Delta No Longer Has an Award Chart


Delta got rid of its award chart online. They just won’t tell you what an award “should” cost anymore.

This is a complete bull shenanigans thing for Delta to do to its customers, and it’s not a fair way to do business.

The Proof

The URL that used to take you to the chart for awards originating in the US and Canada ( now redirects to

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 8.31.53 PM

At this new link, instead of a chart, there is some praise for the “all-new Award calendar,” the new five-week search calendar that added recently.

And then the page tells you to use the award calendar to figure out what an award costs:

With the launch of the all-new Award calendar, it’s now easy to search for and see prices for Awards online. Search for the price of an Award like you search for airfare today. The expanded search capabilities and calendar at provide more choices and an easier-to-read and more accurate view of Award prices.

Check out the all-new Award calendar.

Sufficient miles within your SkyMiles account are required to redeem miles toward Award Travel. To shop for Award Travel on select ‘Book SkyMiles Award Ticket’ when initiating your flight search.  Once you’ve selected your itinerary and logged into your SkyMiles account, you’ll be asked to pay for the flights you selected.

Within and between the Continental U.S., Alaska and Canada, round-trip Award Tickets will continue to start at 25,000 miles (plus taxes and fees).

That’s f—ing ridiculous, Delta.

I’ve defended SkyMiles 2015 because it has been an improvement so far. Delta went from three tiers to five, and there really is more availability in the bottom three tiers than there used to be in the bottom two. Plus being able to book one way awards is fantastic.

But hiding award prices is bull shenanigans. There is no legitimate reason for Delta to hide the chart. This is arrogant, greedy, and silly.

Here Are the Old Award Charts, listed as 2015 PROGRAM, which still seems to be in effect


Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 1.21.43 PM


Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 1.21.51 PM


There are only two reasons I can think of for why Delta stopped displaying the charts, both of which are indefensible.

  1. Delta’s computer occasionally mis-prices awards. I’ve successfully gotten Delta to manually re-price mistakenly priced awards before by pointing to its chart. Now I won’t be able to do that. Agents will say, “The computer says the award costs x,” and there will be no rebuttal.
  2. Delta can devalue the chart without telling us. Delta’s page says to look at the calendar to find an award’s price. Delta can change the prices the calendar shows–go to 10 tiers, jack up the saver price, go revenue-based–and it won’t even have to update its chart because it doesn’t have a chart.

Bottom Line

Removing its chart is so ridiculous that I struggle to comprehend and adequately condemn Delta for it.

I wish I could say I’m done with Delta. But I’m not.

I’ll keep earning and burning SkyMiles and flying Delta when convenient. Hopefully others are through with Delta and the pressure makes Delta relent and put a chart back online. But I’m too pragmatic. I’ll keep using Delta when efficient for me.

I don’t expect any airlines to follow suit because Delta is being roasted at the moment, and this will likely kill engagement by passive members.


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  1. And to think, despite having 40k miles I haven’t been able to burn, I was THIS close to re-engaging with Delta after their improvement to saver level awards. Now, no chance whatsoever.

  2. this really drives me away from Delta as my skyteam flight favored program (passive flyer). I would really appreciate seeing a future blog post analyzing all the other skyteam programs, to give us passive flyers who don’t care about status benefits an idea of the best alternative program in Skyteam we can funnel our flight miles into.
    I know another option for casual Delta flyers is to focus those flights into an Alaska Airlines account.

  3. I am done with Delta. I am glad that before this issue I had booked a business class one way to Europe. I will make no effort to obtain SkyPesos anymore.

  4. I just submitted a complaint to Delta letting them know I’m done with their shenanigans. I didn’t think about complaining to Amex as well; I’ll be sure to do that! Bye bye SkyPesos!

  5. Delta and United have decided to eliminate their frequent flyer programs. They are dismantling them piece by piece, with Delta leading and United following. Since after each step their planes remain full, they quickly follow up with the next step. It has been several years since I flew Delta on a revenue ticket, and I flew what I intend to be my last revenue ticket on United in Dec. I just hope the programs stay around in some limited form long enough for me to burn my remaining miles.

    • I disagree they want to eliminate the programs. Selling miles to AMEX and Chase is a huge source of revenue. They surely want to offer a worse-value proposition, but eliminate? No way.

  6. It was such a relief to find a saver seat and finally burn Delta pesos two years ago! It seems like Delta is getting worse every day.

  7. This also opens the door for some very unethical practices that I would suspect Delta would have no qualms committing. It will be very easy for Delta to show different mileage needed based on how many miles a person has in their account. If one person has a million miles and another person has 50,000, Delta could easily try to charge the person with a million miles a higher amount. Not showing the award chart sets up so many nefarious practices that Delta can now use to mistreat their customers.

    Until now I’ve thought that United is the worst U.S. airline, but Delta is determined to give them a run for their money.

    I will call American Express today and downgrade my Premiere Rewards Gold to the basic card. I’ll be sure to let American Express know that this is due to Delta’s recent decisions.

  8. Kel
    Correct they know who you are (software)when you book I got good flts EU and back in May like $150 (stretch seat) + 60K points. ..Right now I have 500 points cancel the card and get another for what YOU need. Hawaii air has a Bus. card lucky CHEAP me.

  9. Thanks for the heads up Scott – I never would have noticed. I no longer have a Delta Amex, but I’ve emailed them asking for an explanation.
    Has anyone tweeted them for an explanation? I remember Delta being pretty responsive to tweets?

  10. Already bad program getting much worse. If I can ever find a seat I’ll spend down my balance and ignore the program.

    • You can always find a seat on Delta flights (at one of 5 levels.) You can usually find a seat on partner flights, basically no more or less than with AA or United partners.

  11. […] Delta is offering discounted flat bed Business Class awards to Europe this summer on select routes. The East Coast and Midwest routes are 105,000 miles + taxes roundtrip. The West Coast routes are 115,000 miles + taxes roundtrip. The normal price is 125,000 miles roundtrip (although I am basing “normal” on the old Delta award charts. Delta deleted all of its award charts in February 2015.) […]


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