Southwest Companion Pass®: What You Need To Know For 2023

Spooky season has passed, and Companion Pass season is heating up!

Getting the Southwest Companion Pass is all about the timing. You don’t want to be too early or too late in order to get the best value you can.

Let’s take a deep dive and cover everything you need to know about earning the Southwest Companion Pass for 2023.

What is the Southwest Companion Pass

The Southwest Companion Pass is a buy-one-get-one-free(ish) ticket on Southwest Airlines for you and your named companion.

It’s Not Too Late To Earn The Southwest Companion Pass

Now that we’re into 2022, you might be convinced that you’ve missed out on the opportunity to earn one of the most valuable points and miles perks in the hobby—the Southwest Companion Pass. But fear not, my friends. Let’s dive into why you haven’t squandered your opportunity for heavily discounted flights for you and a buddy.

What is a Southwest Companion Pass?

The Southwest Airlines Companion Pass might be the most rewarding perk in the points and miles game. It allows you to bring a companion onboard any Southwest flight for almost free.

Southwest Launches Promotional Companion Pass Offer

The infamous 2020 is soon coming to an end (and, if you ask me, its about time!). Although we still aren’t clear what travel is going to look like for 2021 and beyond, now is the time to at least start thinking about what you would like your travel goals to look like.

If you’re like many travelers, you may not be focused on much international travel.

Southwest Companion Pass Master Thread

The bonuses on all of the personal Southwest cards are generally the same:

So if you spent $12,000 within the first year on your new personal Southwest credit card, you'd end up with at least 72,000 Rapid Rewards.

Everything You Need to Know About Chase’s New Southwest Card: 65k Bonus Ends Wednesday

The tiered 65k Rapid Rewards sig-up bonus on the Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority Card is scheduled to end this Wednesday, August 22. What it will drop to I'm not sure, but if you want the ability to earn 80,000 Rapid Rewards for spending $15,000--65k bonus, at least another 15k for non-bonused spend to unlock the bonus--then apply by Tuesday, August 21. 

Chase released a new Southwest co-branded credit card called the Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority Card.

Southwest to Hawaii News: Buy & Fly by Late Fall 2018

Southwest held a meeting in Honolulu yesterday that revealed approximate dates Southwest flights will go on sale and commence service. We also learned that Southwest will keep its awesome two free checked bags/free flight change policies for flights between Hawaii and the mainland.

Executive Vice President; Chief Revenue Officer Andy Watterson told the Beat of Hawaii that the announcement of flights will come by October at the latest, and service would "begin possibly just weeks thereafter".

Californians: Score a Companion Pass with One New Card & One Purchase

If you live in California, fly Southwest, and aren't locked out by Chase's 5/24 rule, then please take advantage of this insane offer.

California residents can open any one Southwest Rapid Rewards credit card and make one purchase with it before November 30, 2017, and they will qualify for a Companion Pass for all of 2018.

How One Man & His Wife Got $4k in Flights from a Southwest Companion Pass & You Can Too

My law school buddy, Ray, asked to write a piece about his experience getting $4,000 worth of flights for $257 with the Southwest Companion Pass. Of course, I said yes because I have never been able to personally review the best deal in travel hacking. I've added a section at the bottom about how you can get the Southwest Companion Pass today and copy what Ray and his wife have done.

How to Designate Seven Companions During the Life of Your Southwest Companion Pass

If you live at an airport served by Southwest, the Southwest Companion Pass is one of the best deals in travel. Every time you fly Southwest--whether on a cash or award ticket--your designated companion flies for free plus taxes: $5.60 one way in the United States and a little more internationally.

Here's how to open two credit cards and get the Southwest Companion Pass for almost all of 2016 and 2017.

The Southwest Companion Pass previously allowed three changes to your designation of the companion. Now you get three changes per calendar year.