United.com Is Not Pricing Awards the Way We Were Told It Would

Yesterday, prices for award tickets booked with United miles surged for most routes as the devaluation announced last year finally took effect.

But the prices we're seeing on united.com aren't the prices I expected based on how United said the devaluation would work.

To review, United made its award pricing a lot more complicated by splitting its single award chart into two charts--one for awards on United planes and one for awards on partner planes.

In case your award flies both United flights and partner flights, United told us how to determine whether your award would price according to the

Still No United Devaluation

Update 2/4/14: Devaluation is live. It's different than we were told it would be.

Update at 3:18 PM: Some routes now show the updated price. For instance LAX-HNL is 22,500 in economy. Some routes don't. For instance ORD-FRA for today's flight in Lufthansa Business is showing 50,000 (the old price, new price is 70,000). And many searches show no results when there should be tons of results.

MileValue Award Booking Service Is Ready to Burn Your United Miles This Weekend

The MileValue Award Booking Service is standing by to book your United awards before United miles are devalued on February 3, 2014.

Awards are bookable this weekend that lock in the current price for all of 2014.

On Monday you'll pay 110k miles for one way in First Class to Europe. Pay 67,500 miles this weekend. Here are a bunch of other awards that are increasing in price on Monday!

Book now or forever hold your peace.

For more information about the Service, testimonials, and full pricing details, see this page.

Breaking: United Award Chart Devaluation Begins February 3rd

Update: UA Insider on FlyerTalk confirms the delay in this post

The much-dreaded United award chart devaluation looks to be temporarily postponed until February 3rd.

Back in late October, United announced that they would be increasing the mileage costs of many awards, especially those flow in premium cabins.

United would also be splitting their award chart on February 1, 2014.

Today Is The Last Day to Book United Awards for 2014 at Current Prices

This is it. January 31, 2014. The day we've dreaded since United's trick or treat on October 31, 2013.

Will united.com Price Awards Correctly Next Week And Offer Us All the Choices?

I'm not confident that united.com will price awards correctly starting next week or offer us all the best award choices.

February 1 marks the introduction of two new United charts that are much worse than the current chart (so you should be burning United miles for 2014 travel this week).

The way the charts should work according to United's posts on FlyerTalk is that:

Awards with all flights operated by United should be on the United chart.
Awards in which United-operated flights are at least one cabin higher than partner flights should be on the United chart.

Burn United Miles to Southeast Asia Now Before Award Prices Skyrocket Next Month

United announced a massive devaluation of its miles on October 31, 2013 to take effect for awards booked February 1, 2014 or later.

Burn United Miles: Last Chance to Earn and Burn United Miles Before the Devaluation

United announced a massive devaluation of its miles on Halloween to take effect for awards booked February 1, 2014 or later. Until January 31, 2014, I’ll be running posts about the best ways to burn United miles.

Maybe I should have written this last week because I'm cutting it very close, and I might already be too late! But here goes...

It's your last chance to earn and burn United miles before the United miles devaluation kicks in February 1, 2014.

Another Deal the Bloggers Killed: The Negative Price Oneway from the Carribean to Europe

Currently, the following United award (Newark to London, returning Paris to Newark) would cost 60k miles in economy.

Add in a stopover in Newark on the return, and a later one way trip to Jamaica and the price drops 2,500 miles to only 57,500 miles in economy!


Unfortunately, this deal I first wrote about last year dies in six weeks!

Burn Delta Miles Now: Easy and Great Awards for Early 2014

Delta miles, an already low value type of miles, are being devalued further in 2014. The current award chart is only for flights flown by January 31, 2014. There is a separate chart for flights flown February 1 - May 31, 2014, and a third chart for flights flown from June 1, 2014 on.

For full details, see Delta’s Double Devaluation (Devalues its Devaluation) with No Notice.

The big changes are for business class awards.