out codes. This is the 2nd time that I opened the e-mail and found the codes were all gone after wasting 10 minutes

    • William, I don’t think it’s necessarily true. I found the post via Scott’s email, clicked, and got one. I’ve clicked through in the past and not had any luck. That’s the way it goes sometimes, no pain no gain.

      I think the key question is “Is there a friendlier way to do this that’s easier for Scott”? I doubt he has the time to sit around and send out 50 codes one by one.

    • Normally I post something like this and put it on twitter. They disappear within a minute or two. This time I didn’t announce this post anywhere and it looks like they lasted over half an hour.

      The email is the worst way to find out about them because that goes out at 9 AM ET every day regardless of when this is posted. I’ll try to come up with a way to get something just to email subscribers. But it would be a challenge.

      • That’s interesting. The email notification about the post came to me at 0051 ET today. Fortunately I was still up…

  2. Just a suggestion. the way you put all the codes in the post makes a few people to grab all of them. I would rather have 50 different people comment on your post and you give them 1 code at a time. this way its a little fair game. Up to you 🙂

    • That would take too long. I hope everyone eventually gets one from the many similar posts I put up. Best of luck next time.


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