2017 Chicago Seminar Slides: Airbnb Mastery


At the Chicago Seminars last weekend, Scott gave two presentations:

  • Airbnb Mastery
  • Sweetspots 2017

I will publish a post tomorrow with the slides from the Sweetspots 2017 presentation. Below I’ve shared the slides from the Airbnb Mastery talk for the people in attendance and those who couldn’t make it.

Some of the information from this presentation comes from a prior post that’s received a lot of attention over the months–read the comments with your morning coffee for a bit of entertainment–The One Killer Message to Get Big Discounts on Airbnb.

Were you at the Chicago Seminars? Share your feedback if so!

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  1. I am an AIRBNB host for almost 2 years. I hope Scott tries to get a reservation at the last minute from me sometime so I can tell him what I REALLY think of his crappy advice and shitty style of dealing with people.

    This is scummy and not at all a good way to deal with people, many of whom are trying to make their mortgage payments by renting out part of their own homes. Karma will get that guy, I hope.

  2. My son was in this seminar and his take was to offer discounts to unsold properties and see which bite, and then pick one. I thought that is a very good approach.

    I do not think this approach is wrong at all. The host makes the decision to allow the booking, not Scott or me. It is simply the way American business works. A room can sit empty and earn zero, or the host can decide to get something for that otherwise worthless night or not. I have done this same thing at hotels late at night when travelling by car. If parking lot is pretty empty, I offer a price I am willing to pay. Sometimes it takes.

    Nothing crappy about this approach.

  3. I don’t understand why anyone would take offense at this advice? People make offers all the time.
    I understand needing to pay a mortgage, but 40% off is more than nothing.

  4. I find the dynamic currency conversion discussion enlightening. I’ll confess I did not know they perpetrated this scam on their customers. I will be much more reluctant to use airbnb in the future – gimmicky scams are a real turn off to me. If they’ll cheat me that way, in what other ways will they cheat me?

  5. The fact that someone still uses this term in this manner in this day and age only Showa that ignorance doesnt go away. This person should not be allowed to post without issuing a formal apology to everyone.


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