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I've always been a terrible photographer, which you might have noticed from my reviews of First Class flights, but I've enjoyed others' photography more than any other visual art.

I finally decided to learn a bit about photography and bought myself a used full-frame DSLR and a good 50mm prime lens.

I’m Going to Belarus, Ellen Skewers United, Half Off Lonely Planet & More

25 Euro Flight Sale
Air Baltic has a sale for flights booked by February 14, 2017 and flown March 9 to April 10 with fares starting at 25 euros. Example fares:

Most deals are to or from Riga, Vilnius, or Tallinn. I highly recommend the Baltics because they are small countries with interesting histories that are accessible and cheap.

Within the Baltics, though, I wouldn't fly. I'd use buses and ferries. Here's my guide to buses and ferries for Baltic travel.

I'm Going to Belarus
I love Eastern Europe.

Where I Slept in 2016

I've been traveling full time for over two years, never staying in one city for more than a few months.

Here are the main questions I get from people who can't wrap their heads around that unusual concept:

“OK, but where do you live?” It’s equally true that I live wherever I am at that moment and that I live nowhere.
“Where’s your home base?” Nowhere.

In 2016 I mixed in two long stays in Buenos Aires--where I am very comfortable and feel like I've found my niche in terms of neighborhood, gym, restaurants, friends, and nightlife--with several

Video of Me Hitchhiking in Patagonia (Argentina to Chile)

Last week, I flew from Buenos Aires to Rio Gallegos, Argentina with no intention of going to Rio Gallegos, Argentina. Instead, my plan was to walk out of the airport, stick my thumb out, and try to get a ride to Puerto Natales, Chile, where I met my friend to hike Torres del Paine National Park.

Why hitchhike last week?

It was a goal of mine to try hitchhiking once in my life.
Rio Gallegos airport is 3:22 driving from Puerto Natales, Chile.

2017 Travel Goals

Greetings from Patagonia!

With 2016 in the books, and my rundown of last year’s travel here, I thought I’d share my upcoming travel plans.

I pretty much know exactly where I’ll be in January and half of February, see a few options for the rest of February and March, and then have no idea what I’ll do from April on.

MileValue Award Booking Service Seeking New Award Bookers

The MileValue Award Booking Service is seeking talented award bookers to have fun, get paid, and help people book their dream trips.

The MileValue Award Booking Service is the premier service for booking people their dream trips with frequent flyer miles.

Vote for MileValue as Best Miles & Points Blog

MileValue was nominated by USA Today as the Best Miles-and-Points Blog. Through November 7, 2016, you can vote for MileValue here.

You can vote once per day, just by clicking vote without having to give any personal information.

Winning this beauty contest would be nice, but I already feel like a winner. I've written a miles-and-points blog for almost five years. My job is to help people achieve lifelong travel dreams.

Introducing New MileValue Writer Sarah Page Maxwell

Please welcome Sarah Page Maxwell as the newest member of the MileValue team. She will write several articles a week of the type you already enjoy on MileValue. She'll also bring her own voice and travel experiences to MileValue to complement mine.

Boipeba, Brazil

Sarah Page has been living in Buenos Aires, Argentina for four years, and we met through the expat community there a few years ago.

My 2016 Spring & Summer Travel & Life Plans

I'm a nomad. Here are my current travel plans. Also see Late 2015 Travel, Early 2016 Travel, and Where I Slept in 2015.

I have a clear picture of where I’ll be until about October 2016. Last week, I booked a flurry of awards, mostly with obscure mileage programs to lock in my dates for 2016.

Happy Fourth Birthday to MileValue

Saturday was the fourth anniversary of the site's first post: How Much Are Frequent Flier Miles Worth? A Guide. I celebrated by taking the day off.

Thanks to everyone who has read the site, used the MileValue Award Booking Service, or applied for a credit card using a link on this site. Your support has allowed me to make a living by typing up tips for cheap, free, or luxurious travel on my laptop all over the world.

I decided to start this site in February 2012 when I was in Rwanda.