Around the World in Cathay, Singapore, and Lufthansa First: Introduction

I haven't been home since February 16 when I boarded a plane from Honolulu for Newark.

I Changed a United Award to Lufthansa First Last Week at the Old Price

The 50k mile bonus offer is back on the Lufthansa card mentioned in this post until 6/30/14.

Master Thread: Holds on United Awards

Two weeks ago, I wrote that United had ended free holds online for award bookings.

Luckily, JB from the MileValue Award Booking Service came up with an extremely simple hack to regain all of the lost award-hold functionality.

The ability to hold awards is crucial when booking a trip has many moving parts--hotels, flights for more than one person, several awards booked with different types of miles, etc--that you want to lock in completely before booking any part of the trip.

Look How Easy It Is to Get a Family of Four to Europe This Summer

Look how easy it is to get a family of four to Europe this summer!

For only 240k United miles total, there are ample options from the United States to many places in Europe. If 240k United miles sounds like a lot, it really isn't.

Value in First Class on the United Chart

On February 1, United miles became much less valuable for premium cabin flights.

Not only did all first class awards outside of the western hemisphere go way up in price, but partner first class awards went way, way up.

Since people who want to fly first class awards want the swankiest, most aspirational flights, the increase in the partner award price is a big problem.

United Global First is good.

United Ends Free Holds Online, But You Can Still Use This Trick

Update 3/6/14: This post is outdated. See Master Thread: Holds on United Awards

In What You Need to Know about United Award Holds, I ran through the two ways to hold a United award online:

Any award that contains a partner segment can be held for free if your account does not have sufficient miles to ticket the award immediately.

United Reserves Right to Cancel Awards Booked at Erroneous Mileage Amount

I noticed a new addition to United's interactive award chart today.

At the bottom of the page, United has added the sentence: "United reserves the right to refuse or cancel any awards redeemed for travel listed at an incorrect or erroneous mileage amount."

What does it mean?

The Miles You Want to Go to Australia, Part 2

In part 1, I discussed the economy award options to Australia with American Airlines miles.

Australia is one of the hardest awards with frequent flyer miles.

United Airlines 787-9 Will Debut on Direct Los Angeles to Melbourne Route

United's first flight on the brand new 787-9 Dreamliner is set for October 26, 2014 between Los Angeles and Melbourne, Australia.

Currently United serves Melbourne as a tag flight from Sydney after a brief layover.

Official word of the route is expected later today, but we don't need the announcement because we can see the flights loaded onto the calendar at and up for sale right now.

What's the award space picture? What are the flight times? What is the difference between the 787-8 and 787-9?

Trip Report: United BusinessFirst (Business Class) London to Washington D.C.

I surprised my family of four by booking them roundtrip business class tickets to Italy for Christmas using US Airways miles. It is very difficult to find four flatbed business class award seats to Europe during peak Christmas travel time. With a bit of flexibility, I was lucky to snag a Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt on the outbound and the United flight below on the inbound. I previously reviewed Lufthansa's 747-8 business class, so I will skip ahead to the flight home.

United has recently increased their award chart prices to most regions.