The Beginning Section of a Manual I Created for Award Booking

A few years ago, I created a manual for award booking. I thought the best way to organize it was to explain the key concepts of all awards in the beginning, and then explain each major program in detail afterwards. Here is the first section of the manual--nine key concepts of all award bookings. I've edited it slightly today to make sure it is up to date.

Are there any other key concepts you would add to a manual of award booking?
Key Concept 1
Each type of miles has its own rules.

Booking American Airlines Awards to Indian Subcontinent via Asia: Availability Forecast

As of a few weeks ago, you can redeem American Airlines Miles to the Indian subcontinent via Hong Kong!
Why is this exciting news?
Before, you could only connect in Europe or the Middle East on the way to the Indian Subcontinent, and more routing options means more award space.

Delta Eliminates Phone Booking Fee

Delta will no longer charge a $25 per passenger fee to book tickets by phone. That's excellent news since some Delta partners like Air Tahiti Nui can't be booked on

In February 2015, American Airlines eliminated phone ticketing fees for awards flying airlines that can't be booked on

United still has phone ticketing fees for awards--$25 per passenger.

You Can Now Redeem American Airlines Miles to Indian Subcontinent via Asia! Woo-Hoo!

You can now redeem American Airlines miles to the Indian Subcontinent via Cathay Pacific or American Airlines flights that connect in Hong Kong.

Until today, you could only connect in Europe or the Middle East. Routing via Asia would break your trip into two awards--USA to East Asia + East Asia to Indian Subcontinent.

Award Space for Eight People Per Flight in Flat Beds to Europe This Summer

Turkish Business Class award space is widely available from this summer through the beginning of next year to Europe.

Mega Trip to Three Destinations in South America & Caribbean, Half in Flat Bed for 64,500 Miles Total

You can book yourself a tour around the Caribbean and South America stopping in three places for only 64,500 miles total with half the trip in a flat bed. By stopping in three places, I am referring to actual destinations, not connections that have to be under 24 hours.

This incredible deal relies on piecing together four sweet spots awards into one big trip.

United Search Tool Glitch: United-Only Filter Showing Partner Results is the fastest way to search most Star Alliance award space. I frequently use the search engine even if I'm using another type of Star Alliance miles.

I often use the site's calendar to search two months of award space at a time on a single route.

Master Thread: United Three One Ways Awards

On roundtrip United awards, you get one free stopover in addition to your destination and up to two open jaws.

13.5 Days Left to Beat DevAAluation. Hire the MileValue Award Booking Service.

American Airlines is increasing the number of miles needed for most awards--including huge increases in First Class--on March 22, 2016.

What I Told My Friend to Do to Become a Miles Expert in a Day

I was having lunch with my friend the other day, and we started talking about miles and points. She has some credit cards and has even made a few redemptions, but from the conversation it was clear that there was a lot about our world she didn't know.

I gave her one homework assignment that I thought would greatly improve her grasp on miles.