Two Easy Ways to Earn Miles This Week

Credit card sign up bonuses, spending on credit cards/through portals, and earning via flying are the major opportunities to earn big chunks of rewards. But being a true miles and points enthusiast means taking advantage of even the little opportunities when you can, that only take a minute or two to sign up for and over time add up to big savings. Every penny--or mile--counts.

Here are two ways you can easily boost your balances this weeks.

Interview With an Uber Turned Lyft Driver + $50 in Free Lyft Credit

A month ago I wrote about ridesharing apps Uber and Lyft. If you aren't familiar with Lyft yet, it is very similar to Uber in that it is a mobile application that connects people in need of rides to drivers. Both are somewhat of a substitute for your standard taxi service.

I have a friend named Cate that used to drive for Uber, and recently made the switch to driving for Lyft.

Uber VS. Lyft: What’s Better? And $50 in Free Lyft Credit

You all know what Uber is. It introduced and popularized the concept of an online ridesharing service to the world. If you haven't heard of Lyft yet, it is also an online ridesharing service, accessed via mobile app, that has emerged as the second strongest contender in the game. At their cores the two ridesharing services are very similar products. Both were founded in San Francisco, and both applications connect people via a mobile online application in need of a ride to (certified) drivers willing to give it to them.