Book Now to Europe for Next Summer: Business

Want to book a dream summer vacation to Europe? The time is now. Award space is still very good on a number of great routes on great products and will deteriorate in the coming months.

Here's how I would go about booking my dream award. Step one is the miles--more on getting those at the end of the post.

The Amazing Race: Denver – Frankfurt on Lufthansa First Class

This is the second post of ?? many about Tahsir's around the world trip. His first post was here, and I'll keep that post updated with links to all the posts.

After departing the gate, the flight to Frankfurt officially began. We were offered pajamas, amenity kits, and a pre-departure drink with macadamia nuts. I don’t drink alcohol but I’m an avid fan of Ginger Ale. I’d like to report that the Ginger Ale was amazing! It was so crisp and fresh.

The Amazing Race: Denver Departure Services

Tahsir's Itinerary Around the World in First Class is too long for one post.

Lufthansa 747-8 Award Space from Los Angeles to Frankfurt

Lufthansa has started to display flights from Los Angeles <-> Frankfurt as being operated by a fancy new 747-8, starting December 10, 2012. I've talked a little about Lufthansa's 747-8s before--see Get on an A380, 787 Dreamliner, and New 747-8 on one United Award--and I love them for a few reasons.

First, it's in the beautiful, iconic 747 line. Second, it is a brand new plane, so it has those improvements like bigger bins, bigger windows, LED lighting, and better fuel mileage.

Get on an A380, 787 Dreamliner, and New 747-8 on One United Award

Some people are plane enthusiasts. They'll do anything to fly the new mega-jet A380, which I'll be doing in Qantas business in January. Or one of the new Dreamliners, which United's taking more deliveries of and releasing the routes they'll operate on.

The Poorly Kept Secret to Finding Lufthansa First Class Availability with United Miles

For some, Lufthansa First Class is their aspirational goal. Using United miles, there is a (poorly kept) secret for how to get Lufthansa First Class seats: wait until the last week or even the last day!

Lufthansa only releases its first class availability to United right at the wire. For instance, I am sitting in the Lufthansa business lounge in Frankfurt right now, waiting to fly FRA-LHR-LAX on Lufthansa and United business class.