What’s in my Wallet: Travis Cormier

When Matt suggested I share what cards I have right now for the What’s in My Wallet article series, I laughed. If he could see my Ziploc bag full of cards, he would know how long this article would need to be! Instead, he suggested we just go over what’s in my wallet.

Lucky for you, I just finished cleaning out my wallet in January. Last year was a bit of a wash for me in points and miles.

How to Earn Points and Miles on Home Improvement

As a millennial homeowner I’ve learned one truth. Home ownership isn’t a trap, but home improvement sure is! Lowe’s and Home Depot have begun calling my name on weekend mornings.

Home improvement projects can range all over the place. From little projects, like changing out your kitchen faucet to a more modern design, to bigger ones like doing a full kitchen renovation. Whatever level of home improvement you’re doing, you should have two goals. First, try and save as much money as possible. Second, after saving that dough, get as many points and miles as possible.

Business Owners Shouldn’t Ignore the New Brex Account

Editor's Note: If you're involved with the points and miles world, you've likely seen tons of chatter about Brex in the last few weeks. For good reason too - we're highlighting this offer to you because it's arguably the best offer in points and miles of 2021 so far. We don't have any affiliate relationship with Brex, or anyone involved in this offer.

Do The Updates to the American Express Hilton Cards Make Them Competitive?

American Express recently made some changes to their lineup of Hilton cards. These changes aren’t massive, but they are an improvement over the previous offers available. 

Not all Hilton cards got an update - the high annual fee Hilton Honors American Express Aspire Card was left untouched, while the other mid-tier cards had some compelling changes to them.

Let’s take a look at what changes were made, and decide if these cards are worth being on your radar.

Overview of Card Offers

You’ll notice a common theme among all of these cards: an elevated bonus.

Stack These Marriott Promotions to Get Easy Status

With a new year comes new opportunities. There will always be the opportunity to earn new points, but today we want to share some new (and some soon to be gone) updates to the Marriott Bonvoy program.

Most of these changes relate to your ability to earn status. Marriott status can be worthwhile if you find yourself staying in Marriott properties often.

If you’re like me, Marriott elite status doesn’t start to be worth it until you’ve earned Platinum Elite. That’s when you’ll get free breakfast and are eligible for suite upgrades.

Best Ways to Earn AA Miles

I’m not gonna lie, when it comes to airline programs, I think that American Airlines AAdvantage program is one of the best out there. There are a lot of great ways to redeem American Airlines AAdvantage miles, from economy to first class.

The biggest drawback to AAdvantage miles is that currently, no credit card flexible rewards currency directly transfers to American Airlines. This can make it appear to be a bit difficult to accumulate AAdvantage miles compared to other mileage programs out there.

Don’t let that stop you from pursuing AAdvantage miles.

Our Award Booking Service: A Case Study

Hey MileValue Family,

Many of you take the time to read each and every article we publish. For that, we are truly grateful. Some have even taken advantage of our free credit card consultations. But today I wanted to take the time to highlight one of our lesser known services, our award booking service.

One of the biggest challenges in points and miles is putting your miles to good use.

Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Transferring American Express Membership Rewards to Hilton Hotels

I bet I know exactly what comes into your mind when I ask the question “which hotel program is best for transferring bank points to.” The majority of people would hedge their bet on transferring Chase Ultimate Rewards to Hyatt.

While the Chase to Hyatt option is a great choice, many people overlook transferring Membership Rewards to hotels.

Earn World of Hyatt Globalist Status Through February 2023

I’m not going to lie, I love having hotel elite status. Unlike Airline status, hotel elite status comes with some perks that almost always come through. Room upgrades, free breakfast, late checkout and more are just about guaranteed with hotel status. That’s why I’m always happy when I’m able to stack promos to get elite status.

There’s a new opportunity to earn top tier Globalist status with the World of Hyatt program.

Now Is A Great Time To Plan Future Travel

Let’s face it, 2020 has been a pretty crappy year for travel. If you’re like me, you likely had to cancel at least one trip. I have more than five trips that were planned for this year, and even some for early next year that I had to cancel.

Cancelling trips sucks. You often look forward to it for so long, only to wave goodbye to a trip you may have spent a year or so planning.

However, now is really the time to start planning future travel.

Full disclaimer, we aren’t psychics here at MileValue.