Southwest Companion Pass Master Thread


The bonuses on all of the personal Southwest cards are tiered and the same:

  • 40,000 Rapid Rewards for spending $1,000 within three months of opening the account
  • An additional 20,000 Rapid Rewards for spending a total of $12,000 within 12 months of opening the account

So if you spent $12,000 within the first year on your new personal Southwest credit card, you’d end up with at least 72,000 Rapid Rewards (40k bonus, 20k bonus, and 12k points for the spend it takes to unlock those bonuses).

The new Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Performance Business Credit Card comes with an 80,000 Rapid Reward bonus.

Right now you only need to open one personal card–unlock just it’s 40k bonus–and also open the Performance Business card and you’ll have a boatload of points and a Southwest Companion Pass good until the end of 2021.

You can leverage the offers for ~$3,528 in free flights in 2020 and 2021.


You can get both a personal and business card at once (note on the same day, but within a few days of each other), and after meeting their minimum spending requirements, you will have at least 126k Rapid Rewards post to your account (which is more than enough to earn the Companion Pass). That’s assuming you spend $5,000 on the business card within the first three months to earn its 80k bonus, and $1,000 on one of the consumer cards (also within the first three months) to unlock the first tier 40k bonus.

Southwest has a nearly fixed-value program in which you can get any Wanna Get Away? (the cheapest) fare for roughly 1.4 cents a piece. That means 126,000 points are worth $1,764 in free flights.

By earning 110,000 Southwest Rapid Rewards from credit cards in a single calendar year, you get the Southwest Companion Pass until the end of the next calendar year.

If you have the Southwest Companion pass, you can designate a companion who flies for just the taxes on every Southwest flight you fly. That’s $5.60 each way within the United States and a bit more on Southwest’s international routes. That’s every Southwest flight–including paid tickets and awards–for almost all of 2019 and 2020.

Therefore free travel from the 126k Rapid Rewards and a Companion Pass are worth around $3,528 (2 x $1,764).

  • What is a Southwest Companion Pass?
  • How can you get one from two credit cards?
  • How can you time this to make your companion pass last 18 months?

There are two primary ways to earn the Southwest Companion Pass: fly 100 paid segments or open two credit cards.

This post will be about the easier and cheaper of the two: opening two credit cards.

Qualifying points CAN NOT be earned by transferring points directly from Ultimate Rewards or from hotel points transfers.

The Cards

There are five Southwest credit cards. The three consumer cards come with the same sign-up bonus but varying anniversary bonuses.

  • Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards® Plus Credit Card
    • Sign-up bonus:
      • 40,000 Rapid Rewards for spending $1,000 in three months
      • An additional 20,000 Rapid Rewards for spending a total of $12,000 within 12 months
    • Anniversary bonus: 3,000 Rapid Rewards
    • 2x on Southwest purchases
    • Annual fee: $69
  • Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards® Premier Credit Card
    • Sign-up bonus
      • 40,000 Rapid Rewards for spending $1,000 in three months
      • An additional 20,000 Rapid Rewards for spending a total of $12,000 within 12 months
    • Anniversary bonus: 6,000 Rapid Rewards
    • 2x on Southwest purchases
    • $99
  • Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards® Priority Credit Card
    • Sign-up bonus
      • 40,000 Rapid Rewards for spending $1,000 in three months
      • An additional 20,000 Rapid Rewards for spending a total of $12,000 within 12 months
    • Anniversary bonus: 7,500 Rapid Rewards
    • 2x on Southwest purchases and Rapid Rewards hotel and car rental partner purchases
    • 4 upgraded boardings a year
    • $75 in Southwest travel credit each year
    • 20% credit towards inflight purchases
    • Annual fee: $149
  • Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards® Premier Business Credit Card
    • Sign-up bonus: 60,000 Rapid Rewards for spending $3,000 in three months
    • Anniversary bonus: 6,000 Rapid Rewards
    • 2x on Southwest purchases
    • $99
  • Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Performance Business Credit Card
    • Sign-up bonus: 80,000 Rapid Rewards for spending $5,000 in three months
    • Anniversary bonus: 9,000 Rapid Rewards
    • 3x on Southwest purchases
    • 2x on social media and search engine advertising, Internet, cable and phone services
    • 4 upgraded boardings a year
    • Inflight WiFi Credits (365 $8 credits per year)
    • Global Entry or TSA Pre✓® Fee Credit
    • Annual fee: $199

None charge foreign transaction fees.

All cards are subject to the Chase 5/24 rule, which is that once you’ve opened five (with the exception of most business cards) credit cards in the last 24 months, Chase will deny you for their credit cards. But neither of the business cards will count in your 5/24 total. This means that you need to be under 5/24 to be eligible for the business cards, but opening one won’t change your total.

Can You Get Two Southwest Cards at Once?

You can and should get one consumer card and the business card if you want to get the Southwest Companion Pass. While you shouldn’t apply on the same day as that will likely trigger automatic denial of one, space out the applications by at least a few days and you should be ok.

Unfortunately, you cannot have two consumer Southwest credit cards at the same time, so if you are not eligible to open a business card, you will need to get creative to get your balance up to 110k.

The following excerpt is from Issuing Banks Rules for Approvals and New Bonuses, an important post to bookmark that covers all big issuing banks, so you don’t waste a hard credit pull or new card just to be rejected or not earn a sign up bonus:

“If you have the Personal Plus, Premier Plus, or the Priority Card open, you are not eligible for another Southwest consumer card. You are also ineligible for the bonus on a Southwest consumer card if you have earned a bonus on another consumer card in the last 24 months. The Business Southwest card is a separate product in regards to this rule. In other words, you can have both a consumer Southwest card and a business Southwest card open at the same time.”

So if you’re opening a Southwest consumer card and have earned the bonus on one recently, make sure you follow that 24 month rule.

Can I get a repeat Southwest card?

These cards are issued by Chase. You can get a Chase bonus again if it has been at least 24 months SINCE YOU GOT THE BONUS on the card previously, and the old card is closed.

Photo by Mark Doliner
Photo by Mark Doliner

The Strategy to Get 110k Southwest Rapid Rewards

Sign up for a personal card and the Performance Business card.

Spend $1,000 on the personal card card and $5,000 on the business card in the next three months. Once your statements closes on which you’ve met the minimum spending requirement, your bonus points will post. Meeting both spending requirements means you’ll get at least 126,000 Southwest points (40,000 bonus points + 80,000 bonus points +at least 6,000 points for everyday spending at 1 point per dollar).

How to Use the Companion Pass

Once you earn your Companion Pass, using it is a snap.

Now every flight you fly, your companion flies for just the taxes on the flight, which are $5.60 one way domestically and a little more internationally.

During the rest of 2019 and all of 2020, you can use your points to book yourself a flight for just the taxes and your Companion Pass to book your companion onto the same flight for just the taxes.

And if you can’t decide who to make your companion, you can actually designate up to seven people during the life of your Companion Pass because you can make three changes per calendar year:

  1. Original companion
  2. Change #1 in first year
  3. Change #2 in first year
  4. Change #3 in first year
  5. Change #1 in second year
  6. Change #2 in second year
  7. Change #3 in second year

That could be seven different people or it could be two people that you alternate or any number in between. I could see getting a lot of value by having one main companion, but you certainly don’t have to have the same companion the entire life of your pass.

  1. Original companion
  2. Friend #1
  3. Original companion
  4. Friend #2
  5. Original companion
  6. Friend #3
  7. Original companion


With a few easy steps, you can get $3,750 worth of travel on Southwest:

  1. Open two of the Southwest cards: one personal card and the new Performance business card, or both business cards. Here are your options:
  2. Meet the minimum spending requirements of $1,000 and $5,000 within three months on each card. That gives you at least 126,000 Rapid Rewards points, and which qualifies you for a Companion Pass for the remainder of 2020 and 2021.
  3. Designate a companion (or seven) to fly just for the taxes on Southwest every time you fly on Southwest, whether you’re flying a paid ticket or an award.


Why not have both parents get the Companion Pass and each name a child as a companion? That would be a 4-for-2 travel deal for up to two years.

Editorial Disclaimer: The editorial content is not provided or commissioned by the credit card issuers. Opinions expressed here are author’s alone, not those of the credit card issuers, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the credit card issuers.

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  1. Scott,

    Seems like a great value, I’m going to apply today. I was recently turned down for a Chase Ink Business Card. I was told I already had 2 business cards and my business wasn’t producing enough money yet to get a third. I have a high credit score and had never been turned down previously (for personal or business).

    Would you still recommend a personal and a business card? I was leaning towards the two personal cards until I read this post.

    Thanks, I’ll make sure to use your links!


  2. Hello
    I currently have the Free CP from SW, which I got by applying for the Plus and the Premier in Jan 14 (good till Dec 15).
    My balance is down to about 10,000 points left and I would like to go one several more trips with my daughter before Dec. 15.
    I have 3 questions:
    What is the best way to add more points to my account? Should I apply for a business card now (for more points)? If I want to get the companion pass again, when should I close the cards I currently have and how long before you can apply again?

    Thanks much,

    • If you just want more Southwest points, get the Ink Plus or Sapphire Preferred and transfer those points over to your Southwest account.

  3. The offer for 50000 RR points has officially ended and has been reduced to 25k. I have an offer sent to me from Southwest for 50k. Can be shared with friends and family. It is for the Southwest Airlines Plus Credit Card. You will get the 50000 bonus points. The annual fee is $69. There is no blackout dates and you can use the points to book someone else flight if you like. This offer is good till Sept 30, 2014. Please email me at

    and I will email you the offer.

  4. I’m so excited, I feel like Christmas is here! The Southwest Companion Pass is going to get my family of 4 to so many places. Do you know how long this offer is running for? I’m thinking about waiting a few days to apply in order to give myself a few more days in January to meet the spending requirement. Thanks!

  5. I called SW a couple of weeks ago specifically asking about the requirements to get the CP. They told me that hotel transfers no longer can be used to earn the pass. I don’t know if the Hyatt trip will work…

  6. Couldn’t you meet your spending requirement on these cards by purchasing $2,000 each through the Rapid Rewards shopping site at merchants that give at least 2 points per dollar? So $2,000 x 3 points per dollar (1 on the credit card and 2 for the merchant) = 6,000 points x 2 cards = 12,000 points plus 100,000 points signup bonus = 112,000 points + CP. Or do the merchant points not count towards the companion pass?

    • Mike, Has anyone confirmed that all points offered in the rapid rewards mall count? I have not had any points post yet, but christmas shopped through the portal at sears 8x/$1, at 20/$1, etc. I am desperately waiting to see if all those extra points count towards the companion pass. Otherwise, I have to go to plan B to finish up 2 companion passes ( my husband and I) in the next couple weeks.

      Please let me know if you have experienced all points/$1 counting towards the pass on the shopping portal.

  7. Hi Scott, I already have both the personal and the business in the other version and the companion pass thru the end of this year. I really want to get the cp again. Is it possible while having the other two or should I cancel them first? If I need to cancel them, how long do I need to wait to apply for the others? Thanks for your time!

    • There’s no reason to hold all four cards, so if you plan to get two more, you might as well cancel the first two.

      That said, I believe you could hold all four at once.

  8. Does anyone know.. Can I sign up for these cards in my name and attach to my wife’s southwest account instead of my own? I’d rather have the companion pass be in her name (but the cards in mine)

    • The call up number for the business application in the FlyerTalk thread has been confirmed. Check there.

      • I applied for a Business Card without having to register my business ahead of time. I did in December using my own SSN and Name to do so. Chase called to ask what kind of business it was and I just informed them I consult in IT. You should choose an area you are comfortable consulting in. There’s no reason to make this up. I received my 100k bonus points after the statements closed and the date reached the payment due date for each statement even though I paid early in hopes of obtaining my points early.

        “If you don’t have a tax ID number you can apply for a business card using your social security number, just as you would for a personal card. You can list your name as the business name. No big deal, and it’s totally honest.”

        Thank you Scott for all your advice!

  9. I have a CP through 12/31/2014. Would like to get a new CP going forward. My wife and I have the non-Premier card. Can we get the 50,000 miles if we apply for the Premier card or must we cancel our existing non- Premier cards first? FYI Chase/SW is offering 6000 Anniversary points if we upgrade to the Premier Card

    • Do not upgrade. That would stop you from getting the bonus on the Premier. I don’t know whether you can get the Premier at the same time as you have the Plus open. Why not just close the Plus? No point in having both open.

  10. I applied for both personal cards on 11/7 and was instantly approved on both. Have 5 other chase cards open.

  11. is the additional 3k miles at anniversary worth the $30 diff in annual fee when comparing the premier to the plus?

    • Yes, but don’t forget you also pay an extra $30 in year one for no extra bonus. I would ordinarily get the Plus with $69 annual fee.

  12. I blew it on this one – approved for the personal but not the business. 3 re considerations later and no way its happening.

    Not sure if I am dead in the water or do I reapply in 3mo? Should I apply for the other version of the personal since that was a breeze? Or do I stick with the business….?

    • Same thing here. Declined on the business card because I put some $10,000 on my credit cards … for my business. They told me it was too high of a balance despite it getting paid off every month. I’m going to have them reeval next week after I pay off the balances, but if it doesn’t work I’ma just wait until Feb and sign up for the other personal card. Even if it’s only 25k points when I sign up, I’ll manage to spend the $35k.

      • Can I ask why? Seems like 200k extra miles would be better than 100k, but perhaps there’s something I don’t know?

        • There’s no need to get them all at once and pay all the annual fees at once. There are better cards to get once you have the companion pass, and then you can get the other Southwest cards when you run low on points.

  13. Applied for both personals via your link. Finished applying for Plus and went to “Pending Approval. Wait 7-10 business days”. Then filled out a Premier app and got approved right away. Called next day to ask about the Plus and said they never received the application. Am I screwed since I didn’t get both cards on same day? Also, the rep stated you can’t get both Premier and Plus for personal cards but I told her I’ve read in numerous forums with success on that front…so I called her out and she got defensive.

    Any thoughts or suggestions? Should I apply for the Plus again? Don’t want too many hits on my credit report…

    • I don’t know what to do, and I don’t want to steer you wrong. Maybe ask in the FlyerTalk thread related to these cards.

      • So I was able to go ahead and apply for the personal Plus and was approved. However, my Premier and Plus were not approved on the same days. Will this cause an issue with the 50k bonuses?

  14. I applied for two Southwest cards at the same time as suggested and got approved. I also have 10k in spending for Dec. 2014. If I don’t pay the bill until Jan. 2015, will the points post in 2015. Will I get a companion pass for 2015 & 2016?

    • The points will post when the statement closes. So if you purchased something 12/1 and a statement closes 12/15, you’ll get the points in December. If you purchase 12/16, and the statement closed 12/15, so the next one is 1/15, you’ll get the points in January 2015.

          • I just received my 2 cards in the mail today. My statement closing date is not listed online (I could probably call to find out). Next payment is due 1/26/2015, am I in the clear to make any purchases now (12/9/2014)?

            If I’m not okay, can I just pay the minimum and wait until my second statement to complete payments? I think that may still be worth it if I could earn a companion pass for the rest of 2015 and 2016.

          • Points actually posted for me on the date payments were due. Received my companion pass. Thanks Scott!

  15. Just got two of these. The first Payment Due Date is in mid-Janary for both. For Companion Pass Miles – should I wait until January to meet my minimums? Or is it fine to meet my minimums now since the due date isn’t until January? thanks, Keith

    • NOT payment due date, STATEMENT CLOSE date (which is like 25 days before payment due date) is what matters. You want to meet spending requirement on January 2015 statement or later. Don’t mess this up or it will cost you the companion pass.

  16. Reply from Chase about statement close:

    “Your Southwest Airlines account’s statement closing date
    falls on the 22nd of the month and the payment due date on
    the 19th of the following month. ”

    So starting 23rd December I can use the card and miles will apply to 2015, right?

    And for the Companion Pass, do you cash in those 110,000 miles for the pass? Or is it just a perk for acquiring that many miles?

    • Yes, you can start spending December 23. You do not cash in the miles. It is just a perk. That’s why the plan is worth more than $3k. The 110k miles are worth more than $1,500 and the companion pass doubles that.

      • I’m reading through your PowerPoint now, and noticed the disclaimer on what DOESN’T count toward miles. I asked the CSR if SWA gift cards earned miles for me if purchased with the card. They thought they would. Not 100% sure that’s the case after reading the disclaimer on page 32 of your PP. thanks

        • I don’t think page 32 addresses that. If she says they count, they should count. I mean all credit card points count.

  17. Is this 110k miles to earn a companion pass always offered by SW? It will benefit me more earning it next year, but I will earn it this year if it is only randomly offered.

    • Yes, this is “always” offered, but Southwest could stop counting the bonuses from credit cards toward the 110k limit at any time. Frankly I’m surprised they haven’t already.

      If you earn this now, it is valid next year. (If you earn it next year, it is also valid in 2017.)

  18. I did the transfer from Ultimate Rewards to Hyatt and from Hyatt to Rapid Rewards. My Hyatt points posted to my Rapid Rewards account, but they are NOT posted as companion pass qualifying. It looks like I just wasted Ultimate Rewards points!
    Has anyone else had this happen?

  19. My husband and I have taken advantage of CP status for the past 2 years with our family of 5 and it’s been an invaluable way for us to travel. In 12/14, we both applied for personal and business premier accounts (we canceled our “Plus” accounts nearly a year prior) and I was approved for both (I own a business) but my husband for the personal only. He is a financial advisor for Wells Fargo and he also manages two branch offices. Chase told him that they are a “competing bank” and therefore it was a conflict of interest to approve his account. He explained that he will use the account to track his business expenses for client appreciation events, branch management expenses, travel, etc., but after 3 different phone calls, the answer was still “no” because of the “conflict of interest.”

    We’d like to reapply but we think maybe the way we filled out the application was part of the problem. We put the name of his business as “Wells Fargo Advisors,” (because that was how he was approved for the “Plus” business account 2 or so years ago), but I’m thinking maybe we should apply for him as a sole proprietor and list the category of business as “Administrative” with the type as “Office Administrative Services.” (the application requires you choose from a pull down menu for both “category” and “type” of business). Would you concur that those are wise choices in an effort to get him approved this time? He was approved for the first round of SW cards under the same exact job (and we even put Wells Fargo as the business name on the application at that time), so I feel like this was a misunderstanding with semantics more than anything. We’re not trying to be unethical and he truly does need a business card to track his expenses. I imagine his approval will require a call to convince them all this is legit, and I don’t want that call to squelch the deal either. It is fair for him to just try and keep his statements simple and rather generic, stating he’s a financial advisor but not telling them who he works for unless they ask? Any advice or input you might have is greatly appreciated! We love your blog and have even used your travel service to book a flight with a complicated itinerary–thank you for all that you do!

  20. I applied for the personal plus and business today. Approved on the personal plus and denied on the biz even after 3 calls to recon.. Should I apply for the personal premier now or do I have to wait 90 days?

  21. I’m very new to this and completely confused. Can someone help me with a few questions:
    I just got approved for the $99 Southwest card and included my husband as an authorized user.

    1. Do I need to sign up for rapid rewards account to start earning/accept the 50,000 I will receive for spending $2K in the first 90 days?
    2. If my husband opened his own card and added me as an authorized user, could he transfer his SW points to my card so I’d have 100,000 (rather than both being in my primary name?)
    3. If my husband has Marriott points in his name, can he transfer to my card (on which he is authorized user)?

    I’m the traveler so ultimately we want the $99 card to get the points.
    Thank you!

    • 1. If you didn’t have an account. They created one for you. You need to figure out its number by asking Chase and take control of the account.
      2. No. 110k earned by one Rapid Rewards account.
      3. You cannot transfer points “to a card.” He can transfer Marriott points to Rapid Rewards. I don’t know if he can transfer them to your Rapid Rewards account.

      You can use anyone’s Rapid Rewards to book anyone else a free Southwest ticket, so don’t worry whose account they are in. Just worry about getting 110k points earned by one account if you want a companion pass.

      • Thank you! Seems many get 2 southwest cards to get 100,000 points so the two cards comprise one rapid rewards account?

  22. I got approved for the Southwest Premier card in January 2015. My husband and I put $2,000 on it in the first month, earning us the 50,000 bonus points. I called Chase/Southwest today to set up a second account for the Plus card (currently running a 50,000 bonus point offer) and they said I would not be eligible for the 50,000 bonus points since I already have a Southwest card connected to my Rapid Rewards account. Does that mean they closed this loophole? We were really hoping to get a Companion Pass this year.

      • Yes, I think I would be approved, but I don’t think I’ll be eligible for the 50,000 bonus points on the second card. That is my concern. I don’t want to get a new card and put purchases on it if we don’t get the bonus points. I’m wondering if anyone else has run into this issue if they didn’t apply for both cards at the same time.

        • Hi Chelsea,

          I had a Chase rep tell me the same thing but I went ahead and applied for the card anyway with the hope that she was giving me inaccurate info and sure enough the 50k points just posted to my account. I applied for Chase Plus on 11/7 and the Premier card on 11/19.


          • How long did it take your bonus points to post? My husband received the 2,010 points for spending but the 50,000 have not posted.

  23. I just signed up today for the premier and got approved. Is it important to apply for the plus today as well? BTW I was told the same thing that if I open both I will only get the one 50k bonus.

    • One benefit I noticed from getting both cards in one day is that it looks they only pulled my credit once. I haven’t had enough time to see if you get both bonuses, but I haven’t heard of anyone not getting both. I have the personal plus and personal premier.

  24. Fun how this promotion has come and gone, come and gone, for several years…. (and yet this post and discussion remains quite helpful) Two quick questions: 1. Have you seen any indications for when THIS round of the 50K offers will end? Application web sites remind us “limited time offer.”

    2. We’ve been holding off applying for the business card (operated as sole proprietorship under SS #) until it’s been the 91 days since we got the personal premier…. Does the 90 wait rule guidance apply to chase and business cards?

  25. […] If you have a regular companion and want to fly within the continental United States, Caribbean, and Mexico, the Southwest Companion Pass is the best deal in travel. The Southwest Companion Pass allows you to designate a companion who flies for government taxes ($5.60 domestically) every time you fly Southwest–whether your ticket is a paid ticket or award ticket. (More info on Companion Pass. How to earn the Companion Pass for up to 23 months from opening two credit cards.) […]

  26. Hi Scott – Thanks for your website. I currently have both personal and business Chase southwest cards. Since I’d like to go for the companion pass again – would you recommend closing my existing accounts, waiting x amount of time (any recommendations would be appreciated), and, then applying for another round of southwest cards? Or, do you recommend I keep current cards open, and just reapply? Thank you.

    • Cancel them. You can re-apply and get the bonus as long as 24 months have elapsed since you last got the bonus on Chase cards.

  27. I got my companion pass in Dec 2013, and it will expire at the end of this year….is there any way to maintain that pass going forward, or do you have to start over?

  28. Hi,

    How long after one earns the 110k miles does one receive the companion pass and can start using it?


  29. I currently have some referrals left for the Premier card to get 50,000 bonus points if you spend $2,000 in the first 3 months. Email me at if you are interested, and I will send you a referral link.


  30. I currently have some referrals left for the Premier card to get 50,000 bonus points if you spend $2,000 in the first 3 months. Email me at if you are interested and I will send you a referral link.



  31. I just applied and was approved for the Rapids Rewards Premier card. My fiancé has one too. I used his RR# when I applied because we always book with his. Will we still get the bonus points after we complete the required spending? If not, can I contact Chase to attach a new RR# in my name so I at least get the 50,000 points and $100 account credit that was in the deal?


  32. Just stumbled across this site. Wonderful news! Thank you so much! Question please:

    So, this deal is only good for the rest of 2015 through 2016 and I would have to wait until next January 2016 for it to go through 2016 and 2017, correct? That really stinks that it’s not for two years from either the day you apply or the day you qualify for the companion pass or points.

    Also, why wouldn’t a husband/wife alternate every 24 months? Like I would keep my 2 cards open for 24 months and then close them for 2 years while my husband applied and did the same thing for 24 months. Make sense? Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you!


    • They want to give it to you for the next year (ie 12 months) and we get it for close to 24. Reframe it that way, and you won’t be so disappointed.

      Yes, the spouse thing is a common thing people do.

    • My husband and I both got two cards and earned two companion passes. Now both of our kids fly for free. I guess it just depends on your goal.

      • Did you do this recently? I’m trying to figure out whether my fiancé can get the second personal credit card and still receive the 50,000 point bonus as he had gotten the premier card in February. There is a clause in the offer that says you cannot get a bonus again if you have already received one in the last 24 months. I wasn’t sure if that was per card or per person. Any help on this would be great!


        • Alison,
          We each applied for both personal cards in one day. Three were approved immediately and one of mine said I would receive a letter in the mail. When it came it said it was approved also. I also applied for a choice hotels credit card. I had to stay in a choice hotel one night and charge it to the chard and it gave me the points I needed to transfer to southwest and have the companion pass. For my husband we did a couple of things. We bought some miles with my choice points and had them go into his account. We stayed at the Marriott a few times and we bought some choice points and transferred them. We applied…I think in February. We earned the companion passes the first week of April, and used them before they even came in the mail.

        • I guess I didn’t specifically answer your question. I believe that it is one bonus for each card type every 24 months.

  33. Does anyone have a referral link for 50K bonus points on a business card? I think I only saw links for personal ones. Thanks!

  34. Got declined for business card today. Should I call to get it reconsidered after paying balance or just wait for someone to post a link for it? I just got a personal card about 2-3 weeks ago and applied 4/24/2015 after seeing the 60K offer for the business card deal going on. But unfortunately got declined for too low revenue and not having much of a report with Chase.


      • So I just applied for the personal card (is that a premier card?) It said it needed more information and would send me a letter. So I hope I am approved. We did just discharge a chapter 13 BK in January so I am hoping I can be approved, even for a little something on a card. Should I wait to hear from them 10-30 days to see if I’m approved before applying for the biz card? When I go to apply for the biz card, where can I find a 50K (or 60K?) points link? Anyone have one? Please let me know. Thank you so much! Natalie

      • Yeah, last day for application was 4/27/2015. I got an email with an invitation code for the premier personal card 50k + $100 statement credit and looked around and found that they were offering the 60k for the business card. Know of any other 50k offer for personal plus or should I reapply for business card after paying my balance or after having my first statement go through????

  35. I have 9 free referrals available for the Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Credit Card for the 50,000 mile offer.


    50,000 bonus miles
    $99.00 annual fee
    6,000 anniversary miles
    Must spend $2,000 within first 3 months.

    Email me at and I will send an email link.


  36. How long does it typically take for the bonus points to credit to your account? I opened up a card at the beginning of May and have already spent the requisite $2,000. I’m just wondering when the points will show up. Thank you in advance for your response!

    • I got a personal premier on April 14 or 16, spent the amount needed for bonus. Online it says statement due in June. Points got posted in May 9 statement. so probably for you beginning of June

  37. How long does it typically take for the bonus points to credit to your account? I opened up the Plus card at the beginning of May and have already spent the requisite $2,000. I’m wondering when the points will show up in my account. Thanks in advance for your response!

  38. Sorry for the double post there. A follow up question and I apologize if it’s dumb but where can I check to see when the next statement closes if I just opened up the account? I see “next payment date” but nothing about statement date. Thanks again for your help!

    • Under both “Last statement date” and “Next closing date” it says Not Available. That’s what I want to figure out.

      • I got a personal premier on April 14 or 16, spent the amount needed for bonus. Online it says statement due in June. Points got posted in May 9 statement. so probably for you beginning of June

  39. If I reach the 110,000 point level next January, would that give me the companion pass for all of 2016 and 2017? Or, do all of the points toward the companion pass have to be earned between January and December of the same year?


  40. Do points for receiving the companion pass have to be earned between January and December of the SAME year? Or, could I earn points and finish to reach 110,000 in January pf 2016 to have almost 2 full years of the pass?


  41. Hi there,

    I opened a Chase Sapphired Preferred card about 1.5 months ago and will be getting the 40k bonus pooints in addition to 10-15k points from spending. I plan on transferring them to Southwest RR-would they count towards the 110k companion pass? I would prefer to only open up one more card but making sure the Chase Sapphire points would count. Thank you!

    • THAT WILL NOT WORK. As this post says, direct transfers from Ultimate Rewards to Southwest do NOT count. Transfers from Ultimate Rewards -> Hyatt -> Southwest do count, but you lose a lot of points along the way.

    • Sure. 110,000 points. Tickets are 70 points per dollar. That’s $1,571 in free flights. Companions pass doubles that.

  42. I have 10 referrals available for the Southwest PLus Credit Card offer with the 50000 Bonus points.

    Annual fee is $69
    Anniversary points 3000
    You must spend $2000 in 3 months to qualify

    Email me and I will send you the referral

  43. So I got companion status today! Super easy using both the Plus and Premier personal cards. Now that I have it how do I go about purchasing flights for me and my companion? I set my companion already but using the Southwest app I’m not seeing any option to include my companion. Do I have to use a desktop to book? Please help!

    • I already have the premier (got it several months ago) and want to apply for the Plus 50k offer to get the companion pass. Is this what you did? Are they still considered two separate products?

  44. Rachel,

    That’s exactly what I did – got the Premier card first then the Plus. I thought it was going to be too easy and too good to be true but I got companion status last week and am actually already using it. So apply for the Plus and then you should get companion status pretty soon afterwards and start reaping the benefits. Cheers!

  45. I have referrals for the 50K bonus when you get a Southwest Airlines Plus Credit Card.


    You have to spend $2000 in 3 months.
    You receive 3000 bonus points on your CC anniversary

    This offer was sent to me to hand out to my friends and family.
    If you want to be my friend and use this offer
    Email me at

    Offer expires 09/30/2015

  46. My husband recently applied and received then Southwest Premier card with the 50k point offer. We should receive those on 7/23 as that is the close date of our $2,000 spending. We’ve had the card about a month. We were planning to use those once we had them for flights in September.

    If we want to try to take advantage of this offer to get the companion pass what is out best method to go about it? He does not have a business although he does detail cars on the side so could he us his ssn and say he owns a car detailing business?
    Would we need to use one of the referrals people are offering on here for him to apply for the plus and get 50k?
    Any advice and help would be much appreciated!

  47. I’ve had a SW plus card for more than 3 years. I will cancel this card. Then I will apply for the Premier & reapply for the Plus to get 2x 50K points.

    When i apply for the Premier & Plus do i tell them to link it to the Rapid Rewards I currently have (has 80000 pts) or should i get a new RR account? Does it matter?

  48. My husband recently applied and received the Southwest Premier card with the 50k point offer. We should receive those on 7/23 as that is the close date of our $2,000 spending. We’ve had the card about a month. We were planning to use those once we had them for flights in September. Do you have to have all 110,000 points at once in your account or is it just that you have to accrue that many in the calendar year?

    If we want to try to take advantage of this offer to get the companion pass what is out best method to go about it? He does not have a business although he does detail cars on the side so could he us his ssn and say he owns a car detailing business?
    Would got a referral from someone for the plus card w to apply on the phone for 50k points, will that work?
    Any advice and help would be much appreciated!

    • you just need to accrue the 110,000 points

      I would suggest searching for referrals for the personal plus card and getting that one too if possible, then buy an american express gift card with the personal plus card through a cashback portal and use the card to pay for anything (bills, gifts, etc.) to reach the minimum spending needed

      • Thank you so much for your comments! He did get a referral from someone for the plus but you have to call in and do it. It seemed from some of the comments people thought you had to do it online to get the 50k points for the second card. Hopefully that’s not the case!

        Love your idea about the gift card!

  49. I have referrals for the 50K bonus when you get a Southwest Airlines Plus Credit Card.
    Annual fee is $69
    To qualify you need to spend $2000 in 3 months
    These are Companion Pass qualifying points
    No blackout dates
    These points can be used to book someone elses flight

    If you would like a referral please email me at

    Thanks and have a great day

  50. I’m a companion pass holder and it is a great deal, but I wanted to share the actual cost structure:

    The cost is $5.60 per flight segment and it is listed on the receipt as “September 11th Security Fee”

    Examples: If you fly direct BWI to BUF, the cost will be $5.60; however, if you fly DCA to MDW and then MDW to BUF, you pay $11.20

    If you fly international you pay approximately $70-90 per companion flight to cover taxes, tourism and other international fees.

    Hope this helped anyone looking for specific details!

  51. Hey, I applied for the SW card on Friday. I have not received my card in the mail yet. The offer wasn’t going on yet on Friday. I just received an email for the 50k offer from southwest. Since I haven’t received my card yet, do you think I can be eligible for the 50k miles instead of the 25k? I will call them and ask as well.

  52. Hi,
    I have the personal Chase Southwest card. I have about a 25,000 point deficit to hit companionship status. I am about to apply for the business card for 50,000 points. I’m hoping someone can clarify– I see the 50,000 points are “Bonus Points” — I read elsewhere that bonus points do not go towards companionship status. Can someone please clarify? If I open the business card– will the points go towards Companion Status?

    • Clarify? This post very clearly addresses the issue. They have counted for years. Unless that changes today, you are good.

  53. Hi Scott,

    Would it make sense to wait until the very last day this offer is available (say, mid to late September) and strategically complete the required spend in such a way that the points post in January 2016? that way, I’d receive MUCH more value in that I would have the companion pass for almost two complete years (until the end of 2017)? It makes more sense to me than getting both cards right now and only having 2-3 months of use for 2015. Is it too much of a gamble, you think?

  54. How often does Southwest offer this 50K bonus?
    Does their offer lasts for months or weeks because there’s no expiration date shown on Chase’s website?
    The reason I ask is that I have applied for 3 personal and 1 business credit cards during the past 30 days.

  55. If i were to open a card to earn the bonus and transfer points from Chase Ultimate Rewards the round about way to count toward companion pass, would I be able to complete the required remaining balance to reach 110,000 after the first of the year to obtain a companion pass?

  56. Should I theoretically wait until the next round of time for when they offer this card so I can hit the minimum spends ideally by early Jan 2016. If I hit it in early 2016 (full 110,000 points) would I get the companion pass until end of year 2018?

    If I got both of the cards now in three months I would make the 110,000 points by December 2015, and then only be able to use the companion pass for 2015 and then all of 2016 correct?

    • Maybe waiting is best, but I’m surprised this deal has lasted so long, and I could see it ending at any time. (Southwest would stop counting credit card sign up bonuses toward the Companion Pass is what I mean by “ending.”) If you’re comfortable risking the end of the deal, the next 50k bonus will probably be in late 2015 and you can time it to get the Companion Pass from 1/2017 to 12/2018.

    • If you hit the minimum spend by Jan 2016, wouldn’t the companion pass be valid for the rest of 2016 and all of 2017? You were asking if it would be good “until end of year 2018”. I believe you mean 2017?

  57. I have just spoken with two different southwest card representatives. They confirm that the premier personal and business have the 50,000 bonus points each. However, they are saying that they are not tier points and cannot be used for the companion pass. Please advise as this was the reason I was applying

    • They have counted as tier points for years. That could change at any time. I think the reps are wrong because I have seen no reports that it has changed.

    • My husband and I both earned the companion pass earlier this year by signing up for the credit cards. Now our kids both fly for free. The points did not count as tier points, but they did count as companion pass points, which are different. When we applied the offer sounded as though they would not count towards companion points but I trusted the people on this site and went for it. I am glad that I did. I would suggest to try it and see. What is the worst that could happen? You have 100,000 southwest points.

  58. I applied and got approved for this card last week before I came across this site. .is it too late to apply for the business card? What if the business is new, less than 1 year old, is there a chance for approval?

  59. I applied for both the business and personal card today. The personal card was approved immediately, but the email for the business card said that they would let me know in the next 30 days. What should I do now?

  60. I called to speak with Chase to verify my bonus, they confirmed however they said it must be spent within the 3 months from date of opening. So since I opened my account Sept 30th I have until Dec 30th to get the points. However my closing date will be a week later into January. Have you heard of them keeping tabs this closely? Or like your article says as long as I meet my 2k by closing date I should be fine?

    • First of all, I think Chase offers like 103 days from account opening or some such specific number of days that is longer than 90. Second of all, I’m not sure your last sentence accurately sums up this post. But if you meet the spending requirement and that facts posts on the January statement, you’re golden.

  61. OK- i’m starting to get worried. I just got the biz card and my statement date is the 3rd of the month (i also applied this week for the personal, was approved 10/6, but haven’t rec’d yet). I just went online to change my statement date and it will not let me. Jan 3 is my 3 month anniversary and that is a Sunday. I’m worried about the timing of hitting the $2000 min spend and having the 50K bonus points post after that January 3 statement. Any advice??

    • The exact advice in this post: meet the requirement some time after your December statement closes, and you’ll be fine.

    • Ed-how were you able to get approved for both the biz and personal? I got approved for the personal but unfortunately got denied for the biz bc my business was too new and didn’t generate enough income. I called the reconsideration line and was still denied-majorly bummed. 🙁

      • thanks Scott- i now realized i overreacted when told i couldn’t move my date! i just freaked when the closing date fell so early in the month and on a sunday no less (for my 3rd month) of course forgetting the obvious that i’ll have nearly the month of December still to charge!

        Isabel – i do have my own business– since 1996, an S-Corp. Sorry yuo didn’t get it

  62. For anyone that needs the Southwest Visa Personal Plus card with the 50K sign up bonus to get your Companion pass or just wants the Plus card.

    It is a $69 annual fee
    Spend $2000 in 3 months
    3000 anniversary bonus

    Please email if you want the offer

    Thanks and have a great day

  63. I am applying for the personal and business card now. As a rapid rewards member, I have almost 11,000 points in my account right now. The offer I received from Southwest says that after I get the card, and spend the $2000 I will have 61,000 points. So, assuming I spend the $2,000 in each account within 3 months, I will be over the 110,000 needed, correct? These rapid rewards points of 11,000 count towards the companion points?

    • The post says that you need to EARN 110k points in a CALENDAR YEAR. Those 11k points definitely don’t count toward the 2016 year for obvious reasons. They may count toward 2015 year, but you aren’t trying to earn the companion pass in 2015.

  64. Do you have any tips for reaching the companion pass status for people who don’t have a business and therefore can’t open a business card? Thanks!

    • Caitlin – i have a referral for premier card with 50,000 points after $2000 in spend in 3 months if that’d help. let me know if you would like the referral

  65. My points for one credit card hit on Dec 31, 2015, and the other wont hit until 2016. i’m a moron. Any ideas if there is a way to fix that? or do i just have to accept that i screwed it up

  66. If anyone is interested in signing up for the Southwest Premier Card with a 50,000 point bonus you should hit me up for a referral! Chase right now is only offering the 25,000 point bonus.

    If you send me an email ( with your first name, I will get a referral sent to you! The offer is for 50,000 points once you spend $2000 within the first 3 months! And I will get 5,000 points just for you signing up through my referral!
    You might be able to find the offer on your own, but why not get the same offer and help someone else out? 🙂

    Help me get that Companion Pass!!!

  67. I have invites for the 50,000 bonus points for the Chase Southwest PREMIER credit card. Please email me at mari. king. 55@gmail. com (no spaces obviously, trying to avoid spam). Once you email me I’ll send you an invite via email. Now that I’ve sent a few I’ve received feedback that it can take up to 7 days to receive the invite link, so don’t panic if you don’t receive it right away. Don’t forget to check your junk mail!

  68. This may have already been answered, but do points earned from referring a friend to the card (usually 5,000 points) count toward the companion pass?

  69. You can only get this bonus if you haven’t received it in the past 24 months, does anyone know how precise they are with that? I received the bonus in January 2014 (24 months ago, but early in the month). Technically I am over 24 months, but only by a week or so. Or is it based on when you receive the bonus? Cause if I do it now, I won’t get the bonus till Feb/March.

  70. Do payments made through paypal also count toward the companion pass? There is an online retailer whos transactions are all through paypal and I want to make sure these would count toward my minimum spending requirement

  71. Has anyone had a problem with being denied for either of the cards? I was approved for the business card bit not the personal recently and they are rerunning the application. The girl on the phone was extremely nice and helpful. She said she will lower the credit line requested on it and add my spouses income to the application in hopes of getting it approved this time. I was told that it was most likely denied the first time since I applied for both in the same day so just a heads up to anyone else looking to apply for both. I’d wait a couple days before applying for the second. The letter I received said I had too many cards open with Chase. This would only make 3 if all were approved. We will see what happens this time. If it does not go through, I am not sure how else to get the 50K points into southwest. Maybe another card and transfers coupled with my current UR points? Any Thoughts?

    • I applied for both cards on the same day in early Dec 2015. The 1st one, business card, was approved instantly. The 2nd personal card was held for “further review”… About 7-10 days later, a woman called asking why did I apply for 2 new Chase cards when I already have 3 other ones (Freedom, United Mileage Plus, and Amazon). I told her honestly that I usually apply when I see a good promotion. She laughed and said that I’ve already reached the Chase credit limit for an individual (must be income based since my total credit limit on the 4 cards was only around $50K) and she can only approve my 2nd card if I’m willing to transfer some of the limit from another Chase card. I agreed and she approved it. I just got my companion pass thanks to this awesome tip!

  72. I have PREMIER card referrals that I can email to you IMMEDIATELY. It would be greatly appreciated as it is actually for my friend who just needs a few thousand more points to get the companion pass!

    Email me at Thanks!!

  73. Here’s the easiest way to get the SW companion pass. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at steven.t.hutcheson at

    Southwest Premier Credit Card — Earn 50,000 points after $2,000 spend in three months. $69 annual fee.

    1. Call 1-877-275-3872 and apply by September 30, 2016
    2. Tell us who referred you: Steven Hutcheson
    3. Referrer’s Rapid Rewards #: 20533040780
    4. Referrer’s Zip Code: 20001

    Southwest Plus Credit Card — Earn 50,000 points after $2,000 spend in three months. $99 annual fee.

    1. Call 1-877-520-6934 and apply by September 30, 2016
    2. Tell us who referred you: Steven Hutcheson
    3. Referrer’s Rapid Rewards #: 20533040780
    4. Referrer’s Zip Code: 20001

  74. I have referrals for both the Chase Southwest Premier and Plus Visa Credit Card.

    Southwest Premier Visa Credit Card- (individual card / non-business)
    Bonus: 50,000 rapid rewards points after spending $2000 in 3 months. $99 Annual Fee.

    Southwest Plus Visa Credit Card- (individual card / non-business)
    Bonus: 50,000 rapid rewards points after spending $2000 in 3 months. $69 Annual Fee.

    Send me first name and email address to adrpibgal at gmail and I will send referral.

    Great for earning companion pass!

    Offer I believe ends September 30, 2016.

  75. I also have referrals for Southwest Premier and Plus cards, each gives 50K Bonus Points after $2k spent in 3 months. All I need is your first name and email address and Chase will send you the offer.

  76. I have referrals for both the Southwest Plus and the Southwest Premier card. Both of these come with a 50,000 point sign up bonus after hitting the $2000 minimum spend. This is an easy way to get the Southwest companion pass and after hitting the minimum spend on both cards you will have 104,000 of the 110,000 points needed. The current offer at Southwest is 40,000 points per card. Without the referral you would be missing out on an additional 20,000 points which will make it that much harder to get the companion pass.

    Here is the link for the Southwest Plus:

    And this is the link for the Southwest Premier:

    Yes I will get a referral bonus if you use my link. If you time it out right and have the points post to your account in January, you can have the companion pass for nearly 2 years. If you like to travel on the cheap, there is no better way to do it.


  77. I have both SW Premier and Plus credit cards with 50K bonus. I would greatly appreciated if you could apply through my referral link(s) to help me earn my companion pass. Thanks in advance!

    Earn 50,000 bonus points with the Southwest Rapid Rewards® Plus Credit Card.

    Earn 50,000 bonus points with the Southwest Rapid Rewards® Premier Credit Card.

  78. I’ve referral links for both SW Plus and Premier credit cards. It’s greatly appreciated for using my referral links below. Thank you!

    Earn 50,000 bonus points with the Southwest Rapid Rewards® Plus Credit Card.

    Earn 50,000 bonus points with the Southwest Rapid Rewards® Premier Credit Card.

  79. I have referrals for Southwest Premier and Plus cards, each gives 50K Bonus Points after $2k spent in 3 months. All I need is your first name and email address and what card or both. Chase will send you the offer.

  80. I had companion status which unfortunately expired at the end of 2016. I had both premier and plus cards where I got the 50k bonus in March and May of 2015. That leads to three questions:

    1. Given the bonus is only valid once every 24 months how have people been able to optimize when and how they get the bonus again?

    2. Has anyone used their own referral links to refer themselves and get bonus points (i.e. close old cards that have links tied to them and open up new cards in order to get new 50k bonus)?

    3. Has anyone here ever closed/cancelled their old Southwest cards and gotten new ones for bonus?

    • I can’t personally comment with data points as I’ve never had the Southwest cards nor the Companion Pass. But, as for technicalities and Chase’s rules that I’m drawing from others’ experiences, you can’t get the bonus on a Chase card you’ve already had again unless A) that card has been closed, and B) you wait at least 24 months to apply again after you originally received the bonus on the card (not when you opened it).

    • I am on my second time around on getting both the bonuses and the companion pass, just make sure you close the cards and don’t qualify for the bonuses prior to 24 months. I think the last time I qualified for the card bonus about 1 month (25 months) later then the first time. I assume when you actually apply for the cards doesn’t matter, just the qualification.

      • thanks Marlin and Sarah- to clarify- are you both saying the same thing? By “qualification” Marlin, do you mean when you were approved for the card or when your points posted? I was approved October 2015 for both the Chase Personal and Business. I earned my 100,000 and subsequent 10K in early January 2016 and have had the Companion Pass since then. So do I close my two Chase cards this fall and reapply in October (after 2 years from opening) or do i reapply in January 2018 – 2 years after getting the bonus points and Companion Pass?
        thank you for clarifying!

        • When you apply for the cards does matter if you want to be eligible for their bonuses, which you do as it is those points that earn you the companion pass. So the answer to your question is January 2018… 2 years after getting the bonus points is when you’d want to apply again. Of course, this is all assuming nothing changes before then. You’ll want to check back in then on the status of the Companion Pass, how to qualify for it, and Chase sign up bonus approval rules.

        • My first time around I was approved for the cards in November 2013, I then qualified for the pass (bonus points + additional points I needed) in January of 2014 (so then my pass expired at the end of 2015). So I cancelled the cards in the fall (I think September) of 2015 and reapplied about a month later, was approved and then got all my qualifying points posted in February of 2016.

          • Marlin – so you received your second set of points just a month after your 2 year anniversary of receiving your first set of points (Jan ’14 v Feb ’16, but applied prior to the 2 year anniversary of receiving the second set of points. Applying about October 2015. i have that correct? so it’s not so much the dates of applying but the dates of receiving the bonus points. and those dates- receiving the bonus points – need to be 24 months apart – minimum, correct?

  81. Hi Scott. Wondering what happens if one charges their Southwest flight on their Amex plat Biz card (selected airline is SW), then when the charges posts, pay with MR points and get 50% points back. Then days, weeks, or months later cancel the SW flights. 1. One ends up with a cash balance with SW, since SW does not refund paid flights? What is the expected sequence of events once the flight on is cancelled. 2. What happens with the amex MR points? get them back? as if nothing happened? Can you please discuss the pros and cons of using Amex plat biz card for sw flights to get 50% back (assuming we are talking about the cases where the Amex travel site does not JACK up the MR points needed for the flight way beyond what SW asks for it)?
    Thanks in advance for your response.

  82. Do “anniversary” bonus points (e.g. 6,000) count against your 24 month window in being able to cancel and reapply for the same card for the large, 1-time opening bonus (e.g. 50,000)? I’m wondering if it’s been 30 months since I opened the card and received the large bonus if I can now cancel and reapply for the large bonus again (even if I received the smaller anniversary bonus just 6 months ago). Thanks.

  83. Can you open two business cards (for different businesses) and get two bonuses or does that count as the “same card”?

  84. I keep getting turned down for the Southwest RR Premier, letter comes in the mail that says “This is a duplicate request”. I recently acquired the SW RR Plus. I also have a Chase Sapphire Preferrerd. Anything I can do? Appreciate your help.

  85. […] Southwest is currently offering 60,000 point sign up bonuses on its two personal credit cards and one business credit card. The personal cards each have a minimum spending requirement of $2,000 in three months; the business card requires $3,000 in three months.Get two of the three cards for a boatload of points and a Southwest Companion Pass good until the end of 2018.LEARN MORE! […]

  86. There used to be phone numbers to apply for the Plus and then a different number to apply for the Premier but I can’t find any phone numbers. Do you know what they are? Or do you have to apply online?

  87. I just noticed my email address had a missing letter so trying again. There used to be separate phone numbers for the Plus and Premier card to apply by phone. i don’t see any phone numbers now. Do you know them or do I have to apply online?

  88. Ugh, it’s close, but too early by maybe a month. hopefully this will stick around and I can complete my spending on Jan 1…

  89. Got a pass three years ago, cancelled the cards.. reapplied a few months ago and got another two cards, and my new CP showed up in the mail last week 🙂

  90. if applying for the personal & bus s/w cc, by december 2018 and we make the necessary charges before end of 2018, and hit the 110,000 southwest points credits jan/2019, does that mean we will get companion pass for 2019 & all of 2020? thanks.

  91. if we apply for personal & bus s/w cc now and rack up charges to hit 60k & 40k before end of 2018, do the points get credited jan 2019 ..? and once 110k total points hit, companion issued jan 2019.
    at that point, does companion pass for all 2019 & 2020 applied?

    trying figure out best route go before applying.

  92. I’m planning to apply for both business and personal SWA card to get the CP for 2019 and 2020. I was planning to start spending/earning in 2018 and merely tip over the 110k mark in 2019 to get my CP ASAP as you recommended.

    However, I was scouring the SWA site CP rules and found a blurb that says “only points posted to your rapid rewards account during the same calendar year are available for qualification for companion pass status”. I’m wondering if maybe their rules have changed? SWA makes it sound as though I can not start earning my 110k points until 2019 so that they all post in 2019. Please advise if you know!


    • That sentence from the terms is confusing, but it doesn’t sound right to me (at least the way you are interpreting it). I called Rapid Rewards customer service and asked, and they told me even if I opened a card and started earning points from it this year, as long as I reached the 110k mark in January of 2019 then I would get the Companion Pass for 2019 + 2020.

      • I was wrong in my last comment, my apologies.. I’ve been a bit out of it lately as I’ve been ill. The terms are right. But you CAN spend towards the bonuses now with no issue. As long as the bonus points post in 2019 (bonus points will post after your statement closes in which you met the minimum spending requirement), then they WILL count towards earning a Companion Pass for 2019 and 2020. Any points that post to your account in 2018 will not count. You should be just fine though if you’re just beginning to spend towards the bonuses now.

  93. I read the Companion Pass rules the same way that Erin does, and I just called Chase (the number on the back of the card) and spoke to Monte, and he said the points earned toward a companion pass re-set to zero on January 1 of each year. So, for example, if I earn 109,000 points through spending and bonus points in 2018 with the intention of spending an additional $1,000 in 2019 and then getting the companion pass in 2019, Monte said that would not work. He said after I spend the $1,000 in 2019, I would a total of 1,000 points in 2019 (or 2,000 points if I spend the money at Southwest) towards earning a companion pass in 2019.

    • Yes Jon you are correct. However, you 100% can open a card now and start spending on it towards the bonus, as the bonus will not post until 2019. You just have to make sure that all qualifying points post in 2019. I outlined the process of timing it correctly in this post.

  94. Do any new charges posted after the statement closing date (12/07/18) count towards 2019? For example if I spent $10,000 after 12/07/18 will those count in December 2018 or January 2019? Thank you!

    • Yep they should as long as the points earned for those charges post in 2019 (which they should as points post after your statement closes).

  95. Hi Sara
    Just to be clear, in the Issuing Banks Rules for Approvals and New Bonuses, it states: ” You are also ineligible for the bonus on a Southwest consumer card if you have earned a bonus on another consumer card in the last 24 months.” Are they referring to a bonus from another SW Air consumer card or ANY consumer card?
    Very important as I want to apply for 2-3 cards now to get the current bonuses, but won’t if that jeopardizes my getting the companion deal.


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