Amex Warning Ineligible Applicants Before Final Submission

The miles world received some unsettling news recently. I've been mulling it over myself since I read about it, waiting to see if any further information was published or insight gained from others' experiences. And now we have some.

Pay Rent, Mortgage, Student Loans, Insurance, and Tuition by Credit Card with 2.49% Fee with Plastiq

A new service, Plastiq, lets you pay any company or person with a credit card for a 1.99% to 2.49% fee. This means you can pay your rent, mortgage, student loans, insurance, or tuition by credit card to satisfy the minimum spending requirement on a new credit card.

How Plastiq Works
You select a company from the list of payees or designate any other person or company as the payee.

If the company is already on the list of payees, clicking "Pay Now" will show you what the fee will be on the bottom left of the next page.

4 Easy Ways to Spend Less Time on your Miles Hobby

I think miles and points are one area where you don't have to spend hours per day to get great results like flying some of the world's nicest First Class products or taking your family of four on vacation for pennies on the dollar.

Easy enough to get here

You could probably cut the amount of time you spend on this hobby to 20% of your current input and still get 80% of the results.

End of Amazon Payments Free $1,000 Transfer

You have one week left to make your last free $1,000 transfer on Amazon Payments with a credit card. The ability to manufacture spending this way ends October 12, 2014.

Amazon Payments is a payment service very similar to PayPal with one major difference.

Amazon Payments charges no fee to pay someone with a credit card. You can send $1,000 per month per account without fees on Amazon Payments.

Free First Class 2014: Manufactured Spending

This is the eighth post in a monthlong series that started here. Each post will take about two minutes to read and may include an action item that takes the reader another two minutes to complete.

The Manufactured Spending Opportunity You Just Missed

Giftly was a way to manufacture spending at 1% cost. Selling $200 Visa Gift Cards Means Ultimate Rewards for 0.47 Cents is selling $200 Visa gift cards online. That's good news if you're not near a Staples that carries $200 Visa gift cards.

By purchasing the $200 Visa gift cards, you can earn Ultimate Rewards for only 0.47 cents each.

How to Manufacture Spending with Visa Gift Cards and Walmart Money Orders

Over the weekend, I manufactured $506.23 in spending at a cost of $6.93 (1.37%) and 3 minutes of time.

The first step was to buy a reloadable Visa gift card with my credit card. I live in Hawaii where the options for this are bleak.