Last Chance to Get $20 in Free Taxi Rides from Uber

Uber is the world’s best taxi service because it has clean, courteous drivers and the easiest taxi-ordering app imaginable.

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New Uber users can get $20 in free rides when they sign up through my referral link.

(I get $20 in free rides too. Feel free to post your own referral link in the comments.)

Today (4/25) is the last day to get the $20 sign up bonus. Tomorrow the bonus drops to $10.

So if there is ever a chance you will want to use Uber, sign up today! Even if Uber doesn’t operate where you live, you are very likely to travel somewhere where it does.

More Info on Uber

Uber is an app on your smart phone on which you request a Black Car, taxi, or taxi van to pick you up. The in-app map shows you nearby cars and tells you how long you’ll have to wait. You can input your destination and get an estimated price.

Once you get dropped off, you rate your driver. Bad drivers are fired, so you are extremely likely to get a good driver.

Let’s list the ways Uber is better than your local cab company:

  1. Easier and faster to order a cab. No calling in and waiting on hold.
  2. More accurate timetable given for pick up. I hate when the taxi operator tells me she’s sending the “next available” cab. How long will that be?
  3. You can get an estimate of the price in advance.
  4. Uber drivers are more likely to drive a clean, not smelly car in my experience.

So if you sign up for Uber now, we will each be given a $20 credit.

7 Responses to Last Chance to Get $20 in Free Taxi Rides from Uber

  1. Uber Australia currently has a code that gives you 20USD/AUD/EUR/GBP (depending where you sign up) plus $40 credit after your first ride.

  2. 5LCU1 or FNYNY

    Help a New Yorker out.

  3. Looks like Uber dropped the $20. and are only offering $10. referrrals.

  4. No clue if I’ll use it, but enjoy your $20.

  5. Just signed up and I got the $20 credit-hope you did too! (6/2)

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