Problems with Plastiq Payments on Personal Visa Credit Cards

Plastiq, the online payment processing system that allows you to pay bills that you otherwise could not pay on a credit card for a 2.5% fee, is having trouble with many  consumer Visa credit cards. For the time being, bills paid with many (but not all) personal visa credit cards through Plastic are susceptible to one of two circumstances:

A) Getting categorized as cash advances.

Plastiq Promo: Only 2% Fees for Rent Payments

This promotion is only for those who have never used Plastiq before. If that's you, keep reading.

Plastiq is basically bill pay with benefits. They make it possible for you to use a credit card for many expenses that otherwise require a check, because they send the check for you.

Ink Business Preferred: 3x on Plastiq

For the moment at least, payments made via online payment processor Plastiq with Chase Ink Business Preferred Cards are coding under the 3x category bonus.

The 3x category bonus on the Ink Business Preferred is supposed to be for travel and shipping purchases, internet, cable and phone services, and on advertising purchases made with social media sites and search engines.

Pay Mortgage With a MasterCard on Plastiq for Promo Fee of 1.5%

Plastiq is an online bill payment processing system that allows you to pay bills you’d normally pay in cash or with a check on a debit card (for a 1% fee) or credit card (for a 2.5% fee). Right now Plastiq is running a promotion to lower that credit card fee to 1.5% if you use your MasterCard to pay three mortgage payments before the end of 2017.

The cap you can save on fees is $200, which means the promo fee rate of 1.5% applies to just your first $20,000 in mortgage payments.

Changes to Plastiq’s Referral Program

Plastiq has changed the way their referral program works.

Plastiq Promotion Great For Meeting Minimum Spends

For each referral you make on Plastiq through April 18, you will earn double the standard amount of Fee Free Dollars. That's $800 Fee Free Dollars per referral instead of $400.

Plastiq is an online bill payment processing system that allows you to pay bills you'd normally pay in cash or with a check on a debit card (for a 1% fee) or credit card (for a 2.5% fee).

Plastiq Promo: 2% Fee For Paying Bills With Amex (Vs. 2.5%)

Through the end February, you can pay your bills with your American Express card via Plastiq with just a 2% processing fee instead of the usual 2.5%.

This is good news for those of you who recently signed up for Amex cards with high minimum spending requirements like the Business Platinum Card ($15,000 in three months for the 100,000 Membership Rewards) or the Business Gold Rewards Card ($5,000 in three months for 50,000 Membership Rewards).

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Rentler: Pay Rent on a Credit Card With 2.5% Fee

We received a tip from a reader to check out Rentler, a platform connecting landlords and tenants that (among other things) allows you to pay rent on your credit card with a 2.5% processing fee.

You can make payments via bank transfer or debit card as well:

But it's obviously the credit card payments that interest us.
How Rentler Works
Both landlord and tenant need an account on Rentler in order to process the payment. Here's more info for tenants, and here's more info for landlords. Looks pretty simple to set up.

No More Free Credit Card Rent Payments Via Radpad, Promotion Cut Short

If you were planning on paying your rent on a credit card for free for the rest of the year during Radpad's Android Pay promotion, don't. Radpad screwed up-- admittedly so at least.

A couple weeks ago Scott wrote about the promotion Radpad was running that enabled you to pay rent on a credit card for free through Android Pay.  It was supposed to last through the end of the year, but they greatly underestimated just how many of us would take advantage and don't have the budget to cover the subsidies.