My Experience With Booking Singapore Airlines Awards

Singapore Airlines is probably one of the best airlines in the world.

I've had the privilege to fly Singapore Airlines almost 2-4 times a year since I was born. I was even one of the first "children" to fly the nonstop LAX-SIN flight which was then dubbed as the A345 Leadership. Although I always flew in Economy, in the next few days, I'll be flying Singapore's Suites product from Singapore-Los Angeles. I've dreamed of this day since I first knew what the First Class product looked like.

How To Get A Discounted Stopover on a United Airlines One Way Award

By now, you may be well aware of the rule that on a United oneway award, you can't take a stopover. On a roundtrip award, you get one stopover. (This is just for awards booked with United miles.

The Amazing Race: The Brand New W Bangkok

The continuation of Tahsir's round-the-world first class trip report that started here.

During my trip around the world, I stumbled upon some cash + points availability at the brand new W Bangkok. This hotel opened a few weeks ago (December 7th) and it is absolutely beautiful. For 4,800 Points & $60, this hotel should be one of the better options in the heavily Starwood-saturated Bangkok.

We were picked up from the airport and taken to the W, which is kind of far from the main area of Bangkok.

The Amazing Race: Frankfurt-Tokyo on Lufthansa A380 First Class

This is a multi-part trip report that started here.

After being escorted to our seat from our stellar private car ride, we met two pursers who were extremely friendly and professional. They both offered to show us to our closets and because the flight was 4/8 full today, they insisted that we use the window seats to watch the takeoff and the middle seats to sleep in.

Personal Locker

After sitting down in a window seat, the purser came by and handed me my Ginger Ale and Macadamia Nuts. Both were delicious as usual.

Happy New Year From Istanbul!

In a few minutes, i'll be on a boat in the middle of the Bosphorus River to celebrate New Years. If many of you don't know, the Bosphorus is the river that separates connects Asia & Europe! Turkey puts on an amazing Fireworks display on the Bosphorus bridge and I cant wait to see it!

I've taken a few moments to reflect on what i've been able to do this year and thought i'd share.

In January, I celebrated New Years on the Singapore Flyer. It was an amazing experience that i'll never forget.

The Amazing Race: Frankfurt First Class Terminal

This is my third post of many which reflect my ongoing winter trip! The trip report started here and links to all the posts.

I was hoping that when we landed, we wouldn't be assigned a gate. The reason behind this was that if you arrive at a non-gate position, you are entitled to a private car transfer to the arrivals hall.

When we landed, I noticed that we turned away from the terminal and parked at a non-gate position.

The Amazing Race: Denver – Frankfurt on Lufthansa First Class

This is the second post of ?? many about Tahsir's around the world trip. His first post was here, and I'll keep that post updated with links to all the posts.

After departing the gate, the flight to Frankfurt officially began. We were offered pajamas, amenity kits, and a pre-departure drink with macadamia nuts. I don’t drink alcohol but I’m an avid fan of Ginger Ale. I’d like to report that the Ginger Ale was amazing! It was so crisp and fresh.

The Amazing Race: Denver Departure Services

Tahsir's Itinerary Around the World in First Class is too long for one post.

Thai First, ANA First, United First All for 60k

Hot off the heels of FTU LAX, I'm writing a post to show people how to construct an awesome, yet rare aspirational trip. It's a trip with United, ANA, and Thai First!

For the past few months, I've been super busy with our Award Booking Service and haven't had time to post here. I was amazed at how many people actually came to me this weekend and told me to write more! Everyone also asked me to write about my upcoming trip that I booked.

For many, the question is simple.

LAX FTU Meet Ups

I am speaking at the Los Angeles Frequent Traveler University (LAX FTU) this weekend.