Integration Announcement of AAdvantage and Dividend Miles

All credit card offers in this post have expired, but they might come back.

American Airlines US Airways Combined Program Imminent?

US Airways and American Airlines legally merged in December 2013, but the two airlines maintain separate frequent flyer programs

Brand New Flat Bed Business Class Option Between United States and Australia

Qantas is refurbishing its A330s with "fully flat beds in business class." Right now the A330s serve the following routes.

Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane to Perth
Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane to Singapore
Melbourne/Brisbane to Hong Kong

I have medium hopes for the new beds, which will roll out starting in December 2014. The reason I am not more excited is that the picture accompanying the press release looks to me like an angled lie flat beds, not fully flat beds.

This jives with my experience in business class on the Qantas A380.

Amazing Off Peak Awards to the Caribbean with AA/US Miles

You can get from anywhere in the United States to tons of destinations in the Caribbean for 20,000 US Airways miles roundtrip or 25,000 American Airlines miles.

The Caribbean from Google Maps

Both deals rely on the airlines' off peak award charts. US Airways' off peak dates are September 1 - 30. American Airlines' off peak dates are September 7 - November 14.

Both airlines, as well as Delta and United, normally charge 35,000 miles roundtrip in economy to the Caribbean.

Australia over Christmas and New Years on Miles

I get a ton of requests at my Award Booking Service for people who want to fly from the United States to Australia or New Zealand over Christmas and New Year's with their frequent flyer miles. Usually the request is to fly in Business or First Class.

I want to dissuade you from this goal because it is one of the toughest awards to book.

Last month I wrote "The Easiest Places to Get with Miles." Miles are awesome and can get you almost anywhere in the world cheaper and more luxuriously than most people realize.

Where is the Space? American Airlines New Flat Bed Business Class

For a long time, a major weakness of American Airlines miles has been that American Airlines Business Class featured exclusively angled lie flat seats.

4 Business Class Award Seats Every Day Between USA and Asia

There are four Business Class award seats available every day in June 2015 on Japan Airlines' flight from Los Angeles to Osaka, Japan. Hat tip to reader Oren for passing along the tip.

The award space is bookable with American Airlines and US Airways miles much for as low as 50,000 miles each way. There are excellent connection options to and from Los Angeles and Osaka, so this space effectively connects all of the United States with all of Asia.

Unfortunately the seat servicing the route is angled lie flat.

50,000 Mile Offer on US Airways Card

Reader Trevor was snail mailed a 50,000 mile bonus offer on The US Airways® Premier World MasterCard®. He sent along the following scan of the offer.

The offer is identical to the publicly available 40,000 bonus mile offer on The US Airways® Premier World MasterCard® except for the extra 10,000 miles.

Can you get the 50,000 mile offer?
How can you get these targeted offers?
Will the public offer go to 50,000 miles before the card disappears?

Can You Get the 50,000 Mile Offer?
Trevor's offer directs him to the URL

American Airlines/El Al Partnership Ends, Cheapest Options to Israel

American Airlines' and El Al's partnership ends October 31, 2014.

To use American Airlines miles to fly to Israel on El Al, you must book by October 31, 2014. You can book American Airlines awards up to 11 months in advance, so you can travel on tickets booked October 31, 2014 until about the end of September 2015.

Once the partnership ends, you will still be able to use American Airlines miles to book US Airways flights from Philadelphia to Tel Aviv.

Five Underpriced Countries for Your Next Award

Sometimes you can go really far for not very miles by finding underpriced countries on your favorite award chart.

Award charts, by their nature, group several countries together for a single price. The countries at the extremes of each group are often underpriced relative to the rest of the group, leaving you the chance to get a great deal with your miles.

Here are five examples of underpriced countries on the American Airlines, United, Delta, US Airways, and British Airways award charts.