Free Giveaway Friday: Pair of United Club Passes

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The contest is over. There were 209 comments and 107 retweets. Congrats to Mike Faust (twitter retweet) on winning! Check back every Friday for potential MileValue giveaways.

Longtime reader Jeff is generously donating two United Club passes that expire 2/28/15 to one lucky winner. There are two ways to win: a comment or a retweet.

United has lounges all over the world. The clubs are a pleasant place to relax in a comfortable chair, use free wifi, and enjoy free snack and drinks. Here are the amenities. One-time entry goes for $50, so this giveaway could be worth up to $100.

There are two ways to enter, and you can enter each way to double your chances of lounge access.

  1. Comment on this post for a chance to win the passes. Include your real email address while commenting, so I can contact the winner. (Your email address will not be displayed and will not be used for any other purpose.)
  2. Retweet this tweet.

That means everyone can enter twice! Don’t forget to join the 1,972 geniuses on Twitter and 3,290 mavens on Facebook who follow MileValue for more chances to win.
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212 Responses to Free Giveaway Friday: Pair of United Club Passes

  1. Thanks for running this giveaway!

  2. I’ve never been in the United, only the Admirals Club. Which is better?

  3. Could use some respite in a United Club on my next long layover. Escaping the masses in the terminal chaos.

  4. Very generous Jeff.

  5. Cool..i can use that for my upcoming trip..Thanks..

  6. Could always use a pass at my local airport since the route to NYC is always delayed.

  7. Will be nice to supplement my Amex Plt – thanks Jeff!

  8. Did you know you can often find these passes on Ebay for $15 or less?

  9. Silly question, but can you use the lounge if you are flying a different airline? Thanks for helping get me where I want to go!

  10. these are always useful.

  11. But free is better than $15

  12. The visit to the club always reduces the stress of travel.

  13. Would love to get up in da club!

  14. Thanks!

  15. Will use on my upcoming trip to ANC on UA. Thanks.

  16. These would be great for my next trip

  17. The club is quieter than the terminal!!

  18. Would definitely appreciate!!

  19. Traveling soon!

  20. Thanks! Could use these on my upcoming layover at EWR

  21. I have a United trip next month. This would be awesome! Thanks Jeff.

  22. This would be great!

  23. Always handy to have access to faster wifi, or free wifi depending on the airport…

  24. Would love to get 2 united passes. Thank you Scott and Jeff.

  25. These would come in handy for an upcoming trip.

  26. Planning a couple of mileage runs. These would be awesome!

  27. Always wanted to try it out!

  28. Thank you for being so generous! I have a trip coming up with my husband and hope to win these.

  29. Planning a trip from EWR-LAX next month – these passes would be great!

  30. this is awesome, thank you.

  31. Michael H.(oldfox)

    Love the blog and the passes. Just booked 2 *A trips to N. Asia next year. Oh how I love Dividend Miles! Thanks again for the Giveaway…………the passes would be great.

  32. Would be very helpful in some travel early next year, thank you.

  33. Good prize giveaway!

  34. Fly often between DCA-ORD on United (since they are now competing with AA on that route) and could really use them!

  35. Could use this today as I’m heading out in a couple hours, I fly united a lot, it would be great! Thanks!

  36. Thanks for all the great articles!

  37. Dude. Hook me up!

    PS – thanks for all the great advice. Keep it up.

  38. I’d use for my wife and 2 year old on an upcoming trip out of ORD on US Airways. Thanks for offering these to your readers!

  39. I would love to use this for an upcoming trip!

  40. Would love to get these for a cabos trip with my SO.

  41. Ooooo. I need one for my g/f for a 3-hour layover in IAD.

  42. Club passes would be nice, SAN is getting one!!!

  43. Appreciate the generosity, Jeff!

  44. Pass are good!

  45. Thanks Jeff! These could be quite useful!

  46. What an awesome opportunity. Thank you so very much!

  47. United Club passes are always great. Thanks.

  48. Hurray for passes!

  49. I already have status that gets me in to United Clubs with one guest. This sounds like a great fix to the dilemma of entering the lounge with one guest when you’re traveling in a group of 3 or 4!

  50. I can use the united passes in ORD during a long layover in December

  51. Sweet meat!

  52. Thank you for the opportunity. I’ve only been in a couple of lounges previously (LHR, oddly enough, and one Lounge Club at Dulles.) It’d be nice to try out United’s offering.

  53. We sure could use more people like Jeff who donate things to others. I’m sure he appreciates, and that is why he chose to donate here.

  54. Sign me up

  55. Steve Sapontzis

    Thanks Jeff. I’m headed to Oslo and could really use those passes!

  56. Used the UA lounge last week for first time and going through withdrawl. Thanks for the chance to win access again.

  57. I’d love the passes. Thanks for donating them Jeff!

  58. I’m sure Jeff has benefitted from using and wants to give back. Thanks Jeff, very generous.

  59. I would love to impress my girlfriend with a pair of United passes!!!

    I’m surprising her with a trip and proposing this October, on United of course!

    Thanks for the generosity!


  60. Thanks for the chance! I’ve never even been to a lounge yet.

  61. I should be so lucky to win free passes…. Yes, please. Thank you for offering them.

  62. Yes, please!

  63. Would like to visit one. Thanks!

  64. Please, Sir, may I have some more…passes.

  65. Would love to take advantage of these passes on my upcoming layover in JFK.

  66. Two passes would be great! Thanks!

  67. I want those passes, and I plan to drink enough beers to surpass the $50 value

  68. Sign me up

  69. Free passes r da best!

  70. Thank you for being so generous.

  71. Sounds like a great giveaway!

  72. Yes, please!

  73. Follow your blog from the beginning. Two passes would be great.

  74. Thanks guys! @Gregg sounds like a great idea to me

  75. Nice – thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  76. We have a huge trip coming up next year and would love to have those United lounge passes.

  77. Throw me the passes! I’m open!

  78. Would love to win these passes. Thanks!

  79. Long layover coming up in September at IAH. These passes would make it alot better. Thanks.

  80. Nice Offer, thanks!

  81. Thanks to Scott & Jeff. I could use these for a few California layovers.

  82. This would be great. Thanks.

  83. I hope these are good , even if not flying on United …….

  84. Kirk Krutsinger

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  85. Good for anyone or airline. I called..Rough call from a Cave..

  86. Thanks! I plan to fly United for a trip in January.

  87. Thanks Jeff! Thanks Mile value!

  88. Would love to use them on my layover in IAH in February while I eat my BBQ Pork in their lounge. Thanks!

  89. Thanks for the contest. I always enjoy your posts!

  90. In it to win it!

  91. I’m in…thanks!

  92. Could use them for a trip to Singapore in January!

  93. I’d like to see Scott in pants when flying business

  94. Free snacks!

  95. Winner winner, chicken dinner.

  96. Would love to win. Thanks.

  97. Awesome!

  98. Love, love, love the Club!

  99. Wanna try. Thanks Scott!

  100. Passes would be great for my next trip to south america with a a long layover at GRU!

  101. Thank you Scott and Jeff!

  102. Would love to win the passes.

  103. Courtesy Flyertalk:
    My dog has 3 legs – I can’t stand him!

  104. I need a rest at the lounges, before i get too old!!

  105. Only been to an airline lounge once in my 63 years and would love to go again!

  106. Thanks in advance!

  107. Many thanks Jeff.

  108. Two united club passes would be great for my upcoming Christmas vacation.

  109. Looking forward to the relaxation!

  110. Hope I get to go to a lounge for the first time!!

  111. Will be a great opportunity to use them on my upcoming trip.

  112. Please! I have an upcoming trip and I’d love the passes.

  113. I’m going to IAD and maybe HKG this year… the passes would be great… thanks!

  114. I would enjoy winning these!

  115. In. Thanks

  116. Lounge pass is always good.

  117. Would love try a United club! Thanks Jeff!

  118. Flying United this Fall with layover in Newark; these passes will make the trip certainly more enjoyable.

  119. Awesome giveaway, thanks Jeff & Scott!

  120. love giveaways, and love this blog!

  121. Would love to give it a try for an upcoming trip….

  122. Would be great to have these passes.

  123. I have a MR/vacation planned coming up that these would be great for :)

  124. Need these Passes! Thanks!

  125. Amy Christensen

    We love traveling and the united club room is SO fun without the kids! We would love these.

  126. Have a long day from Fresno to Oslo on United. Passes would really help on layovers!

  127. I would love those passes!

  128. My parents would love to use these!

  129. Havent tried United Club, but willing.

  130. United Club at HKG and NRT are the best United Clubs.

  131. I’m in it to win it! Thanks!

  132. Thanks for this kind offer.

  133. I am entering.

  134. Two weeks ago, I traveled to Colombia and used my United Club Pass in Panama
    where I met the Former Colombian president Alvaro Uribe. Love those passes!!

  135. I have 3 trips coming this year still and would love a couple of passes.

  136. I would love these for when I fly in December to Australia.

  137. As an American and Delta flyer, never been to a United lounge, so this would be a great way to experience it. Thanks for the opportunity. Usually the site has great value in your information so a gift for reading valuable insights is a true bonus.

  138. Would love to use as part of my much anticipated trip to Kauai!!

  139. i would love to not have to sit at the gate !!

  140. I’d love those two United Club Passes for my fiancé and I to use when we fly United from Chicago to Honolulu for our honeymoon!

  141. Going to Africa– using a 23hr 50 minute stopover in Europe, and other tips learned from Scott– would love to make my first trip into the UA lounge with these passes.

    • Jill P
      You did your Homework .I’ve learned a whole lot on this website and TPG ..Enjoy your super trip.
      Back to my cave..

  142. Thank you United for not serving peanuts! And thank you Scott, Tahsir, Bill, and Alli for this most helpful site that allows our family to see each other more and do important stuff like visit potential colleges with our oldest son. Much obliged!

  143. This would be great for an upcoming trip.

  144. Thanks!

  145. Would greatly enhance a 3 hour layover!

  146. Sounds great for an upcoming trip to Cabo with a layover in SFO. Thanks!

  147. Very generous!

  148. Thank you!

  149. I’ve never been in an airport club lounge. Maybe this will be my first.

  150. My favorite club. Thanks!

  151. Thank you, Jeff. We could use these in December.

  152. Thanks Jeff! I would use them for long layovers at ORD.

  153. I plan on flying United next year! Thanks!

  154. Sho Nuff!

  155. Would love to win those 2 United Club passes. Going to Hawaii in May 2014 and will have several layovers that we could use those passes. Happy Traveling everyone.

  156. You’re the best! Thanks!

  157. I hope its not too late to enter!

  158. Thanks for the giveaway and all the thought that goes into your blog!

  159. Have never won any contest nor stayed in any club lounge. It would be awesome to win this one to use in our upcoming long trip early next year. Thank you for doing this giveaway.

  160. Thanks for the giveaway!

  161. Very cool giveaway! Milevalue has been really helpful to me in learning how to take advantage of frequent flier miles so thanks!

  162. These will come in handy for my next weekend trip to DC!

  163. Thanks — these would come in handy for trip to Hawaii next week!

  164. Have an upcoming trip on United we could use these !

  165. Could really use this for a long overdue trip to Europe I’m taking with my mother next month!

  166. Thanks. I would definitey enjoy these on my Trip through Houston to Istanbul.

  167. corinne thompson

    Yes,please I win!

  168. Going to Europe next month & these would be a Fantastic addition.

  169. Have a trip to Europe & these would be Perfect!

  170. I am a newbie who would love to try about a lounge

  171. these would be perfect for an upcoming trip I have

  172. i am flying out september on united so this would be perfect!

  173. Iwould use them on my trip to Miami.

  174. Could totally use this on my West coast stopover when traveling redeye from Hawaii to the northeast! Thanks for donating the passes to a luck reader!

  175. I could use these on upcoming travel. Thanks.

  176. my mom would love to have these

  177. Always useful!

  178. Hooray for United passes!!

  179. We could use these for our trip to Warsaw next month

  180. Great Giveaway! This would come in handy for my trip to LA.

  181. Love the giveaways…thanks so much!!!

  182. Awesome giveaway! Would be useful for my next trip.

  183. Paulette Dubosky

    Great giveaway. I travel a lot and spend way too much time in public areas in every airport. It would be great to relax while sitting. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  184. Absolutely love your blog! Very instructive and informative. Thank you reader Jeff for your generosity!

  185. Headed for Paris for a class in September. Would love to have the passes for my trip. Love this website. Read almost daily and always learn something. Thanks!

  186. Thanks for running this contest.

  187. Thanks for the chance to win!

  188. Sounds incredible! Great blog…

  189. thanks for the giveaway

  190. thanks for the contest

  191. Martin Margulies

    I love this website it gives travel ideas, and lets you travel in style.

  192. would love one.

  193. Appreciate this fantastic opportunity – thanks for being a great sport!


  194. Thanks for your generosity, these would be amazing for my return from Tokyo this fall! ;-)

  195. Awesome, thanks for running such a great contest!

  196. I would love the opportunity to visit the United Club with my husband! (never been). I’m a newbie and truly appreciate your generosity!

  197. I hope I’m not too late. I REALLY need these. .. Thanks so much just for the offer.

  198. Could you please say when the deadline is for entering? I could really use those.

  199. Free is always.better!

  200. End the contest and send my prize !!!!!

  201. I can use these. thanks.

  202. You will get it wed. UPS.. I’ll look for stuff I can’t use..

    Cave dweller

  203. I have never been to a united club or any lounge! This would be nice to check out.

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