Which is the Best American Express Business Card for You?

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  1. I actually saw this week two business plus one personal offers in the mail for Amex Membership Rewards cards with a 50K sign-up bonus. Is this common that even though there are smaller bonuses available for ‘general public’ there are still such ‘hidden’ offers distributed by Amex???
    May I get a Membership Rewards business version while I still have since last March?

    • It is common from American Express to mail out targeted offers (to everyone except me seemingly!)

      • In fact, a friend of mine was just approved yesterday for a personal card with 50k bonus points. Apparently, I do not receive any of these ‘better’ offers either. Is it because I already have gold personal plus both available SPGs??? Also I cannot really find any upgrade to platinum card with a significant bonus even though I’ve recently encountered a business version for gold to platinum plastic (30k bonus!).

  2. How about Membership rewards Business vs. the Chase Products. Let’s say yearly spend is not high – 12K per year. maybe you could rank by spend level. 8-10, 10-15, 15-20, 20-30 etc. That would be helpful. Thanks for great posts

    • Chase has basically one business product in my eyes since the Ink Plus and Bold are almost identical. They have a great sign up bonus and I love the 5x and 2x categories. Unfortunately, their three best transfer partners devalued recently (Hyatt, United, and Southwest.) At that level of spending per year, unless you are heavily spending in a category that has a bonus on one card, the sign up bonus and other perks are more important than the spending rewards.

  3. Robert, I’d also be interested in seeing if those 50k offers are open to the public. I’ve purposefully been not applying for any Amex cards until I can get one of those better offers.

  4. I have (and like) the SPG Biz card. But one caveat (which may be true of other biz cards): Car rental collision damage coverage only covers domestic rentals. You need to pay an extra fee to cover foreign rentals. Caveat emptor!!

  5. Scott, I called Amex recently about getting the Platinum card or the Mercedes Benz card and was told I would not be eligible for a signup bonus on either since I have the PRG and Business Rewards Gold. Anyway around this?

  6. I got an offer for 75000 membership rewards business gold rewards card I am not due for cards and wonder should I get it ?

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