Hilton Cardholders: Consider Your Options ASAP

For a while Hilton has offered all of the following co-branded credit cards:

Hilton Honors Card from American Express with no annual fee
Citi Hilton Honors Card with no annual fee
Hilton Honors Surpass Card from American Express with a $75 annual fee
Citi Hilton Honors Reserve Card with a $95 annual fee

But that's changing tomorrow. We've known for a while that Hilton dropped its partnership with Citi in favor of an exclusive co-branding partnership with Amex.

Final Chance for Citi Hilton Cards? Offers Pulled From Citi’s Website

The offers below have expired.

January 1, 2018, American Express and Hilton will begin an exclusive credit card agreement. That means only Amex Hilton cards will continue to exist and the Citi Hilton cards will not.

Only Two More Days for 100k & 80k Hilton Amex Offers

The offers on this page have expired.

Today and tomorrow, May 30 and 31, are the last days to take advantage of the limited time elevated sign up bonuses–the highest we’ve ever seen–on the Hilton Honors Card and the Hilton Surpass Card, both issued by American Express.

We recommend using Hilton points on lower tier Hiltons, as you tend to get a better value for your points. Aim for what used to be Category 1 - 3 Hiltons (priced at 5k to 20k points a night).

You Can Pool Hilton Points for Free Now: Here’s How

Hilton's made a lot of changes to its loyalty program as of late. In the end of April, Hilton Honors added a brand new benefit for its members--the ability to pool points with other Hilton Honors members. You don't even need to share the same address!

This is super convenient if a friend or family member needs some more points for a specific redemption. You could pool your points with them now, and get them to share points back with you once they have more.

Daily Getaways 2017: Preview of Week 4

Daily Getaways is a series of daily discounted travel packages sponsored by the US Travel Association that started three weeks ago and runs for this week and one more. Every weekday at 1 PM ET, a discounted travel package or packages will go on sale, and the best deals sell out in just a few minutes.

Record High Bonuses on Hilton Amex: 195k Points + Free Night Certificate

There are two American Express Hilton credit cards with limited time increased sign up bonuses--the highest we've ever seen--that should catch your attention.

Hilton Changes: Revenue-Based Pricing and Points & Money Awards

On Wednesday of this week, Hilton introduced a new pricing scheme along with a few other changes to their loyalty program.

This is the old Hilton chart that will no longer, technically, apply.

Rooms now have variable rates that will fluctuate with supply/demand and the price of the room. Hilton has promised though that the point price of a room won't rise higher than what its category was priced on this old chart.

Seems pretty similar to what was already happening considering the variance in price of many hotel categories.