Free Giveaway: Five American and United Lounge Passes

Update: The giveaway is closed. Congrats to the winners of all 7 passes. (Two more were generously donated in the comments.)

Generous reader Sam has donated five lounge passes that expire in the next few months for me to give away to three lucky readers. I’ve divided them up, so the prizes are:

  • One American Airlines Admirals Club lounge pass that expires 12/31/2013
  • Two American Airlines Admirals Club lounge passes that expire 12/31/2013
  • Two United Club lounge passes that expire 1/31/2014

If you have some upcoming travel–no, we can’t get them to you by Thanksgiving :(–and can use some lounge access to make it smoother, enter to win one of the three prizes by leaving a comment that indicates which prize you want.

Again, your options are:

  • 1 AA pass
  • 2 AA passes
  • 2 United passes

Here are the Admirals Club locations and United Club locations to check whether you’ll be able to use a pass on your next trip.

I’ll pick a winner for each prize early Wednesday morning, email the winners, and get the winners’ addresses to Sam.

If you don’t win, you can always get lounge access worldwide with The Platinum Card® from American Express. (For more info on the lounge-access benefit, the $500 in statement credits in the first 12 months, and the card’s other benefits, see Get the Most out of Your American Express Platinum Card.

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115 Responses to Free Giveaway: Five American and United Lounge Passes

  1. I’d love the AA pass or passes, I have a bit of running to do for Exec Plat..

  2. Flying on united over Christmas through Chicago. I would love the united passes. Thanks

  3. Good man !!!!!! Love those passes they keep the stress levels down..Xmas will come early for someone ..

  4. Is am travelling thanksgiving day and would love the one as pass.

  5. My daughter is travelling for medical school interviews, and would love the United passes

  6. Two United passes

  7. Would love the United passes as we got in on the cheap fares to Europe over the weekend and have a long layover in EWR on our way to Madrid. My husband doesn’t know yet, surprising him for Christmas.!

  8. Would love the two AA passes! Thanks for the chance.

  9. 2 United passes would be great! Good luck, all.

  10. I would love to win the 2 United passes to use on my honeymoon trip to Hawaii!

  11. United passes would be great in anticipation of major delays for christmas flights out of chicago!

  12. Id love the 2 Admirals club passes to use at MIA before my flight to Haiti!

  13. Flying to HNL with wife, would love the AA passes!

  14. I have another paif or AA passes expiring 12/31 that can go in this lottery! Pay it forward.

  15. I could really use the 2 AA passes for our Dec. trip to Chicago!

  16. I will be flying United to Maui, Hawaii then LAX to Las Vegas 1/3-12/2014.
    I will also be flying AA to Houston 12/17-20/2013
    A chance to win a lounge pass for either trip would be great!!

  17. Hi
    United passes would be great. Thanks for going the extra mile for your readers!

  18. Would love the United passes to use at HKG and NRT!

  19. This is great! Have some Christmas travel coming up on American and the pass would make the long layover much more comfortable. I’m entering for the one AA lounge pass. Thanks :-)

  20. The AA passes would be great passing through Chicago for the holidays!

  21. 2 UA passes, please =)

  22. I’d put the two AA passes to good use while flying to Mexico in December. Thank you both!

  23. 2 united!

  24. Would love the 2 AApasses when Visiting parents in New York. Thanks for the offer. Arnold

  25. I’d absolutely appreciate a single Admirals Club pass for my December layover in Dallas on the way to Florida to visit my mom.


  26. I’m traveling through Washington DC and NYC with long layovers and I would love the United passes!

  27. I would love the one AA pass!

  28. The two AA passes would be terrific for a post x-mas trip–thank you for the giveaway!

  29. United passes would be great, traveling to/from Denver!

  30. Two United Club lounge passes that expire 1/31/2014

  31. United passes, please

  32. United passes please. Happy Thanksgiving Scott!

  33. United passes for travel with baby over Christmas/New Year to Tokyo and back.

  34. Would be thrilled to get the 2 United passes to use on our long layover at Houston on the way back from Mexico.

  35. Well it’s my bday today & I have a flight to MUC next month & LAX in Jan for work so the UA pass would be great. Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. Thanks for the site and giveaway! 2 AA passes would be most lovely.

  37. Could use those AA passes for a layover at DFW.

  38. Alexandra Boggio

    Flying to ABQ Thanksgiving and SJC for Christmas. They sure can come in handy! Keeping my fingers crossed.

  39. We are going to Texas on AA next month so could use 2 AA passes

  40. We’d love the UA lounges for the family xmas vacation. Thank you.

  41. Would love any of these! I will be flying at least twice more before end of year and will likely be going into Asia to make my gold skymiles status.

  42. Booked a girls trip for my wife and friends. Just realized she was flying on the on wrong day. Now she cannot fly direct… An AA pass may upgrade me from the dog house to the couch :-)

  43. December to Lima. 2 AA passes almost as tasty as pisco sours

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  45. Would love the January UA passes for my winter trip to the Carribean! Happy Thanksgiving!


  46. I have an AA trip in early Dec and a pass would be great, thanks. I am taking one of the USA Team Karate members to a tournament in Plano, TX.

  47. I could definitely use at least one of the United Club passes in January!

  48. would love the two AA passes.. got lots of flights coming up before New Years…

  49. planning a oneworld explorer award and would love an AA pass!

  50. I would love the United passes – would help decrease the holiday travel stress! Thanks!

  51. Are the AA passes valid for someone traveling on an AS ticket? If so, my wife and I are taking our 4-month old to meet his great-grandparents in California in December, and would love to have them.

  52. Will love the pass to use in San Diego while we visit our son for Christmas.

  53. Would love the two AA passes for my son at Christmas

  54. I would love the two United passes for travel this Christmas!

  55. Would love the United passes. Have a long layover at SFO on the way to NYC in early January.

  56. Two United Passes Please. I have some January Travel and will put them to great use!

  57. That would be heaven sent .. Two UNITED Passes, for our upcoming trip to Disney on January from Newark NJ. Traveling with a toddler and two grandparents. Thanks Sam for being awesome !

  58. Two United Club lounge passes for vacation to CA. thanks.

  59. I’d like the two United Passes, I’m going on my first international awards booking in January to England/Netherlands!

  60. Would love one AA pass for my daughter who’s travelling over Christmas.

  61. Could use the United passes in January!

  62. united club lounge is the best

  63. I would really appreciate an Admirals Lounge pass for my holiday trip in mid December. Thank-you.

  64. headed down to Peru on AA in December with a layover in MIA, would love to take 1 or 2 AA lounge passes off your hands :)

  65. United Passes for me. Stopping in JFK for 6 hours on a United award in January. Maybe another long stop in Houston another week in January for work.

  66. Bryan Schmiedeler

    Fly to Newark about 3 times per year and would love to use the passes there.

  67. Two AA passes would be very useful for me and my husband.

  68. 2 UA passes would be great. Thanks!

  69. My husband and I would enjoy having the Admiral Club passes in Miami where we have a fairly long layover flying to and from the Virgin Islands from Tucson, long day flights both ways.

  70. 2 united please!! Making a couple trips in the next few months and will definitely have opportunity to use them!

  71. Would love the UA passes for a trip through ORD next month!

  72. I’d love the 2 extra AA pass as I’m traveling during Christmas.

  73. Would love one AA pass for my daughter traveling from London!

  74. Count me in on the Untied pass give away- Thx

  75. I would love to have the United pass. Thx

  76. 2 AA passes please. Traveling LAX to JAX Dec 1 returning Dec 6.

  77. Would love the two AA passes to use on our upcoming trip from SFO to the UK! I hear the AA Admirals Club at SFO is very nice, and would love to see it! Would be my first lounge experience ever. Thanks so much!

  78. Got a deal from EWR to Dublin in January, so I would love the United passes for myself and my daughter

  79. I would love the United Passes!

  80. Would love the United passes for a SFO-Nyc trip.

  81. Two United Club lounge passes, please.

  82. Passing through ORD on Dec 30 with an 8 hour layover (that’s what I get for booking travel so late)!! 1x AA club pass would ease the pain!

  83. My girlfriend and I are flying coast-to-coast to see my family over Christmas and would love the United passes!

  84. United Club passes, please good Sir.

  85. I could use the Two United Club lounge passes that expire 1/31/2014 for Travel in Mid December.

  86. I’m meeting my girlfriend in ORD after Christmas (she’s coming from MSP, while I’m coming from SFO) and we’ve got a bunch of time to burn until our late evening flight into Rio for NYE, would love to have use of the United lounge while we wait!

  87. The 2 American Airlines lounge passes would be very useful for my trip to Europe over the holidays. Many thanks!

  88. I’d love united club pass for Houston or ORD- i travel every week

  89. I’d like to win the 2 AA passes.

  90. Heading to Chicago, would love United passes!

  91. 2 united passes please :) travelling to india and have 2 8 hour halts!!

  92. I have two United trips (one in Dec, and one in January) and have no status with UA.
    Would LOVE the possibility of lounge access and keeping fingers crossed. Thanks to the generosity of the donations from reader Sam.

  93. I would love the 2 United passes. I’m taking my wife on a surprise 20th anniversary trip next week.

  94. Would love the AA passes for our trip this coming summer. 6 hours layover…

  95. We have a 5 hour layover in Dallas during the holidays and 2 AA passes would make it much easier

  96. Aa pass will be great for my family coming trip to Vegas

  97. Thanks for this offer. American airline pass will be great

  98. United passes for traveling to Dublin with wife and daughter!

  99. The two United passes would be perfect for our trip out of Boston on Dec 30

  100. I’d love the United passes for a New Years trip!

  101. I would love an AA pass. I am flying from Boston to the UK to surprise my boyfriend for Christmas! I have a long layover in Chicago, though, and it would be nice to relax a little before the red-eye! Thanks for giving these away :)

  102. United passes for my December travel. Thanks to you and the donor.

  103. I would appreciate the united passes ,I have travel in januarythank you.

  104. AA passes would be great for my travel in December to SFO.
    Thanks to Sam for the passes.

  105. Would love the United passes. Currently in Hue, VN, but traveling domestically over the holidays. Thanks Sam.

  106. Two United passes please. Going to Hawaii through LAX in January

  107. UA passes would be great for holiday travel

  108. 2aa passes are nice.

  109. Headed to Helsinki over the holidays and would love the 2 AA passes. Thanks for the chance!

  110. Hi Scott,
    Please enter me in the running for 1 AA pass
    for an upcoming holiday trip from JFK to GIG to meet up with my family. I’ve never been to a club and would love to try one. My flight leaves at 9:40pm and being an international trip I plan to arrive early. Thanks so much for the website. You have made more travel possible for all of us. Give thanks to Sam for me.


  111. United passes for layover in EWR from HKG

  112. We would love the united passes. We have a long layover in Chicago prior to flying to Sydney in December

  113. Hi,
    I would like the AA 2 passes or AA 1 pass. Thanks Scott!

  114. Two United Club lounge passes please!

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