United 787 Dreamliners Take Off May 31: Get in Their Flat Beds

United has added its Dreamliners back to the schedule, which is good news for plane geeks. The FAA grounded United's 787-8 Dreamliners in January, but they are back on the upcoming flight schedule starting May 31.

Why This Is Cool

United recently acquired several Boeing 787 Dreamliners and announced the first international routes that will be serviced by the plane.

image from seatguru.com

The plane has no first class (Global First), 36 business class seats (BusinessFirst), and a few hundred economy seats.

A Phone Call I Knew Was Coming: Full Details on United 787 Route Changes

Today, I was driving home and got a call from United. It went a little like this:
"Hello, This is United. We are calling about your upcoming trip on our new 787 Dreamliner.