Argentina Money Situation 2017. Is There Still a Black (Blue) Market?

Updated November 8, 2017

In the last four years, I've spent about 18 months total in Argentina, so I wanted to give a quick update on the money situation down there.

From 2010 until December 2015, Argentina had an official exchange rate that was a complete fiction.

The Deal With Kiwi & Virtual Interlining

I heard about from a friend, dry on the miles front, who was traveling in Europe this past summer and wanted to find the cheapest cash option to get him back home to the United States. is an online travel agency with a fare aggregator and metasearch engine that used to go by until the company re-branded under the name Kiwi in 2016. And lots of people are talking about it.

But there are tons of aggregators and metasearch engines for travel these days.

Rent a Car One Way for $5 a Day

This fall and winter, Dollar, Hertz, and Thrifty are offering dirt cheap daily rates on their rental cars as in incentive for you to drive their stock south for them. You can find cars for as little as $5 a day with pick up locations at airports along the east coast and drop off destinations in Florida.

At five dollars a day, you could rent a car for a whole week for just $35, or up to two weeks for $70! That is unbeatable.
The Deal
When it gets cold up north, people stop renting cars.

Using AutoSlash to Save Big on Car Rentals

The eclipse is happening in a week, and unfortunately I have no choice but to travel between Charleston, South Carolina--an eclipse viewing hotspot--and Atlanta, Georgia on August 23, just two days after the momentous event that's drawing an estimated crowd of one million+ visitors to the coastal city.

$10/Month for Unlimited In-Flight Wifi on Tons of Planes (Seriously)

The internet has been buzzing with talk of US Mobile's new Unlimited Wifi Plan. The service that debuted a couple weeks ago gives access to US Mobile's hotspot network as well as unlimited in-flight wifi on a large variety of airlines domestically and internationally, all for the incredible price of $10 a month.

How to Show Legroom in Google Flights Search Results

If you have long legs then the distance between the seat backs on a plane, called seat pitch, is of primary importance. That's especially true when you're looking to book a cheap cash flight most likely in economy class, where seat pitches vary greatly. A couple inches can make a world of a difference.

The pitch of Ryanair could be unacceptable to long-legged individuals. 

Seat pitch information is not a new feature of Google Flights search results.

BlaBlaCar: A Review & How-To

Yesterday I took a BlaBlaCar from Valencia to Madrid. It was by the far the cheapest option to travel between the two cities, and for me was a pleasant experience that I plan on repeating between other cities within reasonable driving distance.
What the heck is BlaBlaCar?
BlaBlaCar is ridesharing community--the biggest of its kind in the world. You can access the platform through their app or website, where drivers publish trips they plan on taking and riders can request to join for a cost. Typically only long distance drives are available.

Taking the Jadrolinija Ferry from Bari, Italy to Dubrovnik

Last week I took an overnight ferry from Bari, Italy to Dubrovnik, Croatia. I'm pretty sure Jadrolinija is the only ferry line that connects passengers between the two regions. There is a serious lack of information available online, however, about the process of booking, boarding, logistics, and generally what to expect so I figured I'd share my experience for anyone out there googling with the hope of finding clarity.

Bari is the gateway city to the Puglia region with the busiest airport in southern Italy.

Guide to Zagreb, Croatia

Lonely Planet just named Zagreb, Croatia #1 on its "Best in Europe" hot list for 2017. I've spent the last three months here, so here's my guide to Zagreb.
It's laughable for Lonely Planet to tout Zagreb as the #1 destination in Europe. It doesn't stack up against other destinations like Paris, London, or Prague for sights, things to do, food, or along other typical tourist dimensions. Nor is it an undiscovered gem.

Where I’ll Be Over the Next Five Weeks. Recommendations?

Hello from the verdant Santiago de Compostela, Spain! The picture above is the view from the kitchen table in my Airbnb, overlooking Alameda Park, just a five minute walk from the famous Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. This town in Galicia is the end of the famous Camino de Santiago (or The Way of St. James), a pilgrimage that millions have made to visit the shrine of the apostle St.