Southwest, Virgin America, and Spirit Cyber Monday Deals

Today only, there are some great deals on the non-legacy carriers.


Southwest is offering oneway flights on Christmas Eve for $100 or less oneway. This could considerably cut down on your holiday fares, if you can combine the fare with a cheap oneway home. The full list of cities and T&C are here.

Here's LAX's list of sub-$100 destinations.

Atlanta, Nashville, and Chicago stand out as steals. Here's Chicago's (MDW) list:

The discounted fares can also be purchased with fewer points.

Can I Get a Refund on My Virgin America Flight for No Good Reason?

A few months ago I bought a ticket to the Chicago Seminars frequent-flier conference. I immediately booked my flights from LAX to Chicago.

On the way there, I went with a direct flight to Midway, so I could have easy access to the city for a night with friends before the conference.

On the return, I went with a Virgin America flight from O'Hare. Not only is the conference right next to O'Hare, but Virgin America has a better coach product than American or United.

At the time of booking, I snagged a good front aisle seat, 5D.

Free First Class Next Month: Signing Up for Airline and Hotel Programs

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This is the second post in a monthlong series. Each post will take about two minutes to read and may include an action item that takes the reader another two minutes to complete.

Nuggets 7.25.12

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My dad uncovered my first loyalty card ever. I would guess this is from about 1993, but I'm not sure.

Even as a little kid, I was earning miles.

Type in your name and email address here for a 20% off code for you (and a companion if you like) on a Virgin America flight.

The Five Types of Frequent Flier Miles

There are five basic types of frequent flier miles. I'll detail each, including how best to take advantage of them. Then I'll explain why it's important to diversify across the types (not just across frequent flier programs.)

1) Region-to-region based miles. American, Delta, United, US Airways, etc

Region-to-region miles are the most common type of miles. These miles can be redeemed according to award charts, so a flight from North America to Europe costs a certain amount of miles regardless of where in North America and where in Europe and regardless of the (valid) routing.

Save $15 on Any Roundtrip Virgin America Flight Booked and Flown by 6/13

Amazon Local (think Groupon) is offering a $25 credit on Virgin America for $10 at this link. Virgin America's route map is here if you want to see where it flies.

Virgin America is a more pleasant coach flying experience than the legacy carriers for domestic travel. Beyond its catchy ad campaigns, Virgin America also offers a personal touch screen TV at every seat and one free checked bag each way.

The $25 credit must be used for roundtrip travel that is completed by June 13.