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My friend, Ryan from MA, recently took a trip to Italy and Taiwan during which he flew Lufthansa First Class, Asiana First Class, Thai First Class, ANA First Class and entered some of the world’s nicest lounges. I’ve asked him to do a series of trip reports, so we can all be inspired by some of the otherwise out-of-reach experiences miles can afford us. Previously Lufthansa First Class.

One of the absolute best experiences with miles and points is entering the Lufthansa First Class Terminal. It is mind blowing, and something I always try to experience when traveling to Asia or Europe.

Follow me from the Porsche on the tarmac to the cigar room to the buffets.

This was my second time flying through Frankfurt and using the Lufthansa First Class Terminal, and I find it extremely important to have an idea where I’m supposed to go to maximize the time. That’s why I read several trip reports before my first First Class Terminal experience, and why I hope this one will give others a heads up on what to expect!

My wife and I arrived in Frankfurt Airport at 5:45 AM from Boston. (I wrote about that Lufthansa First Class flight here.) After being thanked profusely by the flight attendants for flying Lufthansa as we deplaned, we wanted to head straight to the Lufthansa First Class Terminal.

Since we were one of the first flights into Frankfurt, and my wife and I were the first people off the plane, going through customs was a breeze.

After customs, you can either go to the main terminals and their First Class Lounges or go to the First Class Terminal. The First Class Lounges are wonderful and very similar to what the Lufthansa First Class Terminal offers, but the First Class Terminal is a whole separate terminal with its own security screening and chauffeur to your connecting plane!

To go to the First Class Terminal you have to leave the main terminal. Now at this point, I was a bit lost. There aren’t signs for the First Class Terminal that I could see. And incredibly when I went to the First Class Check-in, the agent told me that there was no First Class Terminal. Confused but undeterred, I kept searching.

Eventually I left the main terminal, went immediately to my left, and kept walking. I walked past Lufthansa employees coming to work until I finally arrived at this beautiful site.

Lufthansa First Class Terminal

Hopefully there will be an agent downstairs to tell you where to go but if there isn’t one, which happened to us, just take the elevator up the main lobby. Once you enter the main lobby, you’ll see a number of agents who’ll come to you, welcome you, and take care of checking you in.

At this point you’ll go through security just like regular airport security. Once you’re through security, the Lufthansa agent will ask you if this is your first time at the First Class Terminal. If it is your first time, she will walk you through some of its features.

Main Seating Area
More Seating Area
Candy Galore

The main seating area has tons of seating. These seats are comfortable and professional. I see many people working at these seats. If you sit down you’ll have a server come to you asking if you want anything to drink or to order any food from the menu in front of you. If you order tea, you’ll get a yummy and unique sugar rock stirrer. As well, each seating section has a great assortment of snacks.

Snacks at the Seating Area

You also have the option to go straight to the dining area. The dining area is like entering a 4-5 star restaurant. For breakfast there’s a buffet of delicious and amazing food such as scrambled eggs, home fries, smoked meats, croissants, pastries, fruits, and bacon. Or if you prefer, you can order a la carte items cooked fresh. The food is so tasty I always eat a light breakfast on the plane to save room here at First Class Terminal.

Breakfast Buffet
More Breakfast Buffet
Large Cured Meat Selection
Prosciutto Slicer!

After breakfast, we checked out a relaxation area with 4 seats that will swing you back and forth. These chairs also play soothing music to help you rest.

Relaxation Chairs

One of my favorite areas is the Cigar Lounge. (Yes, there is a Cigar Lounge here. Half of the things I see in the First Class Terminal, I think: “There is a _____ here!?”) When you enter you’ll see a cigar case with a large assortment of cigars. I usually don’t smoke cigars, but the First Class Terminal is a special occasion.

The cigar case is closed, so you have to find a server to open it for you. Also in the Cigar Lounge is an assortment of liquors to pair with your cigar. I paired mine with Vat 69 because I wanted to see if Captain Lewis Nixon was on to anything.

Cigar Lounge
Vat 69

Lastly, there are day rooms and a shower area. My wife and I were exhausted since it was midnight back in Boston. When we travel over the Atlantic, we need a place to sleep upon arrival for a number of hours whether it’s a day room at a lounge (best option) or at an airport hotel. It makes our lives and our moods a lot better.


We slept for about 4-5 hours in the day rooms. Now if there are people waiting to use the day room, you’re only allowed 3 hours but I found during our whole time no one was using the day rooms. The day rooms are nice and are meant for one person but if you’re with someone that doesn’t mind being up close and comfortable, it’s all good. Sadly there isn’t a bathroom attached to the day room like the Swiss First Class Lounge.

Lufthansa First Class Terminal Day Room

After a good rest, we decided to shower. (My wife is unsure how clean those baths are, so no rubber duckies!) We ate some food at the dining area and then waited for our personal agent. When she arrived, she invited us to take the elevator down where our car waited to take us to our connecting plane to Rome. Last time I was driven across the tarmac, I was in a Mercedes mini-van, so I was hoping for something sleeker, and I got a Porsche Cayenne SUV.

Porsche Cayenne

I know some people make a big deal what car you get, but I think it’s just cool to drive through the matrix of planes and cars to your plane. It definitely makes you feel special as your driver will take your bags and walk to you to the plane door before he leaves. Little but important touches like this are what make First Class travel so special.

View from the Cayenne

The lounge was great, but the trip was really just starting. We boarded our next flight eager to see if it could top our last.