1. VERY compelling argument for getting these cards. Do these cards ever offer higher bonuses? Do you pay a fee first year?

    • I have never seen a bigger bonus for these cards. You do pay the fee the first year. I have never seen that waived either.

  2. My wife and I have recently signed up for three combined cards, so we’ll have 107k miles after meeting the spend, plus I have 160k MR I could transfer if needed. You’re right that this is a great program, I’m looking at using it to get my family of 4 to HNL next year.

    Quick question, is the 5K point savings only good for round trips? The reason I ask, is I would plan on booking the two one way flights separately so I could book the flight out there on the day it opens up, and then do the same for the return flight. I don’t want to wait 2 weeks to book the round trip, because I’m nervous I wouldn’t be able to get 4 saver seats by then.

    Thanks for the great post!

    • Every deal and discount is bookable one way with Hawaiian Miles, but can you do me a favor and double check that some flights are pricing at 17,500 miles and not 20,000 miles. I don’t have the card any more. Last time I checked, cardholders still got the 17,500 mile price, but I can’t check at the moment.

  3. I believe that using Hawaiian miles on Hawaiian are quoted one-way but must need round trip travel. You are able to mix the classes, I.e. Economy and business but must book round trip to get those quoted mileage fares. If you do not, then you’ll be using a whole lot more miles to redeem.

  4. I havent seen 35K for a while (have a HA cc). Lowest i see is 40K nowadays. Are you still able to bring up 35K (or 17.5K one way)?? Thanks.

    • I don’t have the card any more, so I can’t check at the moment, but this is the first report I have seen of the 20k price not displaying as 17.5k for cardholders. I will investigate.

  5. In the past, when these cards were serviced by FIA international, you couldn’t combine personal and business account miles. In fact, they would open a new HA account for you for the business account. Do you know if this is still the case?

    • I don’t know whether that is still the case, BUT as noted in this article, you can freely combine the miles between accounts even if they are originally put in separate accounts.

  6. Bummer… i just tried HNL to every west coast destination HA flies to. All of them showed 20K as the least required miles (logged in to Hawaiian Miles account).

  7. I don’t get a 5000 mi discount on either r;t or 2500 discount o/w if I try to book either Fr/t or Fo/w with Y other way …I caalled both cc and airline and noone seems to know the rules.

    CAN ANYONE HELP EXPLAIN IF O/W DOABLE AND IF 5000 DISCOUNT ONLY R/T OR O/Ws ok and if a discount exists on F awards as well?

    thanking you in advance!

  8. Yes you can do one ways for 17.5K. I see tons of availability from SFO to HNL when I log in.

    I do know that if you log in with your business account, the same flights are 20K. (at least that’s how it use to be when the cards were serviced by FIA.

  9. Still haven’t heard anything re whether the 5000 discount comes off F roundtrip awards as well and whether oneways get half the discount.

  10. Hi,

    Which miles are best to use for first class from NY area to HNL during December?
    I was saving up Hawaiian miles for this trip, but I see they are 80,000 miles for one-way during December, so 640,000 miles for 4 round trip. Is there better rates with other airlines?

    Thanks so much for your expert advise!

    • Looks like your dates only have the high priced award space. The best deal will be with whichever airline has 4 Saver award seats. In early December, most airlines should, especially United. Around Christmas, no airline will have Saver award space.


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