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Last Chance for 50k Limited Time Offer on Hilton HHonors Card

Last month the Citi® Hilton HHonors™ Visa Signature® Card increased its sign up bonus to 50,000 bonus Hilton points after spending $1,000 in the first 4 months of cardmembership.

In addition, you earn a $50 statement credit after spending $50 on your first stay at a Hilton property.

That special limited time offer expires tomorrow April 18 at 5:00 PM ET.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 8.09.51 AM

The card even comes with free Hilton Silver Status and the ability to earn Gold Status after only four stays.

This is the best offer I’ve seen for a no-annual-fee Hilton card.

How does it compare to my favorite Hilton card?

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Why I Got the Citi ThankYou Premier Card

In February, I opened several credit cards. I am writing posts explaining my logic for opening each one. See previously “Why I Got the Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard” and “Why I Got the American Express SimplyCash Card.”

I got the Citi ThankYou® Premier Rewards Card because of its sign up bonus…

  • Earn up to 50,000 bonus ThankYou® Points. Bonus points are redeemable for up to $500 in gift cards, up to $625 for airfare or other great rewards
  • Earn 20,000 points after $2,000 in purchases within the first 3 months of account opening
  • Earn an additional 30,000 points after another $3,000 in purchases within the first 3 months of your second year of being a cardmember

…and category bonuses:

  • Earn 3 ThankYou Points for every $1 spent on purchases for dining at restaurants and entertainment
  • Earn 2 ThankYou Points for every $1 spent on purchases for airfare and hotels
  • Earn 1 ThankYou Point per $1 spent on other purchases

The Citi ThankYou® Premier Rewards Card is one of the top bank point earning cards. The 50k point sign up bonus is worth $625 in free flights on any flight, any time, on any airline with no blackout dates.

And when you fly those $625 in free flights, you will earn miles as if you were flying tickets you had paid for! So getting this card earns points, which lead to free travel, which leads to earning miles, which leads to free travel. The technical term for this is “a virtuous cycle.” :)

Why did I get the Citi ThankYou Premier card? Who would benefit most from this card? How does the sign up bonus work? What are my experiences with the card?

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Top Ten Credit Card Offers for Travel, March 2014

Whether you’re looking for free luxury hotel stays, first class flights, flights home to see family, or big rewards on gas or groceries, there are some fantastic credit card bonuses out there.

I’m writing this post from Raleigh, North Carolina near the end of a six-week world tour that would have been completely impossible without miles and points earned from credit cards.

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 6.53.53 PM

My trip is taking advantage of American Airlines miles, Starpoints, Ultimate Rewards, Lufthansa miles, and Arrival miles, all of which I got from credit cards.

How can you earn rewards for the trip of your dreams? What are the best credit card offers for March 2014?

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50,000 Hilton Points + $50 Statement Credit with Citi Hilton Honors Card

The Citi® Hilton HHonors™ Visa Signature® Card has increased its sign up bonus to 50,000 bonus Hilton points after spending $1,000 in the first 4 months of cardmembership.

In addition, you will earn a $50 statement credit after spending $50 on your first stay at a Hilton property.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 8.09.51 AM

The card even comes with free Hilton Silver Status and the ability to earn Gold Status after only four stays.

This is the best offer I’ve seen for a no-annual-fee Hilton card.

How does it compare to my favorite Hilton card?

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Top Five Cards for Economy Travel (Start Thinking About the Holidays Now)

What are the top credit cards for economy travel?

It’s a question I get asked a lot in November and December as friends scramble to purchase tickets home to see family for Thanksgiving or Christmas. But it’s better to ask the question now and have the rewards in hand for free economy travel whenever you want to visit family or just take a quick trip.

To me, there are a clear best five cards for domestic economy travel, with each card better for different spending and flying patterns.

1. The Arrival Card

The most versatile card when you want to take an economy trip is the Barclaycard Arrival(TM) World MasterCard® – Earn 2x on All Purchases, which comes with 40,000 bonus miles (worth $456 in free travel) after spending $3,000 in the first three months.

The miles earned on the card can be used toward any flight, any time, on any airline without needing to search for award space. Redemption couldn’t be easier.

In addition to flights, Arrival miles can be used for lodging–any hotel, B&B, hostel, etc–and car rental if you need those when traveling.

It’s not just the redemption side where Arrival miles shine. The Arrival card earns 2 miles per dollar on all purchases, so it’s not a card that requires you to memorize ever-changing category bonuses.

Each Arrival mile is worth 1.14 cents on travel redemptions, so the card earns 2.28% back toward travel on all purchases, which no other card matches.

Add in free access to your FICO credit score and a free subscription to TripIt Pro (worth $49) and the Arrival card is a clear #1 in my mind.

The Arrival card has no annual fee the first 12 months then $89 thereafter.

What are the other Top Five Cards for Economy Travel?

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Citi Executive AAdvantage World MasterCard Now Has 100,000 Mile Sign Up Bonus After Spending $10,000

A week ago I wrote about a 75,000 mile sign up bonus on the Citi Executive AAdvantage World MasterCard.

That bonus is now 100k American Airlines miles after spending $10,000 on the card in the first three months.

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 12.04.51 AM

What are the full offer details? What’s the big drawback?

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Your Last Chance to Get the US Airways Card Will Be mid-2015

According to themiddlemarket.com, the US Airways MasterCard from Barclaycard will accept applications through early 2015.

Then, for existing cardholders, the card will become an American Airlines co-branded card.

At that point, there will be two banks servicing American Airlines co-branded cards, Barclaycard and Citi, but only Citi will be able to issue new American Airlines co-branded cards once the Dividend Miles and AAdvantage programs have merged.

What did I get right about the demise of the US Airways MasterCard? (Not much.) What did I get wrong? (A lot.) How can you earn maximum new American Airlines miles from credit cards in the next year and a half?

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Citi Offering 3 AAdvantage Miles Per Dollar on Gas, Groceries, and More. Targeted?

Yesterday I got an email with the subject line “Earn 3X American Airlines AAdvantage® Miles | Enroll in one click!”

By clicking the button inside the email, I enrolled myself for 3 American Airlines miles per dollar at department stores, restaurants, gas stations, and grocery stores through 12/31/13 on purchases made with my Citi AAdvantage card. There is a limit of 2,500 bonus miles ($1,250 in spending) on the promotion.

Clicking “Enroll with one click >” did just what it should have, taking me to this message.

Everyone should check your email for a similar email, and enroll with one click if you can.

But should you take advantage of the offer? Or are there more valuable cards on which to spend even after this bonus? What is the best current offer on the Citi AA card?

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Top Nine Credit Card Offers That Are About to Disappear

Update: Several–if not all–of these offers have expired. For the current best offers for free travel, see Best Credit Cards Offers.

When signing up for a credit card, I think there are four factors to consider:

  1. What is the value of the sign up bonus?
  2. What is value of putting my pattern of spending on the card? (category bonuses and the value of the base point earned)
  3. What are the benefits of holding the card? (lounge access, free checked bags, discounted awards, etc)
  4. When is the deal disappearing?

All things equal, you should apply for a card with a limited time sign up bonus over one that is stable. You can get the stable card next time.

What are the top nine credit card offers that are about to disappear? When are they disappearing? And how much worse will the upcoming offers be?

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The Three Best Credit Cards for Free Luxury Hotel Nights

For me, first class flights would be out of reach without miles. I can’t spend $10,000 for a first class flight on an airline like Emirates.

Luckily I don’t need to because I have plenty of miles, and I could fly economy class in a pinch.

Fancy hotels are similar. I can’t pay $1,000 a night for a hotel like the Park Hyatt Sydney.

And luckily I don’t ever need to stay in fancy hotels. When I travel, all I need is a roof and a pillow. But for those special occasions when I want to indulge in absolute luxury, I can by opening a single credit card.

What are the three best credit cards for luxury hotel experiences?

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Rookie Alli’s First Cards: Execution

Previously: Rookie Alli’s First Cards: Picking the Cards


My first cards couldn’t have been easier! While I did hit a couple of snags, none were very serious, and I am treating them as learning experiences. I applied for all five card in one day and was able to fit in the applications and any needed calls to the credit card companies around the other things I had to do that day: a kickball game and some flip cup.

I started with the Frontier card at 10:11 AM and was instantly approved online.

I even got to pick which Frontier mascot I wanted on my card. I went with Foxy Brown.

Excited after this positive start, I moved on to the United MileagePlus Explorer card. Again, instant approval! I’d been at this for 20 minutes and was two-for-two on these applications.

…Except that I had clicked the Submit button without adding a second cardholder to the account. That click was a 5,000 mile rookie mistake.

Chase lets you add an authorized user to the card and earn 5,000 extra miles upon first purchase.

On the application, I just skipped over the section because it wasn’t very noticeable.

I might be able to salvage those points, though. I’ll send a secure message to Chase and see if they will let me add a user for 5,000 miles. I’ll report back.

Disappointed about the United blunder, I moved on to the Discover it™. This is where I encountered my second snag of the day. I filled out my personal information, checked the Terms and Conditions box, and was redirected back to the original application page. Not letting this computer glitch deter me from my mission, I again filled out my info, checked the box, and… nothing.

A quick phone call to Discover informed me that they were having system wide technical issues, their staff was slammed, and could I please call back later? I called again that evening at 8:00 PM, concerned with the fact that I may have submitted two applications or maybe none at all. The agent told me that I had indeed submitted two, and that the first was instantly approved but the second was pending further review. I asked her to shut down the second application, which she did. Success!

The fourth card I applied for was the Mercedes-Benz Platinum card. Once again, I was instantly approved and received an email telling me I’d have my card in 2-3 days.

I applied on Sunday, and received it on Tuesday. Considering it was a holiday weekend, a 48 hour turnaround was quite impressive! I’m already working on the Global Entry application.

The final application was for the Citi® Hilton HHonors™  Reserve Card card. This was the only card that I was not immediately approved for.

That was fine. I learned from applying for the Citi American Airlines cards in November about reconsideration calls since I was not immediately approved for the Citi American Airlines American Express. In my experience, a reconsideration call is no big deal, but I like to prep what I am going to say before picking up the phone.

I know it’s important to convey enthusiasm for the card’s partner (Hilton) and all the card’s benefits except the sign up bonus, so that the bank will think you are a profitable customer.

At a minimum, I was expecting some questions. But after the rep confirmed my identity, he put me on hold, came back, and said I had been approved for the card. Here is a video of the call. Most of the five minute call was spent goofing off on hold.


I applied, and was approved, for five rewards cards.

My haul? After a combined minimum spend of $5,250, I will have 35,000 Frontier miles, 35,000 United miles, 50,000 Membership Rewards, free Global Entry, $400 in airline-fee credits or gift cards, two free weekend nights at almost any Hilton across the globe, free lounge access at hundreds of airports, access to huge cashback opportunities from Discover, free breakfast and internet at Hiltons, and a credit card with a fox on it. ;)

  • Frontier Airlines World MasterCard for access to its incredible award chart
  • Chase United MileagePlus Explorer Visa for United miles with a low minimum spend
  • Discover it™ for access to its 5% cash back rotating categories and amazing cash back mall
  • Mercedes-Benz American Express Platinum for the points, lounge access, airline gift cards, and Global Entry despite the huge $475 annual fee
  • Citi® Hilton HHonors™  Reserve Card for two free nights at a Hilton I could normally only dream of

How to Earn 105,000 Miles in the Next Few Weeks

Yesterday I talked about why newbies should dip their toes in the credit card pool–the rewards are enough to travel for pennies in first class. In this post, I’ll give you an overly detailed explanation of how I would start today if I were new.

This post is as bare bones as I can make it and might leave you with a lot of questions. I hope it spurs a full interest in collecting and redeeming miles. I hope you’ll become a regular reader of MileValue. But if you just want to spend ten minutes now on the action items in this post and ten minutes a month maintaining your miles balance, that’s an option too.

The best current credit card offer is from Citi. It has two identical American Airlines cards, the only difference being that one has its payments processed by Visa and one by American Express. That’s mostly an irrelevant detail, but it means you can get both. Each has a 50,000 mile bonus after spending $2,500 on the card in the first four months, so that’s 100,000 bonus miles total after $5,000 total in spending. I’ll explain how to easily meet that spending requirement after explaining how to get the cards in three simple steps.

  1. Open two browsers, with one application in each browser.
  2. Complete the applications in unison.
  3. Call Citi.

1. Open two browsers, with one application in each browser.

Open up two web browsers. On my MacBook, Safari was preinstalled, and I downloaded Firefox, so I open those two. If you have a PC, open Internet Explorer and another one. (Download Firefox if you only have your preinstalled browser on the computer.)

Direct each browser to this post. In one, click the Visa link below. In the other, click the American Express link.

Citi American Airlines Visa

Citi American Airlines American Express

(Note: I have removed the links because the ones in the post are dead, and the new links are ever-changing. Find the current highest links here.)

2. Complete the applications in unison.

Fill out the first application and click Verify Application. Fill out the second application and click Verify Application.

(If you don’t already have an American Airlines account and number, sign up for one in 60 seconds for free here.)

Now you are on the verification screen for each. If the information is all correct, click Submit Application on one then Submit Application on the other.

I recommend this method of applying for both at once because I (and many others) have found that if you submit the two applications the same day, you can get both cards. But if you submit one today and one tomorrow, the second application will be denied.

I recommend using two browsers because sometimes the cookies in one browser prevent submission of both applications.

Submitting two or more applications on the same day to Citi results in only one credit inquiry. That’s good because credit inquiries temporarily lower your credit score 2-5 points as I mentioned yesterday.

After submitting the application, you will be told whether you were approved instantly. It’s not big deal one way or the other. If you are approved for both, skip Step 3–you’re done.

If you get any other message about the application being received, pending, or being denied, note the reference number and call the telephone number listed on the page. If no telephone number is listed, call 800-695-5171. If no reference number is listed, the agent will bring up your application another way.

3. Call Citi.

Each call will only be about one card. Call Citi at 800-695-5171 and say: “I just submitted an application for the American Airlines Visa [or American Express, whichever you are calling about.] I am calling to see if you need more information to process the application.”

The agent will generally ask you questions that were already on the application. Answer them politely.

The only tough question you might get is why you want two cards at once. Don’t mention the sign up bonus. Instead mention another benefit of two cards–maybe the ability to track two categories of spending to help with your budgeting.

After a few minutes, most people are approved over the phone. If you are not, you don’t have to take no for an answer. Hang up and call a new agent. You may want to highlight any reasons why you are a good credit risk on reconsideration calls like your relationship with Citi or your history of on-time payments.

Once you are approved, ask the agent to confirm the sign up bonus details. The cards should offer 50,000 bonus miles after $2,500 in spending in four months.

Once you have finished one conversation, hang up and call back about the second card if necessary.

If all goes according to plan, you’ll be approved for both cards. They will be mailed to you, and you’ll get them within a week or so. Now, you just have to spend $5,000 total in four months. Here’s how:

1. Start with the American Express card. Use it for all purchases until you hit $2,500. You can pay almost everything with a credit card. You should try to avoid using cash for purchases. You can also prepay your wireless bill and other bills. If you have a two-year contract, and you can afford to prepay, this is an easy way to meet a spending requirement.

If the American Express isn’t accepted somewhere–Visas are more commonly accepted–use the Visa.

2. Once you meet the $2,500 spending requirement on the American Express, which you can track online, start using the Visa until you hit its $2,500 threshold.

3. If you don’t spend $5,000 in four months, there is an easy way to meet the requirement.

Amazon Payments is a service of amazon.com very similar to PayPal. The huge benefit is that you can send $1,000 per calendar month with a credit card without the sender or receiver paying a fee. If you made a $1,000 payment or loan each calendar month to someone you trusted to repay the loan, you would have $4,000 of the $5,000 requirements met easily.

Just do not send the $1,000 to someone and have them send it back. Amazon will shut your account down. The person should use the balance in their Amazon Payments account or withdraw the money to a bank account.

Once you meet a spending requirement, the miles will post to your American Airlines account on the next credit card statement.


By doing this, you’ll have 105,000 American Airlines miles–the 100k bonuses plus 5k in spending at 1 miles per dollar.

Is there an annual fee for these cards?

Yes, but it is waived for the first 12 months of holding the card. To avoid ever paying an annual fee, cancel the card before its anniversary. Do not cancel the cards immediately after the bonuses post though. Wait until you’ve held them at least nine months. Set an alert on your phone’s calendar now to remind you to cancel the cards.

Do the miles expire?

American Airlines miles expire if there is no activity in your account for 18 months. Any miles earned or debited restarts that clock, so as long as you are using the cards, you have 18 more months to use the miles.

If you cancel the card, do you lose the miles?

No, Citi puts miles into your American Airlines account, which are yours to keep even if you cancel the cards.

Other questions? Comment or email me.

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Will Citi Have the Next Hot Transferable Points?

According to this thread on FlyerTalk, Citi has announced that ThankYou Points earned from  its own ThankYou Point credit cards can now be transferred to Hilton HHonors points.

There some huge pros to this announcement but also some really troubling concerns that need further clarification. Read on for my analysis.

What is the transfer ratio of ThankYouPoints to Hilton HHonors points?

According to the Hilton website, ThankYou Points (TYP) can be transferred to Hilton HHonors at a ratio of 1:1.5. The minimum number of TYP that can be transferred is 1,000. They also must be transferred in increments of 1,000.

Is this transfer ratio better or worse than other possible HHonors transfer partners?

The 1:1.5 ratio falls in line with the American Express Membership Rewards transfer ratio. Take note that until January 31, American Express is actually offering a better 1:2 transfer ratio. For more details on that, check out my post Hilton HHonors-33% Bonus on Membership Rewards Transfers.

Starwood Preferred Guest points transfer to HHonors at a 1:2.5 ratio, but it takes some legwork. In general, this is a really poor way to spend your SPG points. However, if you are desperate for HHonors points and close to topping off an aspirational award, it might make sense.

To pull this off, you will need to transfer your SPG points to either Virgin Atlantic or Hawaiian Airlines.

Starwood Points transfer to Virgin Atlantic or Hawaiian Airlines at a ratio of 1:1.25 when you transfer in increments of 20,000. For example, converting 20k SPG points will net you 25k Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles. Virgin Atlantic miles then transfer to HHonors at a ratio of 1:2. For a step by step, check out Scott’s post Transferring Virgin Atlantic Miles to Hilton HHonors Points and Transferring Hawaiian Miles to Hilton.

In a basic example, transfer 20k SPG points to Virgin Atlantic to net 25k Flying Club miles. 25k Flying Club miles then convert to 50k HHonors points.

If the ratio isn’t that great, why is this announcement a big deal?

I’m excited about the news from Citi merely on the hope they add more transfer partners. Having just one transfer partner isn’t very exciting. It won’t tempt me to apply for the cards outright. However, if Citi can add more potential partners, especially airlines, then the value of a ThankYou Point could be mentioned in the same breath as American Express Membership Rewards and Chase Ultimate Rewards Points, two flexible point programs with many great airline and hotel transfer options.

As you know, we have a great Award Booking Service here at MileValue and love tackling all types of difficult and complex awards. When clients contact us, having flexible points like Chase or American Express gives us options. It opens up routes that wouldn’t be otherwise possible. It makes bookings much easier.

If Citi becomes the third flexible bank point currency, then more potential award redemptions are accessible to frequent flyers.

Wasn’t Citi rumored to have added some airline transfer partners last year?

Actually, yes. In March of 2012, FlyerTalk was abuzz about Citi potentially adding British Airways and Singapore Air. The supposed partnership was to take place in April but never materialized. The addition of Hilton to Citi’s portfolio hopefully rekindles some of those rumors. To read about that big letdown, check out the FlyerTalk thread here.

Do all Citi cards that earn ThankYou Points qualify for transfers?

No. According to Citi’s own terms and conditions listed below, you must have a Citi Premier or Prestige card to be eligible for transfers. Other cards that earn TYP such as the Preferred, Forward, and Standard cards, do not qualify.

Anything else worry you about the terms and conditions?

Yes! There is some real concern about T&C #3 on the list above. It appears that TYP earned through sign up bonuses are not eligible for transfers to Hilton. I can’t overstate how much of a dealbreaker this is. But I also am not sure that it’s true.

The vast majority of my Membership Rewards balance was earned through the sign up bonus. I’m sure Scott can say the same about his Ink Plus and Ink Bold cards. We simply don’t generate enough spend to accumulate the points for premium cabin redemptions. Sign up bonuses are the clear-cut best method in quickly attaining premium cabin awards.

According to this thread on FlyerTalk, the Citi Premier card was offering a 50,000 TYP sign up bonus as recently as last year. The card now as a standard 25k sign up bonus.

The possible sign up bonus exclusion from Citi TYP transfers is a massive negative for the program. The data points are still pretty scarce on FlyerTalk, so feel free to comment if the TYP earned through your sign up bonuses are eligible for transfer to Hilton.

If I can’t transfer ThankYou Points, what are they good for?

TYP can be redeemed for a variety of gift cards at a rate of $0.01/point. Citi Premier and Prestige cardholders can also redeem them for airfare at a rate of $0.0133/point. Using TYP for airline tickets gives you much more value and allows you to earn redeemable and elite qualifying miles on the trips. Citi is essentially purchasing the ticket for you.


Citi has added Hilton HHonors as a transfer partner to a select few of its ThankYou Point earning cards. The transfer ratio is not a good deal, in my opinion.

The potential for Citi to add additional transfer partners is extremely exciting. They were rumored to have an agreement with British Airways and Singapore Air, but that never materialized last year. If they were to add more hotel and airline partners, Citi could give American Express and Chase a run for their money when it comes to “Best Flexible Bank Point.”

I’m still very concerned about the language in the terms and conditions excluding sign up bonus points from transfers. If that turns out to be true, the strategic value of TYP diminishes greatly.

Get on American’s New 777-300ER in Business Class

Update: There are two flights on 1/31. The 8:35 PM flight number 963 is on the 777-300ER, though I’m not sure who “Steve” is.

American Airlines business class used to stink. While United, Delta, and US Airways all had fully flat beds in business class on at least some of their flights, all AA flights had angled lie flat seats at best in business class.

That is about to change when American’s new 777-300ER comes into service with beautiful flat beds in business class, all with aisle access.

The plane also features a cool entry way that looks more like a Las Vegas club than the airplanes I’m used to walking onto.

How can you get on?

The 777-300ER’s first route will be from Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) to Sao Paulo (GRU) six days a week in February.

The southbound AA 963 will leave Dallas at 8:35 PM and land in Sao Paulo at 9:30 AM the next day.

The northbound AA 962 will leave Sao Paulo at 12:55 AM and land in DFW at 7:20 AM the same day.

The 777-300ER will not be on the route long. According to the press release, the plane will only fly DFW-GRU from January 31 to February 28 before switching to a European route. The way to tell if a 777-300ER is on a certain route is to look at the aircraft listed. The 777-300ER’s code is 77W.

If the Aircraft is listed as 777, that is not one of the new 777-300ERs. Instead it’s an older 777-200 with angled lie flat seats.

While the press release says that the 777-300ER will be on the route starting on January 31, the schedule lists that day’s aircraft as 777, and the first 77W date is February 1. I’m not sure which to believe, but I would not book January 31 expecting to be on the new plane unless the listed aircraft is changed to 77W for that date.


Here are the calendars for one seat in economy, business, and first in each direction for the month the planes will operate between Dallas and Sao Paulo.

Economy Dallas –> Sao Paulo

6/29 Days Availability in Economy

Business Dallas –> Sao Paulo

Zero Availability in Business

First Dallas –> Sao Paulo

?/29 Days Available in First. See above uncertainty about whether 1/31 flight will be flown by 777-300ER

Economy Sao Paulo –> Dallas

16/29 Days Available in Economy

Business Sao Paulo –> Dallas

1/29 Days Available in Business

First Sao Paulo –> Dallas

2/29 Days Available in First

What the Calendars Say

There is better availability in economy than in the other classes, with only one day with any business class space in either direction. There’s better availability returning to the States than heading to Brazil.

The Play

What’s special about American’s 777-300ERs? They are the first American Airlines planes with fully flat business class beds. The first class looks about the same as their other Flagship First experiences, and economy will be the same on this plane as on other planes. That means I am mainly interested in getting on this plane in business class. I certainly wouldn’t book these flights in economy, since you can get to Brazil for 30k US Airways miles roundtrip.

Flagship First on AA’s 777-300ER

I see one intriguing premium cabin redemption that gets you in all lie flat beds. If you book the outbound on January 31 and the return February 5, you will certainly be returning in a flat bed business class product for 50k miles. The outbound will also be in a flat bed Flagship First cabin, though AA has released conflicting info on whether January 31 will be a 777-300ER or a 777-200.

Economy/business/first cost 30k/50k/62.5k each way from the US and Canada to Brazil. That means one way in business and one way in first is 112,500 miles plus tax. Adding domestic first class to/from your home airport to Dallas will cost zero extra miles and $5 more in taxes.

If you want a free stopover in Dallas in either or both directions, you can book it as I outlined in How to Book Free Stopovers Online: American Airlines. If you live in Dallas, you can add two free oneways to the roundtrip award above as outlined in my YouTube video on the subject.

The 777-300ERs Next Routes

The fancy business class will be serving London from New York-JFK and Dallas after the Sao Paulo route. To search for that space, the concept is the same. Check for an aircraft listed as 77W.

I will look to have a post about these routes in the next few days.

How to Get American Airlines Miles

The best current offer for American Airlines credit cards is to get two at the same time for 100k total miles. You can apply for the Citi American Airlines Visa and Citi American Airlines American Express within minutes with different browsers. In my experience, my brothers’ experience, my girlfriend’s experience, and the experience of hundreds of FlyerTalkers, you can get approved for both.

Application Link: Citi American Airlines Visa

Application Link: Citi American Airlines American Express

The offer on both the cards linked is the same. Spend $2,500 within 4 months and receive 50k miles and two Admirals Club passes. So that’s $5,000 total spending in 4 months for 100k total bonus AA miles and four Admirals Club passes–an incredible haul.

There’s one hiccup. The offer page doesn’t mention that deal, and the offer page may be expired. But if you can pull up the page, the deal is probably still on–certainly the deal has worked for hundreds before you. But your mileage may vary.

Here’s the FlyerTalk thread bible on Citi AA offers, including information on the two-browser trick, new offers as they appear, and recent data points about whether offers are still working.

For even more AA miles, check out the Starwood Preferred Guest American Express card that comes with 25k Starpoints after $5,000 in spending in the first 6 months. Starpoints can be transferred 1:1 to AA miles with a 5,000 mile bonus for every 20k points transferred. Or you might get even more value (3+ cents) from Starwood Cash & Points stays.

Application Link: Starwood Preferred Guest American Express


American Airlines joins the 21st century with fully flat beds in business class on one plane, the 777-300ER. The plane debuts Dallas to Sao Paulo in February, and getting a premium ticket with miles will be tough, but possible.