Troubleshooting Alaska Free One Way Search


On Monday, I published “Free One Ways on Alaska Airlines Awards.” You haven’t read it yet? What? Read it!

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Add a Free One Way to Mexico or Hawaii onto Your Next Alaska Airlines Award

I got some questions about people having trouble with the search function, not finding as much award space as they were expecting to find.

  • What’s the one tip I would give to find more award space when searching for free one ways on Alaska Airlines awards?

Troubleshooting Search

In general, I would search each part of the award–the main award and the free one way–separately as one way award searches before searching them as a  single multi-city award.

This is one of the basic principles of searching for awards: when you’re having trouble, search segment-by-segment.

Once you find the main award and the free one way separately, perform the multi-city search explained in Monday’s post.

This makes it much easier to pinpoint the exact dates you want for both parts of the award. If you start with the multi-city search, you might miss some good space. Let’s look at a common problem that this segment-by-segment searching solves, using an example from the original free one way post. At the top of multi-city search results, you can change the date with a single click.

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My search was:

  • Sydney to Los Angeles on April 21
  • Los Angeles to Portland August 5

If I click on April 22, then it doesn’t just change the date it searches for the first part of the award. It also pushes back Los Angeles to Portland one day to August 6. When you search multi-city you are really hunting and pecking for space with exactly X days between the flights. When you search for each leg separately as a one way search, you are casting a wider net.

The problem with a multi-city search is that it will only return results if there is award space for your main award and free one way the exact number of days apart as you originally specified.

For instance, if you specified a 100 day stopover at home between trips, will only show space with 100 days between it. Even if you’re willing to have 99 or 101 days between trips, as currently configured won’t find that award space on a multi-day search if your input dates are 100 days apart.

Search each part of the award separately though, and you will easily find all the award space that exists, letting you type in dates with award space on the multi-city search.

Happy searching!

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  1. I’ve been having trouble doing this using my home city of Chicago, even after checking one ways first and finding plenty of availability. Does the free stopover require that your home city be on the west coast? Lots of Alaska flights and partners serve ORD and there is no lack of award availability on flights that I am considering (to/from HNL, DEN, and NYC among other places) but when I put them together it doesn’t seem to work. There must be a workaround for this, or perhaps there is a rule that I am unknowingly violating.

    • You are limited to ONE PARTNER plus Alaska or ONE PARTNER alone. You are probably violating that rule. Give an example of space you found including operating airline that you couldn’t piece together as an award please.

  2. FYI – I was able to book a free one way on a domestic Alaska “saver” itinerary, but not on an American partner itinerary.

  3. Scott – is there a day limit to the stopover? Could you do a 200 day stop over if lets say you find an award and fly next month on your first leg?

    • As stated in the original post, there is no limit to stopover length except that you can only book 11 months out.

  4. The problem is that you are limited to 2 searches each way on the website, so if you are trying to construct something more complicated than one non-stop plus one stopover then another non-stop, can you call this in and feed the agent the flights you found?


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