Personalized Credit Card Consultations

Opening new credit cards is the main way to travel for free or for pennies on the dollar. But blindly getting credit cards without thinking how those cards’ rewards match your travel goals–or if you are eligible for a cards’ bonus or not–is a huge mistake. Sure, I publish a top ten list monthly, but those aren’t necessarily the top ten cards for you.

MileValue offers personalized credit card consultations for $50. Simply fill out this form below, press Send, and we will email you back with our advice. You don’t need to pay until after you’ve received our response.

This consultation will cut through the noise and tell you exactly what to do now. We will start with your goal trip and work backwards, determining the best miles and points for that trip, and then the best cards to get those miles and points. Feel free to submit the form for yourself plus a loved one whose credit card applications you control (with their consent obviously), but do not submit the form for anyone else.

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What are your current mileage balances, broken down by mileage account and person?

How many people will be applying for cards? And are any of them eligible for business credit cards? If you're not sure, read this post to learn more.

Read and answer carefully. This is crucial information to know which cards' bonuses you can get.
(1) What rewards credit cards does each person currently have and when were they opened?
(2) Which other cards have you opened in the last two years?
(3) Which other AMEX cards have you ever had and then closed?
(4) Which other Citi cards have you closed in the last 24 months?
(5) Which other Chase cards' bonuses did you get in the last 24 months but then close?

You are interested in earning:

How many personal and business cards (please specify each) is each person willing to open?

What is your monthly spending on credit cards? (needed to know which minimum spending requirements you can meet)

The personal data collected in this form will not be distributed to any other person or organization, nor utilized for any purpose other than recommending credit cards.

Want to book a trip with miles you already have? Hire the MileValue Award Booking Service. Anything else? Contact us on twitter or via a blog comment.