How To Get an Almost Free Stopover Almost Anywhere on American Airlines Awards

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How to Get a Free Stopover on an AA Award at a City Other than the International Gateway

Regular readers know that there are four rules to getting a free stopover on AA awards. The first one is:
1) Stopovers must occur at the North American International Gateway City. The North American International Gateway City is the last city in North America you fly out of on awards to other regions from North America. On awards from other regions to North America, the North American International Gateway City is the North American city in which you first arrive.

The Poorly Kept Secret to Finding Lufthansa First Class Availability with United Miles

For some, Lufthansa First Class is their aspirational goal. Using United miles, there is a (poorly kept) secret for how to get Lufthansa First Class seats: wait until the last week or even the last day!

Lufthansa only releases its first class availability to United right at the wire. For instance, I am sitting in the Lufthansa business lounge in Frankfurt right now, waiting to fly FRA-LHR-LAX on Lufthansa and United business class.

How to Exploit the Various Club Carlson Promotions: My Experience

There was a lot of internet ink spilled about last month's Club Carlson promotions to earn 50k points for one night at any Radisson, 44k for one night at any Park Inn, and 44k for one night at any Country Inn & Suites. So much that I haven't mentioned the promotion until now, since I try to provide unique and valuable content.

I registered for the promotions as soon as they went live as I'm sure many of you did. Each promotion had a cap on how many members could sign up. All the caps have been reached.

US Airways Off Peak Awards to South America Loaded for 2013

In this post, I'm going to talk about the newly loaded off peak award space to South America on US Airways including screen shots of the exact space. But first, I'll give a little background on US Airways off peak awards, the main reason I rate US Air miles as more valuable than United miles, and the main time to use US Air miles instead of United miles.

Anatomy of an Award: Using AA Miles to Fly Qantas Business Class

My brother and I had a trip to the Australian Open in mind and a cache of AA miles from the Citi card sign up bonanza. I had my flight to Australia booked (United Global First), but I knew the return would be tricky to book on my preferred flight, the direct Melbourne to Los Angeles flight on a Qantas A380.

Part of the problem was that January is peak travel time to and from Australia.

Free Oneways on United Awards with a Foreign Origin

I've written extensively about getting Free Oneways on United Awards. Yesterday I got an email from a foreign reader, asking whether he could get a free oneway on his United awards. Seeing no theoretical reason why not, I looked into it and found you can get free oneways on roundtrip United awards regardless of their origin.

I thought I'd share this because even for US-based flyers, this discovery can have value.

Free Oneways on Delta Awards: The Video

I've uploaded a companion video to the famous Free Oneways on Delta Awards post.

Check it out, and take a look at the other videos I've uploaded.

Free Oneways on United Awards: The Video

As a companion to the mega-popular Free Oneways on United Awards, I've made this video of me booking such an award.

Book Awards Like a Pro: Routing Ideas

Last week, I was working on a client's award from Portland to Seville, Spain with United miles. He had a tight availability range at the end of this summer, so preliminary searches of proved fruitless: was showing no availability from Portland to Seville in business class on his dates. Luckily I'm smarter than, and you are too. is the best search award search engine of any of the US carriers, but it still has some flaws. It can find obvious routings through its hubs and its partners' hubs.