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How I Saved 88% on My Hotel Room in Stockholm. Easy to Replicate Techniques for Huge Hotel Discounts

Miles and points aren’t all about traveling in first class for pennies, although that’s the most aspirational aspect of the game, and the most fun to write about. In the last few weeks, I’ve used hotel points for massive savings on adequate rooms in convenient locations in expensive cities.

Through just a little bit of planning, I’ve spent about $255 total for my last six nights of hotels or $42 per night. Half of the nights have been in Europe in the summer, and two of them are at a hotel that has a retail price of over $325 per night currently.

My strategies haven’t involved any credit cards or hard work, just a bit of planning. They’ve been crucial strategies for me to get some affordable alone time away from hostels to break up an eight-month trip. And they’re strategies that anyone can employ to keep costs down and travel more.

This, 88% Off

What are the three tricks I’ve used to spend so little on hotels in Europe?

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Up to 35% Off All Southwest Flights Today Only with Three Simple Steps

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Update: I got 2 x 36k in the first few seconds. I’m refreshing to try to get 40k, 32k, and 20k packages, which are all in others’ carts.

Get huge discounts on all Southwest flights, up to 35% off, with three simple steps today only by taking advantage of a Daily Getaway sale and a favorable points conversion rate.

Today is the fourth day of the third week of five weeks of discounted travel packages sponsored by the US Travel Association and American Express called Daily Getaways.

Every weekday at 1 PM ET, a discounted travel package or packages will go on sale and will usually sell out in a few minutes. Some of the offers will be awesome; some will be duds. Today’s deal is incredible if you know what to do.

Today’s deal is to buy Choice Privileges points in quantities of 20k, 32k, 36k, and 40k points for big discounts. These points can be converted to Southwest Rapid Rewards at a favorable rate.

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