Everything You Need To Know About Credit

When it comes to earning points and miles, having a foundational understanding of credit is imperative. Unfortunately, many Americans don’t actively keep up with their credit.

Most people don’t even understand how credit works. There’s a reason why the number one question I get when explaining points and miles to people is “doesn’t that hurt your credit?” Even people who I would consider financially savvy tend to ask me this question, and it is simply because people don’t understand how credit works.

If you’re new to credit, let me start off with some calming words.

American Express Offers Free FICO Score

American Express is offering real FICO scores for free to cardholders. Get yours here. Barclaycard, Citi, and Discover already offer real FICO scores for free to cardholders, so by now everyone who opens rewards credit cards should have free access to their real FICO score.

Your FICO score is the main or one of the main factors in all decisions lenders make about whether to extend you credit, how much, and on what terms. Watch it. Guard it. Keep it high.

Barclaycard Offering Cardmembers Their FICO Credit Scores for Free

Some of the card offers below have expired so their links are removed. Click here for the top current credit card sign up bonuses.

Barclaycard is now offering cardmembers their real FICO credit score for free. This is huge news because in the past, it has been difficult to get your real FICO credit score for free.

I know my FICO score now. Do you know yours?

Getting your credit report for free is easy. Go to annualcreditreport.com and request all three reports for free once a year--or one every four months.