My Top Ten Countries for Travel

I've had the good fortune to travel to 44 countries on six continents, many in the last two years since starting the blog.

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I rarely write about my trips because I'm better at writing about how you can earn and redeem frequent flyer miles for your dream trips.

Recreating a Photo, Seven Years Later

In July of 2006, I went to Iguazu Falls, Argentina as an 18-year-old rookie traveler, traveling on my own for the first time.

In May of 2013, I returned to Iguazu as a veteran of over thirty countries, bringing two rookie travelers to one of the New7Wonders of Nature according to 100 million votes cast in the last few years.

See my attempt to recreate my favorite photo from the trip.

Much has changed in the seven years, but I wanted to recreate a spontaneous photo taken on my first trip that captured my first extended sabbatical from shaving and

Rookie Alli Robbed in Buenos Aires and How to Keep Yourself Safe from Common Travel Scams

Rookie Alli had her phone stolen yesterday by some pickpockets near the Botanical Gardens in Buenos Aires.

It was the common scam in which a gang works together to have

one member surreptitiously throw something onto you. In this case, bird poop or something similar. I've also heard of mustard and ketchup before. It can be anything.
one or more members "helpfully" notice it and "conveniently" have napkins or tissues to help you get it off.