2017 Travel Goals

Greetings from Patagonia!

With 2016 in the books, and my rundown of last year’s travel here, I thought I’d share my upcoming travel plans.

I pretty much know exactly where I’ll be in January and half of February, see a few options for the rest of February and March, and then have no idea what I’ll do from April on.

Did These Two Serbian Girls in Belgrade Honeypot Scam Me?

I'm honestly a little confused by the motives of the participants in tonight's scam, so I turn to the commentariat for insight on who was doing what and how I could have acted differently.
Budapest Honeypot Scam

A well-known scam in Budapest, Hungary is that a girl or girls, ideally pretty, comes up to a guy or guys, flirts with them, convinces them to go to a bar, orders drinks, and then the bill is outrageous.

That Time I Was Almost a Big Star in Argentina [Video]

I was almost the star of a Quilmes Copa America commercial in Argentina. Quilmes is the biggest beer brand in Argentina.

I Walked to an Airport. Ever Done That?

I just walked to the airport for the first time in my life in Da Nang, Vietnam. The 3.4 mile walk took about an hour and 20 minutes including a 20 minute stop at a KFC along the way.

I have been wanting to walk to an airport for some time for the novelty factor.

Good Visa News (Longer, Cheaper, Free) for Travel to China, Vietnam, and Brazil

American passport holders got good news recently for travel to three countries: China, Vietnam, and Brazil.

China allows Americans a 72 hour visit to several cities without a prior visa as long as you fly into China from one country and fly out to another country.

18 Things I’ve Learned from Three Months in Europe

Bikes exist with motors that are activated by pedaling. The bike share program in Madrid uses these bikes. You feel like you have a super power as each effort shoots you forward much faster than it should. I would love to have one of these to pedal around at home (if I had a home.)

Spain has the third most tourists in the world.
Finland is terrible at soccer.
I can walk 25 km (15.5 miles) comfortably, and then walking any further becomes hellish.

Where to Go Out in Buenos Aires Every Night of the Week

When I get to a new city, I always google "Best Place to Go Out [city] [day of week]." When you're new, it's hard to know where to go. In my three months in Buenos Aires, I found favorites for every night of the week. Also check out the end of the post for my monthly and yearly favorites and other resources for recommendations that differ from mine.

Buenos Aires has the best nightlife of anywhere I've ever visited.

The Stereotype of an American in Colombia

I like to ask people what their stereotype of Americans is when I travel. I just get a kick out of it. The other day in the taxi in Medellin, Colombia, I didn't even have to ask.

It was pouring rain, so I was more eager than usual to be entering a cab, though I think I closed the door as I usually do, forcefully.

The taxi driver was none too thrilled.

What Cards Did I Bring to Brazil?

I landed in Brazil a few minutes ago to see the World Cup in person.

Best Passports for Visa-Free Travel

I really like my passport.