Meet Up

If you’re a reader, and we’re in the same area, why are we not talking miles face-to-face?

If you have a group of travelers who’d like to learn more about frequent flier miles, I’d love to speak to them.

If you want to show me a delicious (and cheap) restaurant in your area, I’d love to eat there.

If you want to grab a drink and swap travel stories or talk about the vagaries of award routing rules, I’m game.

If you want to set me up on a blind date with your niece… you must not like your niece very much!

Below is a list of where I’ll be, so you can contact me if our paths will cross. It is subject to change on a whim.


Honolulu until early September

Hong Kong, Beijing, and Seoul early to mid-September

Los Angeles mid-September (probable MileValue Dinner September 20, would be announced early September)

Honolulu mid-September until mid-October

Chicago Seminars October 17 – 19

Atlanta, Palm Springs, Colombia, Tucson October 20 – November 16

??? November 17 and beyond

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  1. There’s a possibility I’ll be in Pittsburgh in sept. and I’d love to hear about your trip to Poland since we want to go there next year.

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  3. Grimmer! Awesome blog! We’ve been reading it for a couple of months now. I will see you in Pittsburgh and give you lots of NZ tips if you want:) Also, we’re using miles to fly first on Cathay Pacific to Asia in November; I’ll report back. See ya soon:)

    • First class I hope! Do all girls have to get a new email address when they get married? See you in Pit.

  4. Aloha, Very Good information! Been playing miles game for many years and would like to learn some new techniques and to stay up to date on new offers and cards. Just recently ran across your site))) I live in Kona, Hawaii which is a short flight from Oahu. Not sure if you planned on island hopping for some of your stay? I also lived in Oahu for 10 years prior to moving Big Island 3 years if u need any site seeing or good restuarant recomendation, I think I could help.

    Scott K

    • This trip will just be Oahu, visiting my family there, but I’ll let you know the next time I get to the Big Island.

  5. Am sitting here at beautiful Chautauqua Institution on vacation ( and discussing with my wife what she wants to do next year. She wants to go on a safari in Zambia. We used to be able to stop almost anywhere using our AA points but now that’s pretty restricted so I did a web search and found your fascinating site. Then I see you’ll be in Pittsburgh Sept 1-3 and we’d love to buy you dinner, talk about our mutual travels and see if there’s a way around AA’s new(er) restrictions. By the way, we’ve been treated really well by AA in the past, I’m a gold/million mile cardholder by virtue of purchases, not flying.

    Restaurants: We have a simple Vietnamese restaurant that makes better spring rolls than the one President Clinton ate at when visiting Vietnam. We have a pancake place that’s so good that President Obama flies them to the WH to cook them for him. And at the moment we have a hot baseball team playing the nation’s best ball park that will be playing the Astros while you’re in town and I have seats behind home plate.

    Let us know if you’re interested in getting together.

  6. I’m here in the DC area (Arlington VA to be exact) and ready to show you some of our fave cheap ethnic restaurants!

  7. Sam and Omie’s is a great old Nags Head restaurant (OBX). If you make it down to Avon, NC (Hatteras Island) have a flat top at Cafe 12 – if you like it HOT ask for some habanero sauce on the side. Oh my – there’s also Apple Uglies at the Orange Blossom Cafe (get there early!) and Gingerbread with Lemon Sauce from the Gingerbread House in Frisco (open in the morning for breakfast and the late afternoon/evening for pizza).

  8. I live in LA as well! We should meet up sometime and talk about the amazing redemptions we’ve gotten for people or just chat about frequent flyer stuff! Are you sick of Pinks hot dogs? haha how about Thai food? I know some awesome places!

  9. if you ever make your way down to Sao Paulo, Brazil, email me and I’ll show you the city and show you arguably the best Japanese, Italian and Brazilian churrasco you can find.

  10. Just started checking out your website, and I love the idea of this meetup page on a blogger’s website. If you’re ever in Kansas City, let me know, and I’ll take you out for some of the best KC BBQ. I’m also headed to Chicago for the seminars, so maybe we’ll meet there. Thanks for a great site.

  11. Hi there,

    I love your blog and would really love to know about future events in LA. I am just reading that I missed the first meet up, but I’d love to be at the future ones, so if I can be put on the list I’d be very grateful… I see your next mooted date clashes with the LA Frequent Flyer University event!

    I will also be in my native New Zealand during your travel dates, so perhaps there will be an opportunity to grab a drink and have a chat then.


    • I’ll have to think about a time that doesn’t clash with FTU. Thanks for the reminder. I am definitely interested in meeting a local in New Zealand. Where and when will you be there? I have no plans except a flight into AKL and a date that I will fly to SYD, but not even sure where I’ll fly from.

      • I will be there from sometime in December until mid January… so a long time and definitely within the dates you are there. I am just starting to look at my booking options now and will have firm dates by the end of the month, I hope!

        While there, I will be mostly in Wellington and sometimes in Auckland. I am not much of a planner and like to play things by ear when it comes to the broader details (not the flights), so I am sure when you have made firmer plans we can work out a place to meet. Do keep in touch and hopefully I’ll see you before at an event in LA.

  12. I’d be glad to join you for dinner in DC next year, and I hope to meet you in Chicago in a few weeks.

  13. I’d really like the opportunity for a Saturday dinner in Tampa like the September dinner in LA. The only downside is that early Feb is the middle of snowbird season, so room cost and availability for those staying overnight could be an issue (I’d be coming in from Jacksonville, about four hours away). Perhaps I can find a blog with some good tips about finding a room! ;-)

    • I will definitely do a Tampa dinner. How much notice would be ideal for people coming from out of town.

      • Since you’ve posted a range for your travel dates, I personally wouldn’t need a lot of notice. What would be more important would be to know the day of the week, with Saturday being ideal for me because of the drive.

        • Orlando might be a good middle ground (and with the plethora of motel space we have here, it could be had pretty cheap I’d imagine). I have a fantastic Indian restaurant in mind if a meetup in Orlando would be more conducive. Either that or a great Ethiopian place as well. It could be a Scott fest!

  14. I’ll be in NZ during the same time period, staying in the north island. my wife and I would love too meet up, we are excited for or big award trip to visit family.

  15. Awesome site!

  16. How about an hour or so when you can meet up at the Chicago Seminars with your regular readers all at the same time? Each blog writer has his/her ‘fan base’ now and we would like to meet you and put a face to your blog. You really have a great site and I’ve learned a lot from you already. Thanks.

  17. DC? See you here. Live in NW DC. Restaurant scene in DC is not so hot, cheap and good better in the burbs, except for Ethiopean, but Churchkey is great for craft brew if you’re game – 50 taps.

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  20. LOVE LOVE your website, got my $7 trip to SF…. wanting to learn more from you in person…. When you are in Los Angeles, Nov 30 to Dec 2….please let me know….

  21. Finally started doing the travelling I’ve always wanted to…doing 14 flights and some awesome travelling over Xmas break, and then cashing in on Dividend Miles to Europe in Feb. After reading yours and a few other blogs, am very inspired on this mileage/travelling for less biz (what can I say, I’m a broke med student). I live in LA (Westside, yo) and would be down to hang- ‘specially if you are ever out Venice/MDR way.

  22. which match did you see?

  23. Make sure you go to the Australian Open while in Melbourne

  24. I am in for LA meet-up around Jan end … How do we plan for it?

  25. Hey Scott. if you guys going to meet in LA, why dont you drive 45min south to the big O C,
    will introduce you guys to awesome vietnames PHO. its the best in the LA area. Comm’on down….

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  27. We’ll be in Italy for 3 weeks in Sept. Will follow your blog for details of your European schedule.

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  29. Hey Scott! I know this is late notice, but if you have any time in your schedule before you leave the DC area tomorrow, I’m down to talk miles and show the best falafel spot in the US. I’m a licensed tour guide in the city, so an impromptu tour could also be an option. Your site is awesome, and it’s great to see that the miles game is also accessible for young people!

  30. I’ll be in Munich for Oktoberfest 9/27-9/30ish and then heading to Austria and Prague…If you’re in the area, lets grab a beer!

  31. Couldnt tweet u. I am in BsAs until 26th. If you want to meet up pls let me know.

  32. Debashish Ghosh

    Hi Scott,
    Absolutely love your blog. I spend my winters in India – Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi – if you ever find yourself in India in the winters drop me a line. I have booked and spend 3 weeks in Europe flying business class, staying in Park Hyatts in Paris and Hyatt Regency in Nice, Hyatt in London all for free – mostly by following you and million mile secrets religiously. Hope to meet you in Chicago in October.
    Thanks again

  33. I see you’ll be home in Oct. you planning a meet up?

  34. Hey Scott! I’ll be in Honolulu for the Honolulu marathon from Dec 6-9. If you’re in Oahu at that time, would be great to meet up for happy hour or a meal.

  35. NYC this coming February sounds great – let us know when you decide which day to meet!

  36. Hi Scott, Let me know when youre back on Oahu again, I live here and would be great to chat it up over a pint sometime in Honolulu. I’ve had lots of great frequent flyer adventures/experiences and always great to meet up with anyone traveling out this way!

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  38. Hi! I’m from the states but living in Cape Town, South Africa- come visit!! Love the site, thanks for the advice!

  39. Thanks for the blog, I’m a n00b at this and would love to chat more in person.

    Would love to meet at the dinner in LA ! Keep me posted Scott!

    • There will be one September 20 in LA unless something changes. I will post it on the blog around September 6.

  40. Are you still planning on September 20 meet up in LA?

    • Looking at September 21. I’ll try to finalize and post in the next day or too. Since it’s Sunday it would be a little earlier like 6 PM.

  41. Sorry to hear that. My flight leaves LA at 7:30.

  42. My husband and a few friends would definitely like to meet with you while you’re in Tucson. There are some amazing restaurants in Tucson where we could enjoy good food and talk about miles and traveling.

  43. When will you be in Tucson? My wife and I (and probably some other people) would love to meet up with you for a dinner so that we could learn more about frequent flyer miles.

    • I can’t make any plans yet. I’ll certainly be occupied most of the weekend. I might have some time the night of Sunday November 16, but it will depend on my flight out of town. I’ll be in touch if I’m free that night.

  44. Sounds good. I hope that it works out that we can meet.

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