The Ink Bold is Being Discontinued


Update: A Chase Secure Message reply says: “Chase has decided to no longer offer Ink Bold effective 11/16/14.” (Hat Tip: Cave Dweller)

The Ink Bold is going to die very, very soon I predict.

How soon? 11/16/14 [updated]

The evidence:

  1. You don’t see any more affiliate links for it anywhere.
  2. Dan’s Deals called several Chase bank branches and reports: “I just called around to a few branches…and they all confirmed that the Ink Bold card is being phased out and is no longer available in-branch.”

The card is still around as of 6 AM on October 1, 2014 (find it here), but I don’t expect that to last.

This actually raises an interesting question: if you don’t have an Ink Bold or Ink Plus, which should you get now?

I think the best plan is to get the 70,000 point Ink Plus now. My guess is that if you get the Ink Bold now, it will be converted to an Ink Plus soon, possibly before you can apply for the Ink Plus on its own later.

However, if there is a way to get the Ink Bold now and Ink Plus later (for 50k or 70k), that would be better than just getting the Ink Plus now and would suggest getting the Ink Bold first.

Which strategy do you think will result in more Ultimate Rewards?

If you already have an Ink Plus and were planning to get an Ink Bold for the same business at some point, get in gear.

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  1. Mime is up for renewal this month so lets see what they do . I liked the Bold better then the plus because it was easier to transfer points so I canceled plus .

    • They have identical point transfer mechanisms. The only difference is that Plus can run a balance and Bold must be paid in full each month.

  2. I sent them a SM lets see how they respond . On the Plus a year or so ago I would transfer the points to another card then transfer to the correct card .If it’s the same NOW who cares if they cancel it .

  3. I just applied for the Plus on Monday and was approved. I was planning to apply for the Bold a little later down the road. Is it worth it for me to apply for that one now or is it just too soon and I’ll probably be declined?

    • I did both in one day a year or so ago then canceled plus ..Another website said they called to cancel the bold card and they gave him 10K points for not sounds interesting maybe I’ll try I didn’t get the annual fee yet ..

  4. I have the Bold but not the Plus. I’ll be interested to see what happens. I am not sure they can convert a charge card to a credit card because the application/agreement for the Bold never included interest fees.

  5. Chase got back to me after I sent them a SM . The Bold card will no longer be offered after 11/16/2014 ..Existing accounts will have NO Change to them and if there is ever a change BOLD INKers will be emailed well in advance .
    Good for now .

  6. I don’t know why anyone thinks existing cards would be converted right away. Even Continental cards existed (or still exist?) way after they stopped accepting applications.

    • Very much doubt it. There used to be 4 Inks, 2 that earned transferable UR and 2 that earned non-transferable. That always seemed silly, and now Chase has killed one of each, leaving just the Ink Plus and Ink Cash.

  7. I am trying to decide if it is better for my husband to get the INK BOLD now and possibly the INK PLUS much later for a total of 100,00 pts or get the INK Plus now with the 70,000 points and my targeted 10,000 referral points. We will not be able to manage a $10,000 dollar spend for both as we have other cards in which we need to meet the spend.

    Any suggestions?

  8. I have had the old MasterCard Bold for about 2 years. Do you know if new Visa version of Bold is considered a new product and am I then bonus eligible? Thanks

      • I went for it. Got the usual “further review” response. Bold Mastercard is still open. Will update when I have a decision…

    • Oh may God I’m the same Deal as you I just got the Plus today and I’m sorry I don’t have the Guts to apply for the Bold card again(Visa) Chase only gave me 5k limit on my new plus ..I have no idea now to spend the points I have..

      • I tweeted them yesterday and was told that contrary to my belief that the Master Bold and Ink Visa were considered the same product, and that the issue is whether or not you got the bonus at least 24 months ago. If your Bold Master is still open, that could be another variable.

        • You can go by what they say, or the experience of hundreds of people who got a new Visa after having gotten the MC bonus.

          • I got my bonus 15 months ago, so I was afraid to try. Instead I had my husband apply. It’s all in the family 🙂

          • I got my bonus 15 months ago, so I was afraid to try. After hearing some write that they have been known to cancel all cards and points I did not want to take the chance as I have 3 chase cards and may UR’s

  9. Sounds correct !! Thanks Judyg I don’t feel like a coward now I think I’ll have another glass of Cheap French Wine while I think about my Laughlin trip next month every thing is Cheap there..


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