Get 20k Membership Rewards & Cash Back by Adding Authorized Users


American Express is running a targeted promotion for Platinum, Premier Rewards Gold, Everyday, and Blue Cash Everyday cardholders. Check your email to see if you were offered a bonus for adding authorized users to one these cards. According to Doctor of Credit, even if you don’t see an email about the targeted offer, you should call Amex to see if they can add the offer to your account as others have had success this way.

The Offers

  • Platinum Card: Get 5,000 points for every new user that spends $500 or more in three months (cap is four new users, so 20k points)
  • Premier Rewards Gold Card: 5,000 points for every new user that spends $500 or more in three months. (cap is four new users, so 20k points)
  • Everyday Card: Get 1,500 points for every new authorized user that spends $150 or more in three months (cap is four new users, so 6k points).
  • Blue Cash Everyday Card: Get $25 cash back for every new authorizd user that spends $250 in three months (cap is four new users, so $100 cashback).

Sadly I have none of those cards open at the moment. Don’t forsake this opportunity!

Cost of Adding Authorized Users


It’s free to add four new authorized users (the cap for the bonus points) to the Premier Rewards Gold, Everyday, and Blue Cash Everyday Preferred Cards. Beyond that (and I’m not positive because I don’t have any of those cards), it could cost extra. A commenter on this post noted it was $35 per authorized user after the fifth on the Premier Rewards Gold Card. For the purposes of these bonuses, you won’t pay anything for adding authorized users.

It costs $175 to add the first three authorized users to a Platinum card, and $175 per authorized user after that. Granted, they will enjoy some of the Platinum card benefits for the cost. If you’re solely after the bonus points  I would add Gold card members to your Platinum account instead, which costs nothing. Gold card members that meet the $500 minimum spending requirement on your Platinum account will still qualify you for the bonus.


You’ll want to add an authorized user who isn’t watching the amount of credit cards they open. Adding someone as an authorized user can count towards their Chase 5/24 total (five cards opened from any bank–with the exception of business cards–in the last 24 months and Chase starts wagging the finger at you for the majority of their cards).

Will my authorized users forsake their opportunity to earn the bonus on the same card?

No. If you add an authorized user to take advantage of this promotion, they will still be able to open the same card and be eligible for its bonus. Being an authorized user on any card should never affect one’s eligibility for a sign up bonus.

I don’t have any of the Amex cards discussed in this post, but I want an offer like this!

Yesterday, I published a post allowing readers to share their emails for the purpose of connecting for referral links of Amex cards. If you’re considering a new American Express card, do the community a favor and sign up through a link so someone else can be rewarded as well.

Make sure you’re opted in to receive marketing emails from American Express (on all your Amex cards) so you don’t miss out on any targeted offers in the future. I would recommend filtering your email as well so that incoming material from Amex doesn’t get deposited in your spam folder.

Credit card links have been removed from posts and added to the menu bar at the top of every page of MileValue under the heading Top Travel Credit Cards.

Bottom Line

If you were targeted, add an authorized user to your Platinum, Premier Rewards Gold, Everyday, or Blue Cash Everyday Card that doesn’t care about 5/24 by August 30, 2017, and make sure they meet the minimum spending requirement within three months. If you weren’t targeted but do hold one of those cards, call Amex and ask them to add the offer to your account. Apparently this works. Let us know in the comments how your call if you go this route.

The new users will have three months to complete the minimum spending requirement in order for you to qualify for the bonus. Don’t forget to double check your spam folder if your don’t see any mail from Amex in your inbox.

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  1. Got this offer yesterday in email and was wondering if I can still get 5K for each Gold card AU. Good to hear I can. But now I’ll see how 5/24 plays into this for my family…

  2. Sarah-
    If the Platinum and Gold Amex cards are charge cards as opposed to credit cards, how would adding a user
    for those cards factor into added user’s Chase’s 5/24 rule limitation?

    • The Platinum and Gold Amex cards being charge cards makes no difference in regards to Chase 5/24. Charge and credit cards both count towards your 5/24 limit.

  3. I think the post needs to be corrected. It is only free to add AUs for the first five. This is from the email I received of the offer.

    “Get up to 5 Additional Premier Rewards Gold Cards for $0. Each Additional Premier Rewards Gold Card after the first 5 Cards is $35.”

    Unfortunately I already have 3 AUs on my Gold Card prior to this, so likely I’ll only add 2 more to get 10k points. The fees along with having to shift $500 spendings make it more of a hassle to earn 5k points.


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