Mega Trip to Three Destinations in South America & Caribbean, Half in Flat Bed for 64,500 Miles Total

You can book yourself a tour around the Caribbean and South America stopping in three places for only 64,500 miles total with half the trip in a flat bed. By stopping in three places, I am referring to actual destinations, not connections that have to be under 24 hours.

This incredible deal relies on piecing together four sweet spots awards into one big trip.

Anatomy of an Award: USA to Chile in Business Class for 35,000 Miles

I just booked myself an award from Los Angeles to Santiago, Chile in Business Class for 35,000 Asiana miles + $24. United would have charged 55,000 miles for the same flights!

Why Asiana Miles
Asiana has really cheap awards to Europe and South America and really expensive awards elsewhere.

Anatomy of an Award: Saving $150 on a United Cancellation and Changing My New Year’s Plans

In October, I booked what might have been my favorite award ever: a Three One Way award that would allow me to see Pohnpei, Palau, and the Philippines while flying the Island Hopper. Read about it here.

Alas, something came up, so I can't fly it. I decided to just fly directly to Japan instead, but that still left the thorny issue of how to turn my old award into an award to Japan.

United charges $200 to cancel an award and re-credit the miles.

Planning Myself a Three One Way Award to South America

In January, I'll be in the United States, and I'll need to get back down to Southern South America.

Planning Myself a Three One Way Award to South America

In January, I'll be in the United States, and I'll need to get back down to Southern South America.

Anatomy of an Award: Island Hopper, Palau, and Philippines for 47,500 United Miles

I booked myself an award from Honolulu to Manila with eight take offs and landings and multi-day stops on Pohnpei and Palau for 47,500 United miles by taking advantage of the free stopover on roundtrip United awards and how lenient the definition of "roundtrip" is.

A few weeks ago I shared how you can book United's amazing Island Hopper route with miles and stopover at one of the otherwise-nearly-impossible-to-reach islands along the way.

The Island Hopper.

Anatomy of an Award: India to United States in Etihad First Class Apartment

In May, I booked myself an award in an Etihad A380 First Class Apartment for January 2016. I am looking forward to flying the spacious suite with a couch/bed and separate seat from Abu Dhabi to New York.

Anatomy of an Award: Visiting Family at Christmas in International Business Class

I'm going to spend most of the rest of the year in Buenos Aires, but I want to spend Christmas with my family in Hawaii. I recently put on hold an award that will allow me to do that.

Example of Six Stop RTW Trip You Can Book for $111 Plus Five Credit Card Sign Ups

The idea of big trips fascinates me. True round-the-world (RTW) awards are basically dead, so the game now is to string together several cheap one way awards into a RTW trip. To help you out, I regularly update a page that strives to list all the cheap awards between all regions of the world.

Here's how you could use that post to put together a RTW trip.