PointBreaks Hotels List Released Today. Summer Hotels from $35 per Night if You Book Now!

If you buy IHG Rewards points for 0.57 cents each today (6/28/13) only instead of the 0.7 cent method in this post, PointBreaks hotels cost only $29! For more info, see IHG Club Points on Sale Today Only for 0.57 Cents.

There are several posts on today’s new PointBreaks list. Even if you’ve read those, read this. I’ve honed my strategy for getting $35 per night rooms quite a bit, and I want to share it, so everyone can have access to the best practices.

Free First Class Next Month: Searching BA.com to Redeem American Airlines Miles

Hey! You're reading an outdated Free First Class Next Month series. Check out the latest version published in April of 2015 here.

This is the twenty-first post in a monthlong series that started here. Each post will take about two minutes to read and may include an action item that takes the reader another two minutes to complete. I am writing this for an audience of people who know nothing about frequent flier miles, and my goal is that by the end, you know enough to fly for free anywhere you want to go.

How to Make Entree Reservations on American Airlines

American Airlines has recently added the option to reserve your entree in advance when flying in business or first class from a select, but expanding, number of cities.

This is a cool improvement that should ensure you're never without your first choice entree. (If this service is not available, remember the acronym FEBO. American caters from the Front on Even numbered flights and the Back on Odd. So you can choose your seat to maximize choices.)

Between 30 days and 24 hours before departure, you can reserve your entree.

The Trick If You Don’t Live at an International Gateway City

With my recent posts about flying to Europe all year round for 20,000 American Airlines miles or flying to South American for negative 7,500 miles, there's one problem for a lot of people.

Using both tricks requires taking a stopover on an American Airlines award.

MileValue Guide to Dirt Cheap Domestic Flights in New Zealand

I've taken three domestic flights in New Zealand, so I'll write the guide I wished I'd read before starting the trip on how to book dirt cheap domestic flights in New Zealand.

Auckland to Wellington to Queenstown to Auckland

Distances in New Zealand aren't huge, but on a week and a half trip I don't want to spend five plus hours on the roads to move between cities.

How to Find Cheap Flights

There are two domestic carriers in New Zealand, Air New Zealand and Jetstar.

Air New Zealand is a Star Alliance member and

How to Set a Kayak Price Alert, an Easy Way to Save Hundreds

Last week I saved $65 on a oneway flight from Washington DC to Los Angeles because I had set a price alert on Kayak.com. A few years ago I saved $400 on a trip from Washington DC to Buenos Aires.

Kayak price alerts are an extremely simple tool that everyone should know about to save money on cash tickets for prices you know you need to take. Here's how to set one.

Go to kayak.com and perform your regular flight search.

$35 Hotel Rooms for October 16 – December 10

Whenever Priority Club announces its new list of PointBreaks hotels, the miles’ world pays attention. The hotels on the list that may ordinarily cost hundreds of dollars a night go for 5,000 Priority Club points for a limited time. The new list is valid for stays from October 16 - December 10.

As loyal readers know, I’m not big on hotel rewards programs; I usually get a better deal pricelining as I explained here.

Tranferring Hawaiian Miles to Hilton

Hawaiian Airlines Miles transfer to Hilton points at a ratio of one Hawaiian Miles to two Hilton points. This is the same ratio as Virgin Atlantic miles transfer to Hilton points.

While I recommended transferring Virgin Atlantic miles to Hilton points--I personally transferred 45,000 Virgin Atlantic Miles to Hilton points last month--because of the huge fuel surcharges imposed on Virgin Atlantic awards, I don't generally recommend transferring Hawaiian Miles.

Hawaiian Miles are valuable because Hawaiian releases incredible amounts of award space on its flights and flies to more mainland destinations from Hawaii than any other carrier.