1. Question. Have both Sapphire’s. What if I product changed the Preferred to a Freedom? Could I pick up another Preferred as long as all the other conditions met? What length of time must I wait to apply after product change?

    • Yes, downgrading works. How much time you need to wait seems to vary. Some data points I’ve seen say they were approved immediately after product changing, but the general consensus is one week.

  2. The total cards I have applied for in the last 24 months is 5. If one of those cards was the British Airways card, would I be denied acquiring the freedom card from Chase. My credit rating is in the 824.

    • While you can get approved for the BA Visa if your count is above 5/24, the BA Visa does count in your 5/24 total.

      Were any of the cards you applied for business cards? Business cards (except those issued by Capital One) don’t count in your 5/24 total.

  3. I got the CSP in Feb 2014. In 2016 when the Reserve came out, due to reasons I was not approved, however was able to product change from CSP to CSR. Still have the CSR today, as well as the Freedom, Freedom Unlim, and United Explorer.

    What do I need to do to obtain another Sapphire 50K bonus?  I believe I am around 1/24 right now. Cancelling the CSR seems like the only option I believe.

    • You can try downgrading to a Freedom or Freedom Unlimited. Not sure if Chase will allow you to have two of one kind, but they might via downgrade.


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